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  1. ?? That is a difference of $143.00, or approximately 5-6 jump tickets. Muff #5048
  2. tablesaw, it really was a freak accident. I was being careful, paying attention, totally sober, etc...but ther was a hollow spot in the wood, it zipped thru the saw, and my finger hit the side of the blade. the rotation threw it in front of the blade, it bounced right into the teeth, and *chomp*! ps, that shit HURT! still does, every***ing-hoo. I bought one of these. I like how well engineered they are and my wife likes the fact that the blade stops and retracts 10x faster than an airbag deployment on human contact. Love the saw so far. Just a future idea. Muff #5048
  3. This man speaks the truth. He was "out of his way" helpful at our manufacturers weekend. Very good to deal with folks like Mike. He even went as far as packing my new Hurricane, and showing me an easier way of packing new canopies. Also, the canopy I purchased brand new same day was half the price of most other manufacturers. I've not yet needed to deal with Parachute Systems, but I'm sure if I ever do I'll be taken care of in a timely polite manner. Muff #5048
  4. I took a 3 year break, and I can tell you the nerves came back for me as well. This was at about 500 jumps and 9+ hrs of tunnel time. Once I decided to get back into it I sat through an entire FJC, and even asked questions. I learned a lot, and am now back in the air! Warmer climates do help a lot, but don't be discouraged. It can also be done in colder places. Oh.... NEVER feel like an "idiot"! Even the most experienced skydiver was at your level at some point, and the ones who want to help you are passing it along. Muff #5048
  5. That's not likely, and easy to check. Just log into your PayPal account in the normal way and check. Then you will know if it's a spoof email. Most likely either you or the buyer have relatively new accounts and PayPal is checking you out. If you log into your account and PayPal says it is safe to ship, and you only ship to the address they tell you is ok, then you are protected. If the buyer asks you to ship to a different address, and you do so, you won't be covered. All this is completely aside from the dispute process. Get signature confirmation of delivery. It happened to me when I was selling gear. I knew they were a scammer right away from how they were responding to emails (interested in your "item", very bad English, "blessed day to you and your family" ect). I didn't have a PP account at the time, but I set one up just to see how long I could fuck with the scammer. You are correct my actual PP showed no activity, but I kept receiving emails from what looked like PP saying my funds were there and would be released upon providing a tracking #. This, of course, wasn't actually from PP. The origin of the email was some other country, but cleverly disguised to look like it was legit from PP. I agree that corresponding with PP directly should clear any confusion in the case of the OP. I just don't want to see any fellow jumpers getting fucked. Muff #5048
  6. It's a scam. Did you get an email from "PayPal" saying the payment would be released once you ship the rig? If so look at the origin address of that email. I guarantee you it isn't from PayPal. Looks the same, but isn't them. Muff #5048
  7. Does it? I thought the grommets should be pretty much aligned. Muff #5048
  8. I have no idea how that happened. There are several possibilities, but none of them should matter. If the closing loop is the proper length this should never have happened. I also like to make the loop portion of mine only slightly larger than the pin. Yall can advise me on this, but I believe when pulled by a closing tool or pullup cord the tension will keep the loops diameter thus not allowing what is in the pic. Muff #5048
  9. That's what the article on FB said. My point is this could have been avoided before that container was closed. Muff #5048
  10. Just came across this on FB. Lets be careful out there. This could be easily avoided. Muff #5048
  11. Have you? His math is correct. However, his logic is still fucked. I have. Take the coin toss for example. Regardless of the outcome of the prior toss the odds of any given outcome are still 50/50. Am I wrong here? Perhaps I'll dig back into my text book when I get home, and do further research. Muff #5048
  12. that is some fucked up logic right there It's actually math. If you have a 5% chance of something going wrong and do it once. You have a 95% chance of getting away with it. If you do the same thing 10 times while maintaining the 5% risk you have a 60% change of getting away with it every time. If you do it 100 times while remaining at a 5% risk factor you have a .5% change of getting away with it every time. But the more you jump the risk factor goes down because the experience factor goes up. I have no clue what the statistic is for 'camera incidents/camera jumps' is so I can't give you detailed numbers but I can safely say that it is far less than 5%. You haven't by chance taken college statistics have you? You do realize each event is its own set of odds. It isn't cumulative otherwise people would be raping a roulette wheel. Muff #5048
  13. True story. Also, ignore the guys talking semi-eliptical for your jumps bullshit. The ones who you jump with and your S&TA should be who consult regarding canopy downsizing. I fly a Sabre2 150. The openings are not on heading, but she does the job, and is quite soft for my old bones. Muff #5048
  14. I'll remember Fonz as a good friend. On several occasions he would meet me in the parking lot at Skydive Ogden and say "Hey Millertime, you got a cigarette I can get" or when I showed him my new Pilot and he said "where's the rest of it?" I'm sure going to miss my friend. Muff #5048