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  1. BIGUN


    My suspicion is that with your parents age; doctors are less receptive to prescribing opioids due to the aging body's renal sufficiency. My experience with the VA is - the PCP's don't do the opioids because the pain management guys have to do a full battery of tests to see which course of treatment will be best at preventing renal failure. The cure shouldn't cause death in another way. My recommendation would be to make the appointment with the Pain Management team first. Then, take that appointment to the PCP and explain the number of years your parents have been taking them and they will be in withdrawal on Wednesday. Need enough until the PM appointment.
  3. And, therein lies the problem.
  4. <hangs head> Brother, I loves ya, but you are THE MOST stubborn SOB I've ever met.
  5. Zoe, a much better discussion may have unfolded from the beginning had you asked Bill, Kallend, Wendy and Olofscience for some CV background. Speech 101: Know your audience.
  6. OK. Like I said, some of the best scientific minds on the planet in this room. Maybe time to listen to some of these folks instead of arguing. You brought a lamb to slaughter.
  7. Yep, the older I get, the more I realize that our priorities are getting all fugg'd up.
  8. I'm not arguing Ken's point. Just sharing an observation. And, your numbers are correct. It astounds me. People will not hesitate to spend 3K at the vet's office to save "furball," but won't take their kids to the Orthodontist.
  9. Brother, the depth of people's love for their pets is astounding. You might want to take into account that for the Lady Gaga's of the world; it's the only relationship they can trust.
  10. It's pretty clean. But, hey you know, she's way ahead of NASA, so you might not be able to handle it.
  11. "The road has seen 13 accidents since last January." "We don't contemplate any charges whatsoever in this crash," Villanueva said Wednesday in a Facebook Live chat. "This remains an accident. An accident is not a crime. They do happen, unfortunately." You know I ride all over the country on a Harley and there are just some fucked up roads that can try to kill you as much as an inattentive driver in a vehicle. My suspicion is Tiger's attorneys are going to obliterate the highway department and possibly even make it a class-action suit. .
  12. Brother, I GAVE you the NASA information. I have to assume you didn't read it. I did read her code. She merely used NASA's data to derive her own resultset. If I take your Aunt Mary's recipe for BBQ sauce and change one ingredient; is it still Aunt Mary's BBQ sauce or my use of Aunt Mary's data to derive my own while pointing at Aunt Mary's recipe as the foundation for my result. Ron posts some Pete "Something" video that an engineer friend of his sent him. The Pete "Something" is a Market Analyst. That means he has something to sell. Pho Is a stay at home mom who thinks her degrees in economics and finance give her some insight as to interpreting or arguing against science. "Kallend fell into this trap." You know; Kallend, Bill and and I may have differing philosophies on social issues, but they probably have more experience in science than most people on the planet and rather than even attempting to learn from them; you and Ron throw hacks at them as uncontroversial evidence that they're wrong. Brother, that is just plain silly.
  13. Zoe Phin B.S. Economics, M.S. Quantitative Finance
  14. No need for anyone to spend their time debunking that video. Rosh does a fine job of it here: