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  1. Yves was not as accomplished a skydiver as he was military pilot (and I think a degree in aeronautical engineering). I predict that this will become the rich man's wingsuit. When you have a couple of hundred jumps; you may wish to consider going to a wingsuit instructor and getting really good at it and making a name for yourself in that genre. The best person to get advice from is Yves himself. He can be reached here. Keep it short and sweet like, "What path do think is best for future Jetman pilots to take to become a Jetman themselves?" I also predict that they'll change the Jetman title in the future to be more gender neutral :)
  3. Most of the people on this thread haven't been active on the site for years. One suggestion is DiverDs was on here in November, so perhaps a private message would help:
  4. That is true, Lee. But, she was still one of the most versatile skydivers I'd ever meet. And, the girl I was talking about was there for a short time and was even shorter than Mandy.
  5. Back in the mid "00's; there was a girl ~your height at Skydive Dallas. We called her five foot nothing. She would take guys 6'4" on tandems. If you can pass the TI course - you can out-control most anyone strapped to you. Go for it.
  6. You have the equivalent grand total of seven minutes of skydiving. Tell me any other sport aht you can spend seven minutes in and be proficient (Please don't try downhill skiing.) It's going to take you at least 50 - 100 jumps (50-100 minutes) in the sky to feel any kind of comfort in your abilities. The tunnel will accelerate that, but man - you got to give more time than seven minutes. Story: I knew a highly decorated Vietnam pilot (as in 43 air medals). He was all over the sky the first day of flying at flight school. He thought he was horrible at flying. His Instructor told him - try to remember everything you did today, because once you find the "hover button" you'll never be able to do what you did today. And, the Instructor was right - once he learned to hover he had to think really hard about how to do some of the aerobatics he did on his first day. Same thing in skydiving - you know how many of us didn't have the benefit of tunnel and had to go out theri and flail for 20, 30 40 jumps until we found our "hover button?" (Hell, there are some national champions that will tell you - never thought I'd be in the nationals much less win anything) Or before other skydivers would even jump with us? Then one day; it happens. You find your "hover button." You no longer have to think about the mechanics of turning; you just just "think" turn and it happens. Please don't give up after seven minutes.
  7. I would encourage you to speak with a suit manufacturer directly. I have experience with Tonysuits and Flitesuits and it would appear that Tony is focused on wingsuits these days, but that doesn't mean they won't break out some old patterns to help..Flitesuits broke out an old balloon suit pattern when I wanted it for tandem instruction.
  8. Yup. Hey lady, not unlike you; I'm getting a little long in the tooth. Couple of major surgeries and a back and knees that has just crumbled into pieces from years of military jumping. Many of us dinosaurs contributed countless articles on safety, training, etc. to this site in its infancy to help the young'uns. Not unlike you, I don't tread in the skydiving community too often anymore and when I do it's relevant no matter what the timeframe. EP's target fixation, etc. I think the information given here would be more focused from dinosaurs who've been there, done that - than what they'll get from the land of facebook. Respect, Keith
  9. You'll need to get to 250# Me: 6'6" 250# You can do it. One of my students worked out at the gym for 2 hours in the morning; went to work; at lunch ran 8-10 miles every weekday; went home to spend time with Momma and put the kids to bed; Went back to the gym to workout for another two hours. He did this for a year and lost 150# You sound motivated. I hope you make it.
  10. We are running the same version of Chrome. This does not appear to be a issue, but a Chrome Width Setting issue. A couple of suggestions: 1. If you recently added some chrome extension - remove that and see if it changes back. 2. Chrome: Hamburger menu > Settings > Advanced > Restore settings to their original defaults (This will reset your startup page, new tab page, search engine, and pinned tabs. It will also disable all extensions and clear temporary data like cookies. Your bookmarks, history and saved passwords will NOT be cleared). 3. You may or may not be familiar with Chrome's Developer tools: Right click on the top-level page you're trying to change (i.e.; Click on "Inspect" Find the Width somewhere at the top of the left window and highlight it. In the right window; write down the width it has so you can put it back to where it was. Click on that width in the right window and then use the wheel on your mouse to increase or decrease it. (If it gets ugly - put it back to what you wrote down - then go find an IT guy to help. 4. Or, just try Google's "Fit to Width" extension: Hope one of these helps.
  11. So, I stumbled across this somewhat older thread - But, I'd like to say; my Falcon 300 gave me tippy toe landings for years. (It was my reserve also).
  12. Way too logical and not enough of what he wanted to hear.
  13. All will help you achieve your goal.