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  1. I get it, Joe. You want me to vote Dem. Beating that drum in every response isn't really necessary.
  2. Rolling back the clock to a time when women couldn't vote is probably not a good plan.
  3. You m' lady have made THE best logic statement for consideration. Someone came up with this in the 70's - It's all your fault if you don't vote. Well, Joe. It's not. If NOBODY voted there would still be an electoral vote and if they didn't vote, congress would vote. It's all part of the Illuminatus plan to own the world. Ya know, Latin for we be fucked while the light is on.
  4. Retrospectively as in 40-50 years ago as compared with your analysis of the current. I will vote for neither.
  5. Yeah, but they are merely MINO's. :) I'm going to share the following link. I find it interesting that it encompasses poll type/politician/institution in the dropdowns and then reports who did the research and who funded the research. As to your points on JFK vs. Nixon, etc. We all learn by looking back "retrospectively." Unfortunately, that doesn't help in the decision making for future leadership. I've voted for Democrats - admittedly on a local level primarily because they were more fiscally conservative than their republican opponents professed. Anyway, I don't think either team has a good choice and am faced with not voting for a P at all.
  6. No argument - especially on the two examples provided. However, when it comes to the nation's leadership; I'm going to do some research and come to my own conclusions.
  7. And, she exiled to Russia and asked Putin to expedite her citizenship after receiving death threats, Uh huh.
  8. I'm glad to maintain my sense of open-mindedness to receive and consider good ideas from both sides of the aisle.
  9. Ahhh, the old tired of the schtick routine.
  10. What is that? I had to look it up and came up with a "Japanese raincoat made of straw."
  11. No worries, Jerry. It was sarcasm and good for a couple of pages of "riled up."
  12. Ummmm... you're kinda making one of the main pro-gun points.