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  1. And, most of these old farts have known each other for over 20 years. We've skydived together, had children, stayed in touch, bickered with each other, wept at skydiver funerals, and in some cases; loved each other. I wish you the same in life.
  2. Twenty years of your incessant drivel, circular arguments and poor attempts at written manipulation - from mum's basement.
  3. No, my first clue was when a jury found him guilty.
  4. I'm confused. Aren't both Foster and Perry white?
  5. "He (Foster) motioned with the gun to roll down the window . . .
  6. No argument. My ex and I had a serious discussion about that. We had a ton of nieces and nephews and the ones who stayed home had kids that just seemed more stable, social and did well in life. EDIT: Let me add this. Having a child later in life and both of us being more financially secure and unable to relinquish our own days; we found those tools and a housekeeper allowed us to spend more quality time. We spend at least four nights a week having dinner together, playing games and talking. Something I acknowledge that younger parents cannot always afford.
  7. I don't get how Abbot got to a pardon. Perry drove into a crowd, Foster pulled a gun ( a veteran also, so it's not a stretch to think he was going to end Perry if he continued to use the vehicle as a weapon), Perry sees the gun, pulls on Foster and kills him - but he was engaged in self-defense? Silliness.
  8. Sexist? j/k There is value in that belief, but times are changing.
  9. True. Difference between animals and humans. Animals like skydivers have the same motto - EFS. For animals it's eat, fuck, sleep. :)
  10. And maybe not so much concern for global warming.
  11. The position of Homemaker is outdated. Dishwashers, Laundry machines, Robotic floor cleaners, Factor food delivery, etc. etc. Pretty much all one has to do these days is make your bed, fold your clothes and nuke some food. Now both parents can make a home.
  12. Always go right to the source. The manufacturers will pick up the phone - Mirage Containers CUSTOMER SUPPORT & SALES 386-740-9222 - they also have a chat function