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  1. This all started around 1970 with the newly formed libertarian party. Some Phd's got together and began "rewriting history." Since then, there's been about ten new definitions added to political views. Each one of these new "ten" had similar principles with our forefathers and began pointing at them saying, "See, see, our forefathers . . . " Being left of King George doesn't make them liberals. "Classic" or otherwise.
  2. To answer Ken's question, [at that time] they were federalists + libertarian. Your response is more modern republicanism and liberalism.
  3. You are so wrong on this point. Then stop criticizing every fookin thing. I don't even know what you're trying to say. !
  4. In the custom pocket sewn into the thigh of my jumpsuits.
  5. You know, you really don't have to feel guilty about being American or to fit in with the liberal crowd.
  6. I reviewed his donations and did not see any to the GOP. Doesn't mean there weren't any . . . course I admit to being surprised that John donated to the GOP, so anything is possible.
  7. According to the order form - leg pads are standard.
  8. Yes, but she handled it well IMO.
  9. BIGUN


    Well, if you're willing to join my Army; we'll extricate the women and children first. Then we'll fight.
  10. BIGUN


    As of March 27, 139 children were killed and more than 205 wounded amid Russia’s war against Ukraine. Mr. President, can we go now?
  11. Is this false? “Eliot Cutler is a benefactor of Maine Democratic Party candidates and has traveled in elite Democrat circles for many decades,” Savage said in an email statement. “His beneficiaries nationwide need to return his donations immediately. This needs to start here in Maine, today.” The Maine GOP account on Twitter posted many of Cutler’s donations, including those made to President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and former President Barack Obama. Cutler reportedly made donations to Democratic politicians in Maine as well as the state Democratic parties in New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, Nevada, and Florida.
  12. But the timeline still works. 18 years old and joins the Army + 45 = 63 year old life of unhappiness. Not unrealistic to think someone wants to enter Act III of their life feeling happy and how they should have felt their whole life. IMO. You're out of line.
  13. You answered your own question. You would not respect their privacy. Transgender (like any other medical condition) is none of anyone else's business.