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  1. . Well It depends on your definition of " driving distance " if warm is what your looking for south fla. or skydive Arizona come to mind I think 8hrs of driving is good for a weekend whereas 15hrs would be worth driving for weekday jumping. Thanks for any additional help. I'll check out start skydiving. Is there a forum for drive sharing? . Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  2. Hi I'm looking for a warm DZ which is open year round, open during the week/ends and within driving distance from Detroit, right now. Currently, it's snowing and I haven't jumped since September... I'm itching. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you jumpers. Pauly D-lic Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  3. Please can someone offer advice about working on MacBook Pro for file config? (alteration of files etc) Initial set up is complete and I can read after jump chart but as for changing stuff... help would be appreciated. Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  4. http://www.flyinghigh.net/index.html The website says copy write 1993...I don't know about production. Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  5. Hi. Question for riggers. Are USA riggers able to do rigging and repacks on all FAA TSO'D equipment? Example. Sidewinder has a "FAA TSO (C23c Cat B) in Dec 1992. Is this strictly Canadian or may this be rigged by any FAA rigger? Is this TSO age, number or category, specific? Thank you. Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  6. http://www.cypres.cc/25/wsc.php "During wingsuit flight, it will activate with a vertical speed of approximately 20 m/s (45 mph) and after it detected the canopy opening, it will switch to the usual activation speed like the Expert or the Speed CYPRES, whatever mode you are in. This switch will be indicated by an audible sound in order that the skydiver knows when the WSC is working on "canopy flight modus" and that he can start flying his canopy without being afraid that the unit will activate during a turn on his fast flying canopy." Does anyone suggest a proper setting for Vigil 2 during WS flight? i.e. 45mph is student setting on vigil and my canopy loading is 1.4 with a pretty conservative playtime and landing. Pro or Student? Thank you in advance. Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  7. Sharing is caring. I would love to live on the DZ, too. Everything comes with balance... who will care for the kids and wife while Im jumping? hmmm sometimes we cannot share our spouse then respect, prevails. The good thing is most people like good tempered kids! I have a dog, too but most dzs don't allow dogs. If DZOs are allowing dogs at the dropzone then the professionalism should be transparent to the business and people surrounding our passionate activity. If we play with fire xyz, happens... and dogs do shit in other peoples backyard. We can choose our balance between lifestyle at the DZ with spouse, kids and playtime or whatever flavour of the week. I really enjoyed reading through all replies but the ABOVE reply has been summarized into simplicity...Avoid X, y and z then live free! Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  8. That is a nearly meaningless phrase. It's not really helpful as there are literally many hundreds of models of Singer sewing machine. All but the newest plastic consumer models are considered "heavy duty" by someone. Exeuse me... It was helpful advice but thank you for indentifying yourself This plastic sewing machine has been helpful and it doesnt cost much. http://www.amazon.ca/SINGER-4411-Extra-High-11-Stitch-Stainless/dp/B003VWXZKG Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  9. Singer Heavy-Duty Sewing machine. It does wonders for me because I dont know how to sew by hand nor machine. This machine meets you half-way...Settings VS Skill. With older machines...I dont know but what I do know with this machine; You can adjust... thread tension (thick vs thin fabric), stitch width, stitch length, stitch style, exchange needle sizing (thread Ply and needle head shape), and walking foot (forward and back) ETC... AKA Its easy to set-up and Begin thin nylon to thick cordura, its a good tool build skills and technique for rigging. Enjoy the Journey Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Je6odKSn1TU Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  11. Cool! Makes sense and now, everyone knows this information. Like most canopies, WS could have a similar experimental periode of 200 Jumps becuase you never know how to pilot one specific WS over another unless you fly the f@#k out of it. At this point, Im caught up betwen the freak and foghead...The foghead because a few friends fly them and it would be better experience base to progress safely. The freak would be based off the unknown. Does anyone have feed back pertaining to flights and learning with the Hunter, Freak or Foghead? Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  12. You all have made valid points which I understand as a need for more variety in demos and the need for WS companies to have specific information about their suits for the buyer. The activity in helping through forums is great for anyone who reads and actions the words of wise. Once upon a time, I had to rent from WWS (went from a R-bird > T-Bird > R-Bird) and it made a difference in my flying plus a benefit for visiting zhills because there was a wide selection of suits. I>S. Travis was a great coach who got me back on track, dialed up hidden skill and taught me critical drills. The reason behind me making so many transitions between suits was to indentify any flaws in my flying...or the specific suit it self. It came down to small tweaks in body position...progressing too fast can be regressive, too. I have found flying is 100% commitment. Its not to say, Lets jump out flat and happy...all of the time but really, Play with the suit and thats the commitment! In the face of danger (flat spin, line twist or whatever mal) we have to commit to the danger. So, why not commit and play with the suit thus learn how to Unf!