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  1. ifell

    Wingsuit from Quebec

    Reminiscent of a model I have seen somewhere around this forum lol
  2. ifell

    Lightning for WS?

    I have a friend with hardly any wingsuit experience but tons of CRW and I have seen him jump his lightning with a wingsuit. When I asked him about it he said "well you want a reliable opening with a wingsuit" and also that it wasn't so bad if you flare the suit. I probably wouldn't jump one though but mostly for the landings
  3. ifell

    Help Me Fly! Please...

    If want to fly why are you hell bent on proximity flying? Anyway enjoy the journey, it's not all fun and games
  4. ifell

    New Canadian Wingsuit Record

    Thank YOU Scott and thanks to all who showed up and made this possible
  5. Travel, don't even need to go that far if you are in the midwest... Look for the bigger DZs around and head out there for boogies or just for a weekend and talk to a wingsuit coach there.
  6. ifell

    Vertical stack spacing/positions

    If you fly 3 feet forward you fly 3 feet from the person below you which happens to be nicer looking AND more fun. Also if you look at flat formations there usually more spacing at the back so a vertical formation usually has more at the top... The more spacing you have close to the base the greater that effect will be so fly closer as a general rule in all situations and you'll be golden ;) Not always that easy though
  7. P2/3 will be good as long as the stiches don't ware out... That is a fucking long time. Put 200+ on my P2 and I am lovin' every jump. Squirrel Swift from what I hear is another option for you, about the same as a P3 with excellent quality. Tony has a nice range too AND you could rent a T-Bird and bang out a bunch of jumps to see if you like it before going the Tony route. Those are all good options and I am pretty sure all 3 are about the same price give or take 50-60$. SInce you have flown a P2 maybe rent a T-Bird and see the difference to help you make up your mind. I know the P2 I have here will stay in my gear bag as long as it holds together
  8. ifell

    flysight - Altitude vs distance graph

    In Paralog, you have the graph that shows the Altitude (Red line) and the Distance (Green line)... Is that not what you want to see? If not could you specify what you mean by "vs"
  9. ifell

    Skydiving Video Games

    What about "Proximity Flight" on PS3?
  10. ifell

    A learning video

    I shared this in a wingsuit group on FB after a local debate on wingies and RSLs... Thanks
  11. ifell

    Project for Backpack-Wingpack / Backpack-Airplane

    First of all... FUCK YEAH! Second always make sure you have a camera rolling when you take that out And third... Maybe try it where there no power lines GO hard!
  12. Under qualified? You try getting the booties to hold on your heels... Then we'll see who is under qualified
  13. ifell

    Performance comp rules

    I invite you to look at this website: http://www.paralog.net/ppc/index.php Competition rules: http://www.paralog.net/ppc/rules.php Event rules: http://www.paralog.net/ppc/eventrules.php
  14. ifell


    Well I could not be happier with my http://www.flysight.ca/ combined with the paralog software... Gives you all the info you need and you can compare your tracks with others at http://www.paralog.net/ppc/ This stuff is all made by wingsuiters for wingsuiters and works just as well for tracking and I think even the swoopers use it so... I haven't really seen or heard of anything else that does it all and does it as well as this
  15. ifell

    The next big step

    Although I do see manufacturers looking into fully integrated rigs/suits, I think that might be something to look at for BASE because skydive rigs are just too expensive. I have a rig and just want to upgrade the suit not go for another reserve & AAD on top of it Also I don't see wings getting that much bigger than what we have now!I recall a post somewhere here about Lurch making a suit with ALLOT of leg wing and he seemed to think it was a very bad idea to keep going in that direction So to answer the question, I don't know where the manufacturers are heading in the near future but I think it will only be small tweaks for some time... I would love to be proved wrong!