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  1. USPA official record is 5way Usual order: Jeff Harrigan, Mark Krasinski, Billy Delgiudice, Andreea Olea and Sarah Chamberlain I believe Matt Veno was on camera duty ::CSPA has an official 4way
  2. Yeah Michael is AWESOME at helping people out with the FlySight. Send him an email, he'll get it done
  3. Small correction here CSPA announced these events would part of up coming nationals in Edmonton using IPC rules a while ago, nice to see the USPA wasn't far behind ;)
  4. Quite a margin between having 500 jumps and having a D for many people
  5. Out of curiosity what is the tail like on the 3? It seems low but the angle of the plane on the ground might just give that affect. Also the door looks a bit small... Would really like to add this to my logbook
  6. Reminiscent of a model I have seen somewhere around this forum lol
  7. In my Ghost3 I can't get to my risers even if I lift my knees. I need to be quick on my zippers when doing bigways
  8. Valid points but this is based on suits and not experience which means if someone doesn't want to upsize and they are really good in a smaller suit that person should still be able to compete. I don't see what sportsmanship has to do with it... But yeah I see your point
  9. http://www.paralog.net/ppc/showevent_compact.php?event=U.S.+Performance+Cup+2014
  10. Are you saying current lead times are 8-9 weeks or just for P3/Shadow?
  11. Does the V Power have magnets in the tail as well?
  12. Do you feel like it is a problem to have the suit dragging when you land as far as the fins are concerned? I never attach my booties no matter what suit I have flown and I am wondering if the fins would make a difference in that regard
  13. So before selling their suit people should ask to see a logbook and call the DZ to see if the buyer meets the requirements? Sorry I don't see hat happening, not that I would be against it but seems highly unlikely. Besides if manufacturers don't do it why the fuck should we? Anyone can say they have so many jumps and buy a wingsuit... Anyone can forge a logbook.
  14. I have a friend with hardly any wingsuit experience but tons of CRW and I have seen him jump his lightning with a wingsuit. When I asked him about it he said "well you want a reliable opening with a wingsuit" and also that it wasn't so bad if you flare the suit. I probably wouldn't jump one though but mostly for the landings
  15. If want to fly why are you hell bent on proximity flying? Anyway enjoy the journey, it's not all fun and games
  16. Such a great weekend/event thanks again Scott https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PqX0ezIyDg http://vimeo.com/104687469
  17. Well I wasn't too impressed with the original, this one has caught my attention
  18. I have to say I'd very interested in getting up close and personal with the C2
  19. That almost sounds like you are saying PF are the only manufacturer ever to released a crappy suit. That must be why there more PF suits around than any other. Maybe the other guys should release a "total flop" maybe that would help them out
  20. I have to agree here, Scott C. obviously can't fly for shit and knows f*ck all about record judging photography. Next time we will have Amazon drones
  21. My comment was about people that buy suits based on cool youtube videos and not the people in those videos
  22. Thank YOU Scott and thanks to all who showed up and made this possible
  23. Could agree with you more but from a business perspective why would you invest money and energy in something you don't need. If people stopped ordering from PF all together you can bet they would address customer service in heart beat. Squirrel as a start up had to find an edge and I have to say they succeeded by exploiting the other guys weaknesses. Bravo, I think that's great. Down the road we will benefit from competition. My comment was not directed at you specifically but as far as growing pains go... The one thing they have succeeded in doing over the years is grow and I don't see an end to that in the near future
  24. I am going to assume that means Kentucky which doesn't seem all that far from Chicago DZs although I am sure there some closer options http://www.dropzone.com/dropzone/North_America/United_States/index.html :: When I wanted to learn about flying in formation and performance flying I travelled to Florida and the northeast of the US to meet with people that could talk to me about and teach me to do what I wanted. If you ask me there is no better way than going to the pros with your questions