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  1. The tragedy in this whole thing is that these two are the main choices. Unless the Democrats pull some crazy last-minute stunt removing Joe and replacing him with ???? Seems that the best and brightest are staying out of politics. It's interesting that Nikki and Donald appear to making up. Some of the talking heads think she would be his best choice for a running mate. If Joe and Kamala can make friends after their nasty comments, anything is possible.
  2. Our company went with Blackberry. Stayed with them way too long. Finally switched to Android with Verizon. Wifey and kids have Apple and they all have problems with them. A few months back when Apple announced their latest and greatest they talked about the upgrade to the camera system (multiple lenses). Samsung had been using that tech for about 5 years. The article I read talked about Android having multiple manufacturers that compete on tech advancement and that's why it was a more advanced product. At family events the kids will say, "use Dad's phone for the pics, it has a better camera." Five year-old Galaxy S10.
  3. Peeps addicted to Apple crack are blind to the defects, deficiencies, PITA stuff and the prices. Just watch.
  4. Good stuff. My education requirement for the day is met. Now I can do stupid stuff. Because of our failure with VC Summer 3 I've closely followed the GA Power project. Those 2 utilities had different philosophies on PR. SCE&G was a keep quiet and just work, company. GA Power proactively was in the news. The VC unit was years ahead of the GA unit and the budget was lower. Lower only because of a more favorable site condition. VC's failure was a plus for GA Power. Many of the tradesmen went to GA Power providing them additional workers with specific knowledge. They had already performed the required tasks at VC and applied that knowledge to accelerate the work without making the mistakes that occurred at VC. Jump forward a few years and they have 2 operational units. Now that we know the actual cost, where in the US will the next AP1000 be built? Interesting that the 4 operational units and 6 under construction in China aren't talked about. In China there's much less oversight from things like an OSHA or NRC. With the implosion of Westinghouse and Toshiba, I'm wondering who owns the blueprints/control documents for the plant. Westinghouse never finished them, they were creating them as the plant was under construction. That, and NRC review, was a major slowdown with VC construction. Maybe it's the Canadian investment group that bought the organization. I've lost track of these type details but am glad to see the GA Power units finished and operating.
  5. I'm most concerned about that word "usually." It's my understanding that one can wear lace undies without being labeled a cross-dresser.
  6. No doubt, it's sad. In some cases the laws for animal abuse are stricter or more quickly applied than human abuse. I'm glad that the animal lovers rally together to go after anyone that abuses an animal. That doesn't happen in human abuse cases.
  7. Joe - I don't follow them either. The ones I see are on the daily local and national news. Typical, "the border is secure", type things. A quick search shows plenty written about by various media sources. I get it, you work for the ones that hired you. They have direction they're going and it's her job. Yeah for loyality.
  8. The person decided to cancel the shipment to avoid the risk of the hotel accepting the delivery and it never being returned to her. Even though it was not delivered 5 days after the one-day delivery fee was paid, she had to pay $17 to have it returned to her. The cancellation fee is non-refundable. Apparently this is their policy. Escalating and talking to a manager is worthless. She talked to her peers in Atlanta they told her that it's a well-known fact that the Atlanta PO is understaffed and it's common for mail to be lost or take 5-10 more days to be delivered. If a carrier is out sick that route is just ignored and it takes days for them to catch up.
  9. So much that's occurring makes no sense. Trump is being prosecuted for things that many experts say have no basis in law. Each time a new trial starts his poll numbers improve. Then he campaigns in his off-minutes at a NY bodega and a construction site. It's as if he's becoming a symbol of the little man fighting the big man. The Fani Willis case is falling apart based on her actions. The Bragg case in NY is becoming more comical by the day. It appears that the Supreme Court may rule on presidential immunity causing some charges to be dropped and/or cases delayed. One has to wonder if there's a group of Democrats that don't want Joe reelected and they are the ones in the background pulling the strings. The more airtime Trump gets with these cases the more popular he becomes, and, like 2016, it's free campaign advertising.
  10. Not sure why they would want to fire her. It's incredible how well she can keep a straight face while spewing twisted facts and gnormous lies.
  11. The USPS has declined far too much, to the point that's it's unreliable. Someone came to my house on Monday from Charleston on the way to Atlanta on a business trip. She left something important in Charleston. On Tuesday her hubby had it sent to her hotel in Atlanta Next Day Delivery. The cost was $30 plus $17.50 for Tracking. By Friday it still had not arrived. Tracking indicated that it had not left Charleston. Her options were to have the hotel refuse delivery or cancel the delivery for a fee. The response from USPS was, "If you come to our office we'll refund the $30 if you can prove what you're saying." How does this make any sense? They take no responsibility, don't care and there's no recourse. We're wondering if it will ever arrive at the hotel and IF the hotel will remember to no accept the delivery.
