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  1. Stow the damn slider. Had to turn off my speakers LOL
  2. akarunway

    Red Bull Down Town L.A.

    Saw that this AM. Pretty cool. People freakin. Like Superman. "It's a bird, it's a plane. Or a meteor. Rock on Red Bull. Wish they would lower their prices tho. Killin me.
  3. Exactly. That would be more of a poised exit. You said Mr. 15K jumps didn't explain why. That makes me think he doesn't have a good reason. All the advice I dispense comes with the reasons why it's "good advice". he said because it was faster to get down to the formation. It seems to me that there might be some truth in this with respect to reaching terminal velocity faster. If you exit in the direction of flight in a head-low attitude, your body effectively becomes a wing at a negative AoA, meaning that the relative wind will be pushing you down. This is particularly noticeable in wingsuiting. With FS, this effect won't last very long as you lose forward speed, but you should still reach terminal velocity a bit faster than if you exit head-low toward the back of the airplane, where you'd experience the opposite effect. Of course, for you to benefit from this, you'd actually have to maintain your heading for a few seconds instead of flying back to your formation, so I'm not sure of an actual net benefit. Did a couple tandem chases. Exactly. Nailed em both
  5. akarunway

    I feel a bit lost...

    I read Pat Works stuff online and started to teach myself to sitfly at 20 jumps. Decent by about 70 jumps.
  6. akarunway

    Any advice regarding getting current?

    Less you go to Perris.
  7. akarunway

    Getting over the fear?

    bowling or golf
  8. Me personally. Did AFF yrs. ago. Never had any fear. Couldn't wait to get out the door from day one. Guess everybody's different.
  9. akarunway

    Quick addiction

    I spent 20k the first year. In 1998. Buy some good used gear. Rentals will kill you. Money wise and possibly otherwise.
  10. Describe the incident. All the how'd it happen shit. Perfect conditions and good training? Take up golf or bowling.
  11. Fuck dude. Like you neeed one up on a deer. Go still hunt a fuckin elk, bear, moose, hog, gator like a real man.. And don't waste the food. SC. 321 CYA
  12. akarunway

    Made it to 100

    Congrads. 10 yrs. ago you'd have a C. I did a 7 way and we turned 7 pts. Was an awesome jump. And to many pies.
  13. akarunway


    Good luck bro. I haven't jumped in a couple yrs and w/ 250 the want to jam the money thing up my ass. Prolly make ya do AFF again. Actually it all depends on the DZ you go to.