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  1. Winsor: posts ~1000 pages of content that he didn't write and requires that people respond to each point otherwise "they have nothing". Also ignores actual responses to some points because he couldn't answer simple questions. Classic troll behaviour.
  2. One study. And it has not yet been peer-reviewed. Here's a better study: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7032e1.htm?s_cid=mm7032e1_ For a layperson-friendly article: No, your antibodies are not better than a vaccination: an explainer When your source article repeatedly calls it the "CCP virus", complaining about this being political seems a bit silly...
  3. Oh, winsor needs it alright...but not because he has an actual point.
  4. Makes incoherent posts, expects "coherent responses" (which agree with him). He really doesn't see it...
  5. aaaaaand he really doesn't see it... The irony.
  6. And 'canceled' is their catch-all phrase for being held responsible for their words and actions, like losing social media followers. Much worse than being lynched, you know? And using it to scare others to help radicalize them to their cause, like airdvr is doing.
  7. Found on the /r/HermanCainAward page:
  8. You haven't read that article properly...it's kind of becoming a recurring theme here. From the article you linked: The title - "COVID vaccine-related myocarditis rare, usually mild, studies say" - actually implies that the vaccines are safe... ah, the conspiracy theory again...
  9. this. something that keeps going over the head of mr. krebs cycle here...
  10. It's funny how you think you're "catering to our needs" when: nobody asked you to people have actually been asking for the REAL sources of your reasoning which you keep refusing to provide this also makes you look wildly inconsistent, but then again with antivaxxers, consistency in logic is one of the first things thrown out the window
  11. For someone who just said the CDC "has a long history of bs" just a few posts back, you sure are quick to appeal to their authority...
  12. So you got nothing. Figures... Simple, the US Government is huge - actually, Fauci and the CDC are part of the US Government. I wanted to be very specific, so that your bullshit has nowhere to run.
  13. Interesting. Care to elaborate on those three? Especially Dr. Fauci.
  14. No, your antibodies are not better than vaccination: an explainer
  15. ah, there it is, the science card. This will end well...