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  1. BIGUN

    the meaning of ...

    For future reference - you qualify. It never has said when you leave - only when you dock.
  2. So, if I may connect the dots for you... (Satellite operation of West Tennessee Skydiving/Mike Mullins Super King Air) - He's saying it would be best to contact him for assistance.
  3. At some point, should the conversation include parasitic drag.
  4. BIGUN

    I have 12 jumps

    Enjoy. You deserve it.
  5. Well, Igor - You've done a great job with this app. Impressive that you thought to get USPA's approval for digital signing. It's great to see the world moving away from the old written jump logs. I have no clue on how many jumps I failed to log over the years. I do have questions (for my own curiosity) 1. Will a jumper be able to add notes to the jump (others on the dive, type of dive, record jump, personal notes. etc.) 2. When the skydiver breaks the phone - is all the info stored somewhere in the cloud by you? Or does it use the jumpers cloud (OneDrive, GDrive, DropBox, etc.) Bottom line: If we drop it and the phone is destroyed - how do we get the data back?
  6. My bad. You're right. Hope you're doing well.
  7. BIGUN

    Are AFF students allowed to buy gear?

    Step 1; Get licensed, Step 2: buy your reserve first; Step 3; buy the rest of your gear around your reserve.
  8. Well, more importantly than skydiving - There came a point where we stopped getting more altitude when boobs were flashed at the pilot. What happened on the DZ, stayed on the DZ. IDK - one day all the nakedness just vanished. I blame GoPros for the decline in skydiving.
  9. 14 CFR § 91.151 - Fuel requirements for flight in VFR conditions (b) fly after that for at least 20 minutes.
  10. BIGUN

    Ignore User Question

  11. BIGUN

    Ignore User Question

    How would you know? Queue twilight zone music.
  12. Brother, you just got FREE great advice from one that many of us consider one of the best on the planet. There's a reason he's been a load organizer for a long time and giving debriefs afterwards. We're talking bigly way shit. Learn & live.
  13. BIGUN

    Tall Tales

    I met this "same" guy. He went to a "top-secret" combined military SL & HALO course at Ft. Bragg. According to his DD214 - he had two months and two days in the military. Just about enough time to maybe complete basic and outprocess from the military.
  14. When I look at my profile; I have the ability to "Ignore [myself as] User." If selected: Do I still Exist? I think not; therefore I can't? Just a little morning humor guys. I saw that I have the ability to ignore myself and the brain went one-liners on me.