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  1. Apex used to have a two canopy system - Sorcerer, but I don't think it was ever TSO'd
  2. But, she's not here to discuss her 11 page rant.
  3. BIGUN


    IMO Abbot, Jordan and the other politicians condemning vaccine mandates may be pandering to their base, but the fact is; they are making technically illegal statements. If the US Government came out and said that everyone will get a vaccine - there's case law that stands behind it. We do not have the right to infect our fellow citizens and parents cannot choose for their children in a situation like this. I think this article will provide a path to more information if one chooses to research it more, but it is one of the best summaries of the vaccine mandate situation.
  4. BIGUN


    I opened your Pfizer link and reviewed what allergens were listed. It would appear the list was developed about the same time that Warpspeed started as the list for previously used allergens in all previous vaccines. However, if you drill down into that list; you'll notice that most of the ingredients say, "not used in . . ." Pretty much, you would need to have an allergy to Sucrose, Salt, Potassium, or Propylene Glycol. I went back and reviewed your history, You joined In October of last year and did not enter into the COVID discussion until June 2nd of this year. In the "Incentives to Vax" thread, you said, "This does not reflect my personal stance on vaccines. I am not against them." You went on to state, "I don't see why anyone would fault someone for not wanting to take a non-FDA approved vaccine. As far as I know(I may be wrong), none of the current vaccines have a USA FDA approval. They have only been approved for a crisis/pandemic emergency usage, which could be revoked." Now, that it has full approval, you seem to be finding other reasons to not get the vaccine, when you yourself, support it. So, either you're not being genuine regarding your own beliefs on vaccines or you're just another internet keyboard warrior who wants to argue about everything and not use any facts. I think you said it best, " ANYONE who does not get vax'd is scum of the earth." And, before you take a step back and reframe your argument into "People have rights," I will wear your fucking ass out on that argument. You are dismissed.
  5. BIGUN


    The article is true for traditional vaccines which refutes your earlier claim that vaccines are less than efficient. wrt the above statement. The mRNA Vaccines are better. Look, you can argue all you want, but the fact is - this shit works and we are on the eve of an entire new way to immunize society.
  6. BIGUN


    70+ years later. :) While not a Desert Review article; here is some information from 2015 from the NIH on vaccines and adverse reactions.
  7. BIGUN


    I'm probably one of the more right-wing on here and I have reached this conclusion. I've lost three Anti-Vaxx close friends since May. We'd had arguments, we had discussions, every fucking thing they brought up; I shot down with medical information. Science, Facts, numbers, risks, proof and they still believed more in their facebook friends encouraging them to get down to the local feed store for off-brand Ivermectin, than their doctors who had encouraged them to get the vaccine. And, they died. And, they died a fucking horrible death. Without family. Without anyone being able to hold their hands in their final moments. So, yeah. Fuck 'em and fuck anyone who doesn't get the vaccine. It's a selfish move not to protect your family, friends and your fellow Americans. @winsor - yes it is a cure - but only of everyone gets it. Ya know, kinda like polio. I'd rather be alive with a tail growing outta my ass in ten years than dead next week. [/sarcasm]
  8. BIGUN


    You left out the best part: the author, Dr. Justus R. Hope is a complete fraud. "Many pro-Ivermectin opinion articles are written by Justus R. Hope, MD., who admits this name is a pseudonym underneath the articles he writes. Dr. Hope also writes under his fake name in a book he authored Surviving Cancer, COVID-19, and Disease: The Repurposed Drug Revolution." EDIT: Evidently, he wrote, "The Coffee Cure Diet."
  9. BIGUN


    For future reference; feel free to check your sources using -
  10. BIGUN


    OK. Let's do that.
  11. With a dummy rig and DR handle on; have the student stand facing the wall with their toes about 24-30 inches back and shoulder width apart (height dependent). Leaving their feet there; have them place ONLY their belly button on the wall. Head up, look at the ceiling, hands up offset to emulate on the strut. Tell them on the command of "GO" you're going to SNAP as fast as you can and snatch the DRP. GO Again, Faster Again, Faster Again, Faster. You've taught them three things; 1) to present their lower body into the wind, 2) To locate the DR quickly, 3) To know the location of the DR instead of searching for it. Thank you, Curly Roe (RIP)
  12. Yeah. Because neuromuscular disorders can be worked out with exercise.
  13. Around this part of the country, when students get close to buying gear, they are encouraged to get a white reserve for three reasons: 1. When someone sees a white canopy, they notify everyone so they can keep an eye on them. 2. Other skydivers under canopy will steer even more clear. 3. Manufacturers usually have white ones in stock.
  14. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer: [email protected]
  15. I think this was established years ago, Nat. Take care and happy naughty Friday