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  1. BIGUN

    New Format Email Replies

    I've been able to narrow this down a bit. It's somewhere between my re-authenticating the email and my password (which is the final step). I've used the same password for a long time and can easily login in to However, after re-authenticating my email; I type in the password and then it goes to a 404 Error. As a test; I changed the password to a new one and it again had the same results. Hope that helps.
  2. Need some help. I've gone into my account profile EDIT: (Settings> email address) over a couple of days and when I try to re-input my email address (a requirement) to get email replies - I get a Error 404 and shruggy emoticon. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. I'd also like to see the number of "Views" for each post come back if possible.
  4. If someone cannot reply directly to me without quoting - how do I get the notification of their replies?
  5. I may not be tracking you here, so forgive me if its not a solution... Just under the "Forum" tab; if you change the "Settings" to change the text box width & height - does that make a difference?
  6. I am one. When the Safire 2's first came out; I was having hard openings (189). They said they knew exactly what was wrong and had me measure the slider's length/width/diagonal just to make sure and exchanged my slider for a larger one. Problem Solved.
  7. BIGUN

    Metro Detroit Instructors?

    Many have good things to say about both Spacelands. Sounds like a plan.
  8. BIGUN

    SL/IAD instructor course

    Your running one? Someone else running one? More info would help.
  9. BIGUN

    Metro Detroit Instructors?

    I am admittedly a bit confused. You're focused on the cold more so than the training. You've acknowledged the main reason why DZs aren't open past October up north and I doubt they're going to open past that for one person. Having said that; It's just July. If you're that motivated - any of the following DZ's will do their best to help you to get your "A" License by the end of the season.
  10. He's more easily reachable through FB than by email.
  11. BIGUN Malware

    I usually access through my computer, but not thru my android phone. However yesterday; I had an email "Replied to" response from RYODER and clicked on the link. At first, I was able to see his response and then all of a sudden the attached screenshot pops up. I accessed his response thru my computer (Chrome, FF both with Adblocker & Malware blocker Extensions) and it went right to his response with no re-direct. I again accessed his response thru my android phone and received the re-direct. I downloaded "Virus Cleaner: Antivirus/Malware cleanup tool for my android, did the scan, cleaned it up and re-booted the phone. Went back to the email response, opened it up and it re-directed me back there again. I can only assume its coming through since I do not have the mal/ad blockers on the phone AND no other email responses from other forum boards reacted in the same manner. Thought you might want to check it out. Some info on this one:
  12. Contact [url]Henrik Raimer[/url] or watch the video to see if you can emulate his helmet.
  13. There are many long-time military jumpers on here of which I am one. So, the following is an opinion based on experience more so than a medical or physics perspective. Over the years, we military jumpers have seen many ankle injuries from that of sprains to shatters that adios one from the school and airborne status. First, while losing some weight will help in the skydiving area; we have to keep that complimentary blend of strength & fat for those wonderfully long deployments. Losing weight will lose a bit of both. In addition, there's a multitude of weight variables that come with jump week. Everything from nice pretty daytime Hollywood jumps to the Night Combat Tactical Training jumps in full ruck, weapon, etc. jumps. From moonlit night jumps where you can see the horizon and ground well to overcast might-as-well-close-your-eyes-to-see-more pitch black night jumps. So, let's focus on the ankle. My concern for you is two-fold. 1) you "may" be overdoing it a bit to strengthen the ankle in preparation for August. Ankles need time and tenderness to heal. 2) We've all seen the ones with ankle injuries who will tend to favor their weak ankle on a jump and inadvertently/unconsciously raise up the bad ankle slightly right before the PLF and wind up injuring the other ankle. Recommendations: 1) _Jog_ 2.5 miles no more than three times a week while recovering - if you can do 2.5 - you can do the 5 miles with a dose of intestinal fortitude. 2) Jump rope - nice, easy, light-skipping-type rope jumping will strengthen the ankle without a high impact (really don't need more than a few minutes on the off days of jogging). 3) Feel free to use the ankle brace - but on a somewhat every other day regime. One day off to strengthen it; one day on to secure it. 4) Infantry Candy (aspirin) -with respect to your liver, Aspirin does not generally have negative effects on the liver - but check with a medical professional. 5) While practicing your PLF's - "Balls of your feet" is the chant for a reason. When doing the 2 foot PLF platform - try doing them without ever touching your ankle to the ground and focus on bending your knees to use those God-given hydraulic leg muscles to absorb the energy into the calves, quads, rectus, sartorius, adductors and gluteus. (as if doing squats while on the balls of your feet) Best of luck... let us know when you get your wings.
  14. BIGUN

    Looking for a rigger. LA, MS areas

    It would appear the whole world has changed from email to social media, to texting, to phone - in that order.