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  1. Hypocrytes (sic) I recall a couple of blacks being arrested awhile back for hanging out in a Starbucks waiting for friends. Screw cops. Maybe the person was black and paranoid of cops.
  2. Well. The mechanics have been in negotiations for 4 yrs. and can't strike.
  3. Posted yesterday about moving to the PI. looking for skydiving info. Some dickhead removed the post. The new DZ.com SUCKS. Hear me bill or quade? Ban me fuck you all.
  4. Arch Deal. Lived across the street from him In Tampa when I was a kid. in 66. TV news guy. Talked to him in 2002. He jumped Zhills in the early days. Went in twice. Just looked him up. He started a big co. and is still jumping. Ole Zhills guys prolly know him.
  5. Was fukerburg the warden?
  6. Turns out he's been hopping around committing crimes. He's a wanted bunny in New Jersey and Fl.
  7. Wake up. He jumped bail because Uk was going to extradict him to Sweden who was going to extradite him to the US. I think the whole rape charge is bullshit.
  8. akarunway


    Yeah. And it's waiting at Hemit, Ca. airport waiting to be done w/ restoration. Found the owner and told him I'd work for free til I get back to work. I'll try to figure out how to load some pics.
  9. akarunway


    Anybody know where I can find one?
  10. I helped install the gas lines on this job. Obamas little pet project. He even made a cameo appearance. If you look into the monies involved the powers that be made a killing at the taxpayer and elec. users expense. Ain't putting out squat for the dollar cost per kwh's. compared to a new clean natural gas fired powerhouse. Now. If they start incorporating molten salt storage it might be a different animal. https://www.masterresource.org/ivanpah-solar-plant/ivanpah-solar-fail/
  11. Some married men like it. Who are you to judge? I think they call it massage a' twat or something like that
  12. Saw that this AM. Pretty cool. People freakin. Like Superman. "It's a bird, it's a plane. Or a meteor. Rock on Red Bull. Wish they would lower their prices tho. Killin me.
  13. 3.141 close enough for govt. work