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  1. Just trying to understand the logic and depth of hair splitting required to reach these conclusions. The opinions formed by those that don't see things under your definitions aren't less valid just different. Abortion or no abortion effects more than just the mother. The father has no say, either way. All others involved can be impacted. If the fetus is kept it can place a lifelong burden on society or be a huge benefit to society. That could be simply financial but could include innumerable societal benefits or destructive issues. Both have an impact on others. The abortion topic and vaccine mandate topic are complicated. To define them with simple black/white statements isn't appropriate. IMO
  2. In general we agree. Nothing is much better than a pump shotgun. We can respectfully disagree on certain other things but I do see and acknowledge your points. Luckily I don't have a pile to manage. Yeah the kid thing would have been terrible. I sure didn't expect to find uninvited kids wandering around inside of the house. We got slack and didn't think about that possibility.
  3. So, any qualifiers that you deem appropriate apply, got it. One is free to make decisions unless it has an effect on someone else's body. Therefore, you're saying things can be forced on an individual even if can harm the individual to prevent potential harm to others bodies. Is that just physical harm or does it include emotional harm or financial stress?
  4. Does your last sentence apply to everything about ones body and health?
  5. Difficult topic for sure. Anything that pulls in religion and emotion will remain controversial regardless of laws. I tend to be a personal choice kinda guy. Can't imagine the mental anguish of a woman being forced to carry a rape created fetus to term. It's also difficult to accept irresponsible people using abortion as the primary method of birth control. A womans right to control her body seems reasonable. It also seems reasonable that some limits/rules could be established to prevent behavior that repeatedly uses that right to terminate fetuses. Somewhere in this discussion there should be a position that can be compromised on.
  6. lol - still laughing, in a good way. Let's see. Perhaps, yes and no (not sure I would have a way to know or even care if they were motherfuckers), and since my right foot is partially paralyzed running is not a good option that's why an FN 5.7 is needed, rarely carry - not that paranoid, yes, and no. You are making an excellent point. Training and competence is important if one hopes to successfully defend themselves. We live at the end of a fairly long dead end street. The crime rate in this area of the county is low. Not aware of any break ins or shootings anywhere near where we live. My concern is fairly low but my radar is on. Plenty of regular, recurring range time and fully capable of operating all aspects of the pistols in the dark. Side story - we have a neighbor 2 doors down that comes to the lake on a few weekends. Their kids come and bring the 5-11 year old rug rats. I come off the lake and find 3 of them in the house playing hide and seek. That weekend they were in our house 3 times. Hmmm, had to rethink the location of the pistols and have a gentle discussion with the neighbors. Now we're also more careful about locking doors.
  7. Post #891 The thing is, the abortion debate is about abortion, not about religion. I know Christians who are pro-choice, and I may know atheists who are anti-choice. The abortion debate is not about whether people need to get abortions, it's about whether an abortion can be chosen by a woman under circumstances that she, with the possible addition of her family and doctor, deem appropriate. Wendy P. *********************************************** Copied from the 2nd Amendment thread. Is this the "red meat" you mentioned? Big problem with "deem appropriate." It should be rather obvious. I mean, seems that folks want to shame/punish/banish others that deem it appropriate to not take the shot. And the list goes from there....
