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  1. Not disputing the results for this year - that's close enough to not quibble about (you know, no need to argue over a few billion). The real question is - why is this not a reflection of the Great Depression? When did GDP reporting even start? When did QTR GDP reporting start? What was that actual dollar amount back then and how does it relate today? Why does WWII "appear" to be more successful than last year's economic reports? The GDP is a measure of value produced over a year, when the percent change is reported each quarter, it’s a forecast of what the growth or shrink would be "if" this quarterly rate persisted for the whole year. However, we cannot simply multiply the quarterly rate by four, because there are other factors involved. Sorry to sound mysterious & shit - but, I'm leaving in about an hour and will be gone for a couple of weeks. Be safe.
  2. Apologies, Professor - keyboard needed a new battery.
  3. Trivia Question: Who was the first black redskin? Your points are well received. Funny thing is - most people don't even know the history, tribute or feeling of respect by native Americans when Chief Two Guns White Calf's likeness was used. You know, the guy who was the profile on the Buffalo Nickel.
  4. This information is incorrect on so many levels. Please don't parrot what other news sources are saying that other news sources say. Now, I'm not going to do the research for you - you do it and then tell us why you're wrong.
  5. BIGUN

    Police State

    I have no knowledge or information on this, Joe.
  6. BIGUN

    Police State

    Don't confuse active duty with veterans. For veterans under the age of 45, 51 percent voted for Obama. Of those ages 45 to 59, 53 percent voted for Obama. That was significant, especially since Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain was a prisoner of war, our country was still in an active state of war, and Obama was against the war in Iraq.
  7. BIGUN

    Police State

    I know a myriad of veterans - you'd be surprised at how many of them are not going to vote for Trump. Lately, I have been wondering if Trump is trying to lose the election. so he can get out of the job.
  8. BIGUN

    Police State

    Holy shit, Brother. Do you even sleep at night?
  9. BIGUN

    Police State

    There ya go - I knew you had a little more compassion.
  10. BIGUN

    Police State

    HEY, let's be a little more respectful of the disabled, please. Alien Hand Syndrome is a debilitating problem.
  11. BIGUN

    Police State

    Morning, Joe. When is the left going to realize that this is just another ramble of the week until there's something bright & shiny to twitter about next week. Look at what he wrote . . . (Absentee Voting - Good) Absentee Voting IS Mail-In voting. This too will pass. Quit worrying about him becoming a dictator - There's too many veterans who sleep with the constitution to allow that to happen.
  12. Well, somebody ran with it