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  1. With a dummy rig and DR handle on; have the student stand facing the wall with their toes about 24-30 inches back and shoulder width apart (height dependent). Leaving their feet there; have them place ONLY their belly button on the wall. Head up, look at the ceiling, hands up offset to emulate on the strut. Tell them on the command of "GO" you're going to SNAP as fast as you can and snatch the DRP. GO Again, Faster Again, Faster Again, Faster. You've taught them three things; 1) to present their lower body into the wind, 2) To locate the DR quickly, 3) To know the location of the DR instead of searching for it. Thank you, Curly Roe (RIP)
  2. Yeah. Because neuromuscular disorders can be worked out with exercise.
  3. Around this part of the country, when students get close to buying gear, they are encouraged to get a white reserve for three reasons: 1. When someone sees a white canopy, they notify everyone so they can keep an eye on them. 2. Other skydivers under canopy will steer even more clear. 3. Manufacturers usually have white ones in stock.
  4. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer: [email protected]
  5. I think this was established years ago, Nat. Take care and happy naughty Friday
  6. If you have not already - you might want to read the philosophical works of Baruch Spinoza.
  7. No. You'll be sacrificing altitude and potentially body position. Once your bran goes, "Oh shit!" The time for creativity and in-flight rigging are over. Ingrain the EP's in the video in your mind and your muscle memory. Others have paid a considerable price for the lessons we learned.
  8. You have the rest of your life to deal with it properly. (The snag) Out of Sequence Emergency Procedures By not following the intended sequence for emergency procedures (cutaway first, then pull reserve) this jumper may have contributed to the process through which the main entangled around their foot. Having the reserve out, before cutting away, eliminated the possibility of the main having a chance to unsnag itself when the jumper went back into freefall for a moment. The emergency procedures and BSR's were written in the blood of others. Chop.
  9. The reason for the EP is to prevent one from firing their reserve into a horseshoe malfunction. Start at time; 3:31 IMO - you were very lucky that you didn't have a horseshoe. BTW, wear a knife.
  10. Chris, You can do both. Life is about exploration. Learning new things and finding those things you are passionate about. After that, it's about balance. Juggling those things that are near and dear to you. There will be times that one becomes more important than another. It's about balancing your passions while being more vested in one than another. Or, it can be a series of experiences that you can reflect on as accomplishments in this life.
  11. Jakee, sit up straight and try to pay attention in class. I don't want TO SEE VIOLENT CRIMINALS turned out into society - AT ALL It was bold, underlined and italicized the first time. You are so busy trying to wordsmith against me - that you're not even paying attention to the message in class.
  12. Jakee, sit up straight and try to pay attention in class. I don't want them turned out into society - at all. Without parole.
  13. That is what you want to coddle, rehabilitate and turn back out into society. And, that is one of the reasons I will never be anything left of right - and always right.