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  1. I went back and looked up the original proposal. It was depressing. Since February of 2018, we been talking about this. How many children have died in that five years. Fuck me.[on-topic]/
  2. I get that. But when you live in the rural; everyone needs help with something at one time or another. Most times, it requires a pickup.
  3. It's much simpler for me. Why spend ~80k on truck when a 20 year old one for 10k will do the same fookin thing. Point A to Point B and haul some shit.
  4. BIGUN

    Fort who?

    It makes for good storytelling, but it just isn’t true.
  5. BIGUN

    Fort who? Pickett and Polk were,Southern Democrats for the war.
  6. Initially. If all guns must be registered and accounted for cradle to grave, then when the police come across a gun that is not registered; they confiscate and smelt it. There will always be the "survivalist" mentality of keeping their guns locked away - in case. But, they would be locked away. It would take time, but as you say, "It's an entry point." If the NRA had a brain in their head, they would realize the amount of money they could make in education, training, etc. instead of "The libs are coming after your 2nd amendment rights!!!" I joined the NRA for one year back in the mid-80's. They must have spent ten times as much sending me fliers of fear a couple of times a month. And, we were done. Ya know, my plan is no different than what we had in the military, cradle to grave responsibility, proper training, maintenance and storage, personal accountability, no walking around base with a weapon on your hip, etc. I really don't see what the big deal is migrating that to a civilian populace.
  7. You keep saying what we shouldn't do. What would you do.
  8. You're right, Joe. My mistake. We shouldn't do anything.
  9. The point IS: Every state that has enacted permit-less (open carry) has had a mass school shooting in less than a year after it passed. The point IS: There is NO criteria restricting the use of carrying any specific type of weapon. Once its open carry; you can carry anything, cause ya know its your fuckin right to off children. And, before you start the looky looky, ban assault weapons - that is a silly premise. Every weapon is an assault weapon. It's what they were designed to do. Assault. Until America wakes the fuck up and realizes we need owner responsibility that is mandated (because God knows your fucking freedom is more important than a child's life) And, the dems will decry the almighty AR-15 or repeal the 2nd which will only raise more fucking money and the reps will blame trans and every fucking thing else until more children are fucking dead. Rinse. Repeat. How many times are we going to let this record skip before we change the tune. That's the fucking point. A complete Gun Owner's Responsibility Bill. Ownership tracking from cradle to grave, weapon education and recurrency, proper storage, 10 years for use of a gun in the commission of a crime (bet domestic violence with a gun would go way down), etc. etc. we can discuss it more with the next fucking school shooting, cause ya know . . . we'd rather spend more time typing on SC than spending a few minutes writing in the text box to our congressional and senatorial leadership. Get it, now?
  10. Yet another state that enacted permit-less carry and had a mass school shooting event in less than a year.
  11. I know what you meant, Ken. As for that of the shooter. The shit show on twitter has begun.
  12. C'mon, Joe. You know me better than that. And, you've read all my suggestions including adding ten years with no parole if a weapon is used in the commission of a crime. Which some from your tribe said was a bit much.
  13. Bans don't work. We need a Gun Owner Responsibility bill across the board.
  14. I understand. Please understand there's "many a" Democrat, gun-toting, Christian. As long as we continue to point at who's saying it rather than why we need it _as a nation_ and get both aisles to sit the fuck down and talk with each other and not at each other. Nothing. We been talking about this logically for years now, but our politicians are just fucking inept. Both of ours.