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  1. They aren't in charge anymore. Please focus on the present.
  2. Yeah, the guy is on point. I can't currently describe my feelings about the current administration, but people falling off airplanes seems to be a bit of a failure at some level. Does that make you happy Mod?
  3. So I guess we aren't talking about any of this...
  4. I'm just happy knowing I can drive my deleted diesel up and down the 101 in CA and there isn't a thing anyone can do about it.
  5. So this is a normal "healthy" intake then?
  6. And indeed you get the black smoke due to too much fuel being introduced into the combustion chamber when applying the throttle liberaly. Once the turbo has spooled up to generate enough extra air to achieve a stoichiometric ratio in the combustion chamber massive amounts of power can be achieved. And for your "rabbits eat shit" comment, it is detrimental to an engine for the exhaust gasses to be introduced back into the vehicles intake (particularly on a diesel).
  7. Nope. I installed higher flowing injectors (btw the injectors themselves are no larger, the orifice is) as well as a bigger turbocharger (you know that whole pesky stoichiometric ratio thing) to increase the power. Yes I did delete all emissions systems as they severely degrade the engine life and performance. It doesn't "roll coal" unless I get on it. I dont do it in neighborhoods or around cops (well security forces doesn't seem to mind). Ive also built the engine to deal with all the higher pressures, and programed the computer to give me the best performance at WOT. As for my "fellow citizens", most of them have told me my truck is awesome, but I'm in an area of CA that is pretty republican. As I said, I dont get on it in neighborhoods. Either way, none of this will really matter in 75 days (I'm retiring).
  8. I've always believed metric is the correct way to go regarding measurements. Basing on a scale of 10s always made more sense than 12s to me.
  9. What I find comical is how little "tree huggers" understand about what is and isn't good for a vehicle. A vehicle eating its own shit isn't exactly good for it. Oh, and it doesn't always blow black smoke. Once the 68mm turbo compressor spins up the exhaust resemble the exhaust of a jet engine. Oh yeah, and it makes absurd amounts of power. But what do I know about making machines run optimally?
  10. And here you have folks like me blowing black smoke out of my deleted Duramax in SLO Co...LOL
  11. Or Pee Wee Gaskins.