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  1. BIGUN

    Going Home Again

  2. BIGUN

    Best container for a big guy

    Best one for me was the WingsEXT. Comfortable, longer, so the reach to pull was not as far up my back, etc. 6"6" 250# and jumped a disparate reserve & main. Main was a 169 and the reserve was a 249 Dash-M. Had it custom built with only hip articulation. Hope that helps. Anvil Brother #2
  3. BIGUN

    Aff footage? Is it frowned apon?

    You may want to consider hiring a videographer that is not an Instructor to focus specifically on video.
  4. BIGUN

    AFF and Anxiety

    Go up to the search function and type in Anxiety. 120 results about the same sensation. It ain't just you. Harness it, challenge it, but don't let it turn to fear. Good Luck!
  5. BIGUN

    Youngest Swooper?

    In the early 2000's; Jeff Mullins was jumping an Extreme FX 84 and win/show/placing in swoop events. He has since gone on to become a Major in the Marine Corps and was one of the Blue Angel pilots last year. Another contender at that time was Luigi Cani - he jumped a VX 65, but I don't know how young he was.
  6. BIGUN

    Big SOB:)

    Really shouldn't be a problem. Check around with some of the local DZ's. In many cases these days; DZ's have a Max weight rig of 300# on hand for us bigger guys. Your background in paragliding would be a big plus for me.
  7. BIGUN


    Duly noted. Should have thought about that as I've used the "Report" feature myself.
  8. BIGUN


    Except that it would "appear" that the forums no longer list "Moderated by" nor do the moderators appear to be greenies anymore. So, how do the young'uns or newly registered know? Hope you're doing well. Keith
  9. BIGUN

    Q & A - Q

    In the event that someone asks something in Q&A and never returns to select the best answer . . . What is the emechanism for that question to have the best answer chosen, so it doesn't remain in the "Unanswered" section? Can a moderator select on their behalf? For Example - first timer, one post, not been back in a week.
  10. OK Thank you for the clarification.
  11. In the old format; one had to be registered and signed in to view the forum threads. Now it would appear that one can view any thread without registering or signing in. Was that your intention?
  12. Not any responsible dropzones. I'm going to be a bit more blunt. You appear to have a BMI of >40% and look to be middle-aged. Of concern is not only that you are over most of the maximum weight allowance for the gear (assuming the gear was rated for 300# - you would still be 70-80#s over counting gear weight); but that you would be extremely susceptible to injury on landing. Ankles, Knees, Back, etc are all the hydraulic mechanisms you're going to need to land. What are your thoughts about jumping off a 12' ladder? Several times? Because many students don't land well for awhile. Now, let's factor in heart. There is an enormous amount of adrenaline released before, during and after a jump. How's your cholesterol? Any heart issues? Don't think so? Maybe it's time to get a blood test for cholesterol and an echo. In some countries; you can't skydive without a medical certificate. I would encourage you to get a physical and talk to your Doctor about a life meal plan and cardiovascular exercise (40 minutes a day on some type of cardio machine along with the meal plan should help you to lose 100 lbs in about 10 months). Not only will you feel better and be healthier, but your confidence in your ability to jump will go up; while your propensity for injury will go down. . BIGUN - Anvil Brother Skydiving Team AB#2
  13. BIGUN

    Copyright Law and out-of-print books

    He may be honoring his brother's last wishes.
  14. BIGUN

    Copyright Law and out-of-print books

    You can find either volume in the $50.00 range. i.e.,