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  1. Update. I bought a pack monkey and used it to get my slippery new Spectre 150 in the bag. It saved me a ton of frustration and physical exertion! It didn’t get the canopy in the bag any faster than without it. However, it took less energy, less cussing and if you consider the random times when I’m exhausted from flying and the damn thing gets away from me while trying to bag it, it saves me 5 min here and there too.
  2. Any opinions about the pack monkey? I watched a video of it being used and can’t tell if it actually makes packing easier or if it’s just more work. I’m feeling too old to have my slippery new Spectre 150 give me a full body workout!
  3. The talking isn’t new. My Neptune 3 audible I was jumping with until 2012 speaks the altitude every 1000ft and also allows you to play music at the same time in addition to jump logging. However, the smart phone connectivity and auto on/off sounds like a great refinement!
  4. I didn’t find enough on the VOG to inspire confidence so I ordered a Quattro. Thanks for the input!
  5. Hey, all. I just got my D license current again after over 6 years since my last jump. I’m looking to put my Tonysuits X2 back on and work up to XRW since it’s “legal” now. I’m not wanting to use my old Neptune 3A because I don’t want to use ear buds anymore, so what’s the consensus on best audible now?
  6. +0.5 I like it too, but I still don't consider crashing into a pile of cardboard boxes to fit the generally accepted meaning of "landing". Of course it is! When rounds were used, pea pits allowed skydivers to land hard along with a PLF in order to avoid broken ankles. Try to tell someone who has ever PLF'd a round in the peas that they didn't actually land since they used the peas. Tell a jet pilot he didn't actually land because he had to use a runway. Tell a fighter pilot he didn't actually land on an aircraft carrier because he used a giant steel wire to catch and stop him! Using a pile of boxes, foam, or whatever else to accomplish the landing doesnt change the fact that its still a landing you nut! Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  7. Not the plastic kiddie ones. They don't cut ripstop for shit! Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  8. Tony posted this on a FB thread that had a picture of a Apache XRW suit: "it has 4" less arm sweep, 3" higher arm ribs, a cambered airfoil and the X Bird leg, gives it more range" Scott C. Yep, and comes with the remote handles... Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  9. LOL! I wasn't aware this thread was actually about anything in particular. I just started it because I was excited about my new Apache XRW. Truth be told, someone should just delete the damn thing! Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  10. On that subject, there was a guy from the USPA board of directors out at Skydive Dallas last weekend seeking input and recommendations on the new wingsuit coach rating. Don't know what the hell he was doing at our dropzone. Our flock is pitiful! Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  11. !!! Who believes this? I wouldn't want to fly with them... Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  12. Yep, what he said... Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  13. Pic of his leg... Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  14. Woohoo! I've got a shiny new Apache XRW on the way. I guess the old Apache already isn't the largest suit on the market... P.S. Bite me safety Nazis! Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  15. I have a Mirage G4. Locking stows are small bands single wrapped. All other stows are large bands double wrapped. If I used small bands and single wrapped I would run the risk of lines shifting while closing the container. Its happened to me before. Do whatever works for your particular gear. Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  16. Yay! That looks like soooo much fun! Me next! Me next!!!
  17. Of course I had to vote"Boobies!", but I could damn sure hit the target flying my Phantom... Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  18. +1 Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  19. Awesome! Will someone savvy enough to capture YouTube video PLEEEEASE get this and email it to me?
  20. Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  21. Wow, thanks Lurch. As for your question, I'm not sure how many wingsuit jumps I've made. Its all I do and I know I've made more than 200 primarily on a P2 and R-Bird, but honestly, I don't even own a log book. ALL of my flights have been with my G4 and NO wingsuit mods. I don't have problems with body position during deployment, but I DO get horrible hesitations often. Edit to add: And yes, you're right in comparing me to fast downsizing swoopers. I'm not nearly as safety conscious as 99% of the skydivers I've met. To each their own... Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  22. Who's going to be flying at the Ballunar Festival? Blue skies, Keith Medlock
  23. Sorry for not being specific. I was referring to a gear configuration that would help with deployment hesitations... Blue skies, Keith Medlock