  12. billeisele

    Lucky me

    The 2017 eclipse went directly over my old house on Lake Murray. Monday was an off-day at the DZ, had one heck of a party. It was strange - the wind stopped, temperature dropped, birds stopped, frogs started then reversed.
  13. In general we agree on much more than we disagree on. I guess, for you and I, the middle is fairly wide, at least we're not in the extremes. I know you know guns. We've, pleasantly, discussed that. We've discussed the semi vs. bolt action hunting topic and I said I prefer bolt. As for the helicopter pig guys. I doubt the government would ever do anything on private land, and yes there are options to pig control other than helicopters. Seems that the private land owners found a way to do pig control and have customers pay for it. Good marketing, companies called HeliBacon and Aerial Assault. Last week I saw an ad for it in GA. Don't think we've talked directly about the 2nd, if not we've certainly talked all around it. It may simply be too big to change but that doesn't mean that laws can't be enacted. I'm no constitution scholar and have no clue about how hard that would be but maybe it does need changing. Yes, I have friends with all kinds of AR style guns, none of them hunt with them. One guy is ex-special forces and owns numerous automatic weapons. He does the Bonnie and Clyde re-enactment week in Louisiana as Clyde and has a couple operational "Tommy" guns. The other 3-4 I'm thinking about just enjoy shooting them. Fun to shoot but not my thing. Yes, some of them might not turn them in if that became a law. One guy in particular is especially paranoid and will not buy a gun from a dealer, he thinks there's a secret database. Most others I know with guns, at most, own a shotgun, a .22 and a couple handguns. The only semi I've owned was a shotgun, Remington 1100, sold it 25+ years ago.
  14. I guess you don't watch or hear things from TV or other media outlets. You can put AOC (and some other politicos) and the stars of The View on the list. There are plenty others. I freely admit that the problem has become much smaller than it was just 5 years ago. Nothing nutty about wanting gun control. It's the behaviors that can be nutty. To avoid a reply - I said "can be" not "are." They are nutty when the person doing it uses all kinds of incorrect terminology and facts. To add another factor, to me it's nutty to just go after military style rifles when they are only a tiny part of the problem. Reverting to what I've said many times ... wanting laws that are enforceable, legal and reasonable is great. I'm all for that and have listed many that IMO are enforceable, legal and could be passed. Gun confiscation and destruction isn't a workable solution and that's a position that some advocate. We've seen plenty of laws passed that the Supreme Court has knocked down. There are a recent cases in NY, CA. MD and OR. Why pass laws that will be reversed? Elections are a thing - some will do anything to create the appearance of gun restriction. To me it's a waste of time, time that could be spent working on acceptable laws.
  15. Good afternoon Joe, or maybe lunch time for you. Since gun purchase laws are federal (except the extra ones passed in certain states) I'd like to see the federal law expanded to include private party sales. Some states require private sales to go thru an FFL or at least to have the background check done thru a licensed dealer or some other designated entity. That practice is more widespread than I thought. This article has a list of required actions for private party sales. Private Gun Sale Laws by State - FindLaw These are the two laws in SC, some states go further, some less. Note that most of these laws use the term "transfer." I'm assuming that means change of ownership to prevent someone from "gifting" a gun to another. Seems that would also cover transfers to a family member. S.C. Code Ann. § 16-23-30(A): May not transfer firearms to anyone who is prohibited from possessing them under state law. S.C. Code Ann. § 16-23-530(B): May not knowingly transfer firearms to anyone unlawfully in the United States. As to what guns and ammo to cover. The laws above cover all firearms but not ammo, and don't cover private party transfers to peeps than can legally have one. I'd like to see background checks done on all firearm transfers. For a few reasons, IMO, trying to manage ammo would be quite difficult if not impossible. 1) there's so much out there, 2) it's easy to find, 3) reloading isn't difficult, 4) no serial numbers, and 5) it would create another huge underground economy. Of course, that excludes ammo that most regular people aren't supposed to have. Armor piercing, etc. It's concerning that there are particular rounds like Flechette bullets, "exploding" ammo, bolo rounds, and Dragon's breath that are legal in many states. I don't see any real purpose for those. But, the common hollow nose is illegal in NJ.