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  1. Bigun was not wrong. He chose not to tell the whole story. Big difference.
  2. Contempt is more for those in positions of authority who do not respect the position and the responsibility that comes with it. "Disregard for the rule of law." Not at all. Nothing but respect for it. First, allow me to apologize to the group. I usually jump in the deep end and this time, I just kinda stuck my toe in and waded around the edges. Been out of town for a few days and thought about it and probably shouldn't have brought it up. Yes, it was my experience and no; there was no invitation. My apologies.
  3. I know, right. Probably would have shared more if I hadn't gone to a secret closed door meeting at the Senator's office.
  4. All good points, Joe. The above portion resonates with me. IMO, we lost this battle when we settled for teaching children how to be sheep in active shooter drills.
  5. Brother, between 2001 and the end of the war, there were more children killed in the U.S. by gunfire, than our own military killed in Iraq/Afghanistan. In fact, roughly 7,000 children were killed by gunfire in the five years after Sandy Hook (2012-2017) than the 6,900 U.S. military killed during the war. Think about that for awhile. Then get pissed off.
  6. Meh. Just use a Ruger Precision - one .308 round at a time.
  7. That's the fallacy. Regulation != Infringing on Rights. One can still own guns; but rights and ownership come with responsibility. It would be nice if we didn't have to regulate people regarding guns, but as long as they're going to be irresponsible, then regulations will need to be emplaced. Somehow, I'm of the opinion that killing kids in schools is not equal to responsible.
  8. There's no limit.
  9. Kinda need to know the use of "non sequitur."
  10. I think that's a different thread. :)
  11. Bill's right. By Gustav in 2008; it was changed to a debit card. I would say a greater % used the debit card this time for food. But, there was still a large number of TV's purchased. We set up cooling | relaxation | neighborhood stations at each of the Social Service offices in Louisiana. Things went MUCH better than Katrina. Plus they were at a state facility for additional needs. Some asked to get clean and sober and they were helped. Agree 100% Less than you would think. Done many Veterans "Stand Downs." The first two were very demoralizing. The first was 170 veterans. We had gathered book bags, filled them with essentials, had social services there for those that were not vets, vets went to the line fed, showers, vet rep to get housing, to get housing you had to enter a clean and sober programs and submit to regular tests, etc. One out of the 170 stayed in the program. The VA modified the program. 3 out of the 100+ the second time. Last December, did one. I'd say it was the best one yet. Filled the parking lot with vets to support the mission. The only thing we did was hand out toilet paper, undies, socks, etc. and we talked to them. Not about clean and sober. What branch, what MOS, when did you get out. What have you been doing, etc. Vet shit over lunch. The next month, more approached the VA than in past years. The difference. Nobody was trying to save them. Big difference.
  12. She was part of the ESF-8 Function. She was paid by FEMA directly.
  13. The money went for everything but food and essentials.
  14. Evening, Jerry. Cause you know; that worked phenomenally during Katrina. Sheesh.
  15. I can tell you from personal experience; there was no invitation. Just subpoena.
  16. I was speaking at the federal level and corrected myself to Bill. You can exercise your 5th amendment right in any Grand Jury. It "can" be considered contempt by the judge. [EDIT: In fact, you should exercise your right to shut the fuck up the minute you are detained. Emphasis on detained. You can keep your mouth shut (and should) from the beginning to the end and after. Let the attorneys do the talking.
  17. Perhaps you're right, Bill. Federal level is probably different than state level.
  18. From the Reuter's article: Invitation? No. If there's a Grand Jury; the Judge signs a subpoena and you are compelled to come. Um. No again. One does not have to waive their immunity. They can take the 5th all day long. They may wind up in contempt, but they do not have to answer. This article "sounds like" someone is using the news to do some saber rattling and see what shakes out.
  19. Time machine back to Bill Cosby's, "Noah." circa 1965. I do. S/O is a veterinarian. She can tell which animals are gay just by looking at them. You seem awfully passionate about Roman Mythology.
  20. We went to the same school at different times and places together. Can still sing parts of the mass in latin.
  21. Yes, sir. I think we've all known that for a long time. I truly don't understand how he's still on the air.
  22. Well, look at you. Getting all accurate about a bible passage. :)