  8. Catching up on a few pages of opinions on abortion, quite interesting and educational. It's another difficult topic. It's a cold, windy, post rain Monday morning. Based on the shotguns firing the ducks must be flying. There is an island ~500 yards away from my house. The regs require a hunter to be 300 yards from a house. A pair of semi-auto12-guage shotguns firing 3" #4 shot is more effective than an alarm clock. Time for hot chocolate and an apple fritter. Then it's time to clean my deer hunting rifle. Another good season is over, meat in the freezer. Two bucks and two does feeding four families and a few friends healthy low-fat protein. Then a light cleaning of a few pistols, never know when one will be wanted. Also watched an informative UK video about the history of M1 Garand, it's unmistakable "ping" sound, and it's use in video games and movies. A well known scene begins at 13:48 where the M1 ends Jaws by causing a scuba tank to explode. It includes a small discussion on the next advances in firearms with the narrator calling the German made Sturmgewehr 44 "the worlds first mass produced assault rifle." To define the term he stated that it fired in fully automatic mode and used a detachable box magazine holding 30 rounds. If that Brit definition is accurate that's great news since it eliminates 99.8% of all commonly owned firearms from being "assault weapons." Guessing on the percentage but since auto fire weapons are highly controlled in the US by federal regulation and oversight they are probably a tiny fraction of publicly owned firearms. The college football season ends tonight with supposedly two of the best teams. Of note is both teams are in the SEC. As always it would be nice to see a game where the officials don't goof it up and there are no fights, then let the best team win. GA winning would be great. Kirby needs to break the curse that Saban holds over his former assistants. It's squirrel season. Well, that's enough controversial stuff. Fire away.
  9. Fortunately, neither assumption is true. The Tik Tok was intended as humor, as was clearly stated with the opening of, "A little humor." On the article and interview I said it was, "Interesting", meaning interesting input to the discussion. The Dr Haider interview and article just happened to be an article written in Epoch. He is covered in other sources. The guy is board certified in Internal Medicine with 15+ years of practical experience providing him plenty of topic specific experience. That doesn't prove he is an expert but provides does provide credibility. As has been stated before, the COVID topic is complicated. What is also becoming clearer every day is that the so-called vaccine isn't providing the protection everyone was told. It's not preventing the contraction of COVID. No doubt that in most people it's limiting the severity of the reaction. So...if there are preventative measures that are mildly or highly effective it sure would be nice to know about them. We certainly aren't hearing anything from the government except - take the shot. Clearly, based off the science and actual results it's not working. More options are needed. One can choose to blindly trust the government and talking heads, or one can choose to learn about potential options. No doubt some options are difficult or impossible to believe. Billvon seems to advocate his own special smoothie. The Vit C, D3, multi vitamin, Quercetin, zinc regiment has been around a long time. As it's discussed today the goal is to boost the immune system. For those that use it, they are having great success. This MD "says" that he's having great success with his protocols. He stated that he has treated over 4,000 cases with only 5 hospitalization and no deaths. That claim would be easy to verify by someone with adequate access. I sincerely hope that everyone finds their way through this mess with minimal impacts. And even more so, we can treat folks respectfully in the process.
  10. Good morning JoeW. Not a virus, but a bad link. This is it.
  11. It will be interesting to follow this DOJ effort. Hopefully items easier to use than the cable locks that are threaded through the gun become available. It's been my experience that gun storage and safety devices are not spoken about or encouraged by dealers. Unfortunately, I doubt that this action will have much impact on lowering firearm deaths. It would prevent the, "3-year old dies playing with gun, and 5-year old shoots brother", tragedies. Some is better than none.
  12. Interesting interview and article. The doctor has treated more than 4,000 COVID patients with only five requiring hospital care, and no deaths. The article discusses treatments that he has used with great success. He discusses the effectiveness of using hydrogen peroxide as an oral and nasal flush. "I think the most important thing to realize is that what we are hearing in the legacy media or mainstream media is oftentimes incorrect and it doesn't reflect the reality on the ground. Physicians all over the world have been seeing COVID patients since the beginning including Omicron patients and treating them very effectively with off labeled medications with vitamins supplements..." "We need to get away from taking this top down approach to medicine, and top down approach to pandemic response. A government should not be in charge of a pandemic, it should be the doctors in the country that are in charge of developing a pandemic response that really makes sense from a medical point of view and not a political point of view."
  13. A little humor. Sometimes it seems that this is the policy making process. Glaucomflecken.htm
  14. I'll have a Henry and an apple fritter to go.