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  1. No. Illegal aliens and military folks are apples and oranges. The military rarely causes serious issues and they are there with permission. The diplomatic immunity thing is a problem for all countries. However, in this case she didn't have immunity. She left the country before things caught up to her. She should be returned to face the music. But justice is not always perfect. Heck, in my home town a federal judge struck a pedestrian and got away with no penalty. There were a lot of issues in the case: dark, person was in the road, etc., and the judge was savvy enough to know that she only had to go a couple blocks home and have some wine, and nothing could be done. She said she didn't know there was a collision.
  2. We lost a talented young jumper and instructor to an illegal driving the wrong direction on the interstate in the dark. Had "stolen" a car from a room mate and had no insurance. We believe he used the car all the time and the owner claimed it was stolen to avoid liability. An illegal is a criminal and should be treated as such. Yes, the DACA item needs to be examined and addressed. It's a difficult situation for sure.
  3. Yeah, time to take the cars or phones away. Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death, with cell phone use being the primary cause.
  4. Rudy's press conference today was interesting. As a lawyer he is limited to what he can say and avoid prosecution.
  5. This guys has a different perspective. It does make you wonder. He's either totally nuts or not.
  6. This mess still isn't over. There are about 8900 military votes to count in GA, and 40,000 in PA.. Don't understand why it's so hard to count votes, and move on. Supposedly the votes are scheduled to arrive on the 10th. Crazy.
  7. Yep, I'm waiting on the lecture on the accuracy of the polls and how anyone that didn't believe them is math.
  8. Whatever the outcome is I hope it's at least an 8% win. An arbitrary number but that should be enough to stop the arguing about cheating. It's time to move on.
  9. Look forward to reading more. Great work.
  10. Absolutely agree. It moved the needle and provided more insight into the challenges, costs and other issues. It's possible that the way it was done, the - "you can keep your doctor, and you'll have to pass it then read it later", and the mandate - kinda stuff that ticked off a lot of people. One thing it did was allow companies to stop providing healthcare coverage using the excuse that, "the government has a system that covers you now." I know a few folks that lost company coverage back when this started. I haven't followed this much but read a fairly long post on the topic here is SC. There were some people being well served but the majority were stating what their premiums are and their deductible. Both were quite high. The deductibles were $1 - $2.5K higher than mine and I'm on a high deductible plan. With those high premiums and deductible numbers it works if you have significant healthcare issues. I'm on a Board with a guy that is in that industry. He flat out said that the ACA has been a huge money maker for them. Something doesn't make sense. There certainly has to be a better solution.
  11. Joe you may be correct, and I can see why you would say that, but it sure is difficult to really know what's happening. Based on what I've seen it doesn't seem to be that way, but again, it's difficult to discern the truth from the various news outlets.
  12. Jerry - Washington overall has done little on healthcare or homelessness. Bipartisanship in the Senate or House would get the ball rolling. I just don't see Biden as some great force that gets it going.
  13. Whatever happens it will be interesting. We'll hear plenty about illegal voting, lost ballots, and whatever else the losing side can come up with. If Trump wins that will tell us something about the validity of polls. If Biden wins that tells us other things. Both sides will list a whole bunch of excuses or reasons for what happens. It will be interesting to see the reaction in certain foreign countries, if any is allowed by the government. I may be dreaming but whatever happens I hope the political infighting will decrease and the government will get focused on writing a comprehensive healthcare bill that works, addressing homelessness, economic stability, jobs, and other things that are important.
  14. The job of the SC is to rule on constitutionality and should not be political. Barrett has said she will rule based on the law. If they take it up we'll get to see. I sure hope the court gets back to ruling based on the Constitution and not making law.
  15. Well, it's done. How sad it was to watch 48 Senators behave politically. They would have opposed the nominee regardless of the situation just like with the last two nominees. The end of term nomination discussion was just an excuse. Bottom line is the Constitution was followed. Yes it was unusually fast. Yes the Garland thing was bad and should not have happened. Let's hope that the SC returns to what it's supposed to do, and stop making law. That's the job for Congress and they should get to work. If the ACA is found to be unconstitutional then it should be halted. If that happens then complain to your Congressperson about writing defective legislation.