*k the danger! While learning to fly the RB (x, y, z) and feeling its behavior in different positions...it became apparent I was in the wrong suit for fun flying. I have flown in many configurations including back fly, rolls, loops, carve but while i had the positions locked in, it was feeling unstable to me. Not to mention, I practiced all moves while rolling around on the packing mat before each flight. Focusing on awareness. Closing my legwing, feeling my arms, using arms and ailerons, lifting one leg at a time ETC Maybe I need more than 240ish jumps in one suit to nail all body positions or maybe fly more consistently throughout the 6mth season but whatever the case, I need to feel the "Magic" of other suits. There is many to choose from...what is progression when there is variety? Should I transition from R-Bird to funk, carve, RB2 or freak, hunter, foghead? It comes down to personal choice and safety but anyone jumping regularly and follows emergency drill procedures (grab handles in flight with legwing closed and fly stable, fly with one wing with one leg up in full flight and stable ETC)..should be able to fly any suit but at what cost do you risk safety for advancement? I have spent time reading flight characteristics of the freak but after flying the foghead (1x flight of slow and stable but it felt playfully agile... I spent more of my time doing practice deployments) and knowing people who jump it on the reguarly basis...it would feel more comfortable to use the WS everyone else flys, right? haha But why follow the sheep herd when everyone needs their own feed back on each suit before committing to hundreds of jumps. What is the one "go to WS" for everything in fun flying? I have not learned XRW or near the hundreds of jumps and experience, so anything below Awesomeness! Everytime I get one step closer at buying a WS, I look at gauging myself back to a funk or carve... Its the drug everyone else is using without an over dose. It is a bad way to make decisions without trying the suit, first! but where does one go from here? Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  13. Thank you to birdynamnam, Skow, skwrl and Wicked Wingsuits for the detailed follow up. It helps clear up smoke between all the acrobatic wingsuits available and the big question "What Distinguishes small and big wingsuit acrobatics besides the pilot?" Yes, there is major differences with SHAPE, size and trim but really, There is six wingsuits in the acrobatic catagory. Small and Big. Of Course, You can make the WS perform to those capabilities (X, Y, Z)but the WS may not give the proper feed vice using proper suit. I can appreciate the Intermediate to Advance difference but everyone wants one go to WS for everything, Fun! Including me... A wee bit of back ground... I have been flying a R-Bird for the past 240ish jumps with distinct focus on floppy fun fly...back, head down 2-way, flocking, WS vs track, barrel rolls, front loops and everything else within the realm of fun My r-bird does Not have back vents which makes it unstable on back and HD but it does not stop the fun! Sure time aloft would be nice...but time while twisting, turning, learning and buring time would be better! which is the right weapon? There is soo many suits flooding the market. TS and PF are the only manufactures to my knowledge who provide a try before buy (If your on the same continent) then The answer would be easy after trying a few suits. Now, where is the next breath of fresh air with a different WS which can please all of our needs? I would like to focus more on fun-ner flying. A stable but..."fun" and agile suit in all axis of flight. There is Soo many Wingsuits to choose from and soo little time in our short Canadian season. I can appreciate constructive criticism but any clear and specific information could help a lot of other fun flyers. Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  14. Big wingsuit acrobatics including but not limited to XRW, back flying, camera, carving, flocking, docking and rolling... Which manufacture can you count on when there isn’t enough suits in the sky’s to try? I like Wicked Wingsuits because you can try before you buy but at what cost will you buy a suit before trying... Depending on your country and internal influence from DZ preference...One suit may be preferred over another without trying for comfort and durability while considering customer service and flight characteristics. Tis choppy but which suit will meet your needs in the long term without switching out the clothing hanger every season? How many jumps will you commit to one wingsuit before you switch teams? Are you doing the reccomended minimum jumps before switching teams and/or advancing? How many jumps have you dedicated to your current wingsuit before saying "Hey, I need a bigger piece of the humble pie"? Experience from height of exit, time aloft, and jump numbers can all come down to one individual but judged by who? and When was the last timed you got schooled? All three big wingsuits have a tail length between ankles and an arm wing length which extends between wrist to ankle. shapes and sizes slightly different with each suit. Non-rigid as well? Perhaps with Squirrel and PF but definitely not TS. What distinguishes the performance and capability unless they are flown together and tested on sub-disciplines? Too make your wingsuit life more deciptive; All three manufactures offer the smaller version R-Bird 2 Funk Carve What distgunishes small and big wingsuit acrobatics besides the pilot? Thank you for your open minded thought on the new age wingsuit market. Here is the clickables... http://phoenix-fly.com/portfolio/hunter/ http://squirrel.ws/wingsuits/freak http://www.tonywingsuits.com/rbird2.html Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.
  15. http://www.dropzone.com/news/Press_Releases/Squirrel_Releases_C-Race_For_Advanced_Pilots_1158.html Check your ego at the door. Stay humble.