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  1. No Sir. But, the way we handle criminals is ridiculous. The number incarcerated for "soft" crimes is too high, the time for hard crimes is too short and the tansition from criminal to society is retarded. But that is just one man's opinion.
  2. One could overlay a map of those areas with the highest concentration of illicit drug use.
  3. BIGUN


    >>>>>>Proof of vaccination counts as ID. *Except that you need an ID to get the vaccine - which can be problematic. In some cases, BuzzFeed News has found, eligible people are rejected even when they show up with documents that fit the site’s stated rules, highlighting a patchwork of inconsistent and sometimes arbitrary policies across vaccination centers. While officials have imposed ID requirements with the stated intent of making vaccine distribution more equitable, they have also created barriers for many in high-risk populations, including undocumented immigrants, older adults who don’t drive, and people experiencing homelessness. In response to the incidents described in this story, Walgreens, Albertsons, and the Los Angeles County health department said they were reviewing their vaccination policies to make sure people who qualify aren’t turned away. “We require IDs for things like vaccines because there’s just an assumption: ‘Well, everyone must have one,’” said Kat Calvin, founder of Spread the Vote, a nonprofit focused on helping people obtain government-issued photo IDs and getting them to the polls. Up to 11% of adults in the US — or more than 21 million people of voting age — lack such an ID, according to a 2006 report from the Brennan Center for Justice. Older adults, people of color, and people with low incomes were less likely to have one, the survey found. “We have a huge ID crisis in this country, and it affects everything,” Calvin added.
  4. Help me understand, Jerry. You posted a similar summary maps & this one is much more in-depth. If the objective is to amplify the problem; then why not use the most and accurate data?
  5. Try this map, Jerry.
  6. Thanks to you and Phil. I guess I've just had my head buried in the sand about it. I support a flat tax or strongly revised tax code, but for a simpler reason - I don't think I should have had to pay tax attorneys to prove my innocence. Of course, the legal fees were tax deductible, but that's not the same as using the money to grow the business. Nor, do I "blame" the Bills' & Jeffs' of the world. Accountants get very caught up in meeting the challenge of helping their clients/employers to avoid taxes. It's like a game of chess to them.
  7. Originally, I thought you were wrong and what I found out was - 64 million shares = $4.6 billion. Then I found out, you were right. Dammit.
  8. They didn't have an I-9 form in 1952, John.
  9. Not really sure why you're so heels dug in - Employers have to have the documents presented and if they get it wrong, there are significant penalties.
  10. Example of white privilege? I had to bring the ID's required on the I-9 form. You have to bring what they list in box 6 of the W-7 form.
  11. Which means 51% are in favor? Must be a CNN quote.
  12. It's in the skydiver's information manual. On that note, have you seen the hoops one has to jump thru to get the new upcoming mandatory Real ID? That's going to be a burden on most; not just the poor.
  13. No argument. Some states have a free or reduction of fee for various reasons. Income, disability, age, etc.
  14. One needs a passport and/or DL to get an ITIN and employers require you bring your ITIN or SSN card to work the first day, so they can check your status. I think that's state dependent - I have to have my card or a government issued ID to vote.
  15. Agreed. It's democracy's fault, you left your ID at home? If I go to the DZ and forgot my pay card; will they let me jump? No argument. Well, except you're saying the same thing as the right wing.
  16. Those that have opposed an ID for voting.
  17. So, you're not opposed to everyone having an ID.
  18. Apologies. I thought it was "more bullshit" day.
  19. It's improper to not cite the source: Author: "Guest Blogger" But, guess who the writing is - "Say her name."
  20. True. There are many pulling away from the "Rush Right." But it's time for both [all] parties to start leaning more center.
  21. Interesting operations and enforcement plan. All I can say is; "Welcome to the Republican Party."
  22. Prosecutor: Did you hit that man in the face with your fist? Defendant: No. Prosecutor: Sir, you’re under oath, do you know the penalty for perjury? Defendant: It’s less than aggravated assault.
  23. Shit. I just sat down with some popcorn to watch this and you turn the TV off.