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  1. It will be interesting to watch. Politics can drive this either direction. I'll be "timing out" during the later years. Only item (above) I didn't understand is, "People will get annoyed when they are always passed by EV's, and will get an EV next time to avoid that." The ones that make the news are out of juice on the side of the road, on a flat bed being taken to a charging station, at the shop waiting for replacement battery packs or on fire. Plenty of things for owners to learn and bugs for the industry to fix. In all fairness, there are tons out there that work just fine. I'm waiting to see how they do during a hurricane evacuation when the normal 2-hour travel time increases to 5 hours, on the interstate, in 92 degree heat and 65% humidity, with mom and Rover in the back seat. That's a real thing on the East Coast. Then there's crossing the many partially flooded roads. The gas peeps don't mid drowning their vehicles in 12-16" of water. I have no clue if the EV's are sealed from water like that. There are interesting articles on why hybrids are the best option. Again, it will be interesting to watch. I may put a couple F-150's in storage for 2050. I'll be croaked by then, the kids can enjoy them.
  2. With Vogtle starting up we have a much better idea of the actual cost. The initial budget more than doubled. The last number I recall seeing was in the $30+B range. Same was true for the SCE&G project that failed. SC was about $12.5 billion, GA was about $1.5B higher, initially. That was due to the beginning site conditions. SCE&G had a pre-planned site and location for a substation, GA did not. They had to make one. No doubt that the collapse of Westinghouse and the bad performance of the main contractors had a huge impact on both projects. I hope there will be documentary on the GA project. Another interesting fact is that (I believe) Southern Company is now the sole US owner of blueprints for an operational plant. When Westinghouse nuke folded, Southern was forced to take over that task.
  3. No doubt the demand for EVs is growing despite the negatives. Certainly you know that a sustained 50% growth rate is highly unlikely. Not just for EVs but for any big purchase item. But who knows, politics and so much more can change that. One of our jumpers works for a company on EV buses. He's a great resource for current info.
  4. When AA is used in that manner it's understandable. When it's used as the reason for advancing the less qualified, that's a problem. I get it. A company I worked for had a propensity of hiring and promoting folks from one particular university. Funny, there was a black guy that was from another university. He became a VP, was quite qualified and a good guy to work for. In casual convo he would joke about how he got hired by saying, "What do you think?" That company had a big list of sub-par preferential hirings that were a problem, with some eventually being fired and others pushed into minor jobs. Unfortunately, in the meantime a lot of other careers were wrecked.
  5. Good morning Ms Wendy. Rain and low clouds, no jumpy today. If u r asking if it's acceptable for a person of any race, sex, etc. to be deemed unelectable or disfavored in any way based on one of those things, no. We should all strive to treat everyone equally. Looked up bigotry and found this. Other definitions are stiffer requiring one to "strongly and unfairly dislike." obstinate or unreasonable attachment to a belief, opinion, or faction, in particular prejudice against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group. "the difficulties of combating prejudice and bigotry" I bring this up because "bigot" is a strong term. The conduct doesn't always meet that threshold. There must be a less-strong term for folks that have opinions before they are labeled a bigot. Do you think that favoring someone for a job, promotion or college selection based on race, sex, etc. is OK? Would that be a form of discrimination or bigotry?
  6. One of my favorite word and intent twisters. But yes, I can see where the confusion is. The various statements are contradictory. So ... to clear that up. Yes, IMO (based on what is being said around the water cooler) the country isn't ready. I disagree with the thought that a woman is not electable. As stated in Post 3226, "I'm a Nikki Haley fan and would vote for her." Also said, "Merely repeating water-cooler talk where some say that she may not be electable simply because the country is not ready. Others words and opinions, not mine." Plenty of interesting days ahead.
  7. Good morning Jerry. The weather here today reminds me of Oregon, unfortunately no mountains. The polls aren't looking favorable for the current administration. This source is an aggregation of numerous polls. The "How this works" button at the top describes how they analyze and report information.
  8. Merely repeating water-cooler talk where some say that she may not be electable simply because the country is not ready. Others words and opinions, not mine. I'm a Nikki Haley fan and would vote for her. She was an excellent Governor and did a good job in Washington. It sure seems like she's done many "right" things over the last few years to create name recognition and gain political support. I haven't heard her make a statement that creates political problems. Until Trump gets out or is pushed out, it will be a mess. Among other things, the constant name calling has turned off so many voters. And, apparently according to the polls, the bumbling Joe and Kamala show has likewise turned off many voters. Don't know if it's the economy, the border or his age ... or all the above, but they are struggling. Plenty of interesting days ahead. Ron seems ready to announce. Tim Scott said that he has a May 20 something (next week) event scheduled in N Charleston. Many think he will jump in the race. I personal friend of mine is his national finance co-chair. Not that it matters but folks should note that Haley is the one that appointed Scott to a Senate seat in 2013 when DeMint retired mid-term.
  9. Seems that Biden will struggle due to the economy and his apparent mental issues. A common conversation has folks stating that they wish Trump would fade away. Crazy stuff could occur. If Tim Scott jumps in ... what would happen if Haley and Scott declared that they were running together but didn't initially say which one would be President? IMO the country isn't ready to elect a female and Scott isn't known but they both will be strong candidates. A safer bet is Desantis will ask one of them to be a running mate.
  10. You can't say that. CA earned that comment many years ago and continues to claim their ownership of it.
  11. May be why their initial targets are military uses. No EPA rules. But I'm sure they know they have to address that issue.
  12. Me: That's a nice outfit Her: Oh I've had it for awhile Me: How long have you had it Her: Months Me: But it's the first time you've worn it Her: Yes, but I've had it for awhile Me: OK, I'll order a new rig. They take months to arrive. I'll pay for it today so that once I get it I can say I bought it months ago. Her: That's not how it works Me: Nice outfit
  13. If this thing really works and can be scaled up, it's a game changer.
  14. Where does the rest of history fit in this convo? Blacks owned slaves and there were some "indentured servant" whites. Slavery peaked in 1860 with 12.6% of the population being slaves. The numbers and statistics are fuzzy on many facts. One argued fact is that about 0.5% of the slaves were owned by blacks. It's unknown how many of those were, most likely, family members being protected. Slavery was legal in SC until 1865 and it's estimated that 46% of families had one or more slaves. Blacks were 58% of the population with a large majority being born in SC. Rice, indigo and cotton cultivation required labor and the port of Charleston was an easy import location. We have plenty of history to read, memorials to view and people still alive that remember. There are plenty of articles on the topic, here's one: Does "woke" include the recognition that there are discriminatory practices that negatively impact whites and other groups?
  15. Glad that you had a chance and took the time. Not all do. Taking the time to visit with relatives and old friends is never wasted time.