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  1. Oh, another prediction! Like his prediction that by end of last month, "Zelensky would be red mist or captured". How'd that turn out, I wonder?
  2. Brent's given up posting the links to his source material, because he doesn't read them and knows that we do. Too risky for him, he's been owned by his own links too many times already
  3. That's a Qualcomm chip there - could be the main chip, or at least the cellular modem. You'd need a few million dollars and some pretty stringent NDAs to get any documentation from Qualcomm on how to program it...
  4. Your friend Slim did. How about you also stop creating straw men?
  5. Nope. Who said that, and when?
  6. You didn't see anything, you're lying. If you did, post it here please.
  7. How will they massage their own ego otherwise? And yes, lots of leftists do it too. Which is why UBI will never succeed, unfortunately. Too many fucking egos at stake.
  8. If only brent did a bit more math and reading, huh? And my point about "argumentum ad populum" just went completely over his head. But he doesn't even read his own links so I guess that was completely predictable
  9. So what? 82% of Americans see climate change as a threat (according to Pew Research), you'll probably say they're "sheep" or misinformed, but when DeSantis is popular you suddenly use popularity as a beacon for truth and those people are suddenly perfectly informed. Can you guess what the difference is? Look up "argumentum ad populum", you're welcome.
  10. I think Universal Basic Income is absolutely necessary as automation takes more and more jobs. But, UBI is fundamentally incompatible with a minimum wage. If everyone gets UBI of $1,000 a month, minimum wage should be cut by $1,000 a month so companies can pay closer to the true value of labour rather than being responsible for people's livelihoods. Companies being responsible for people's means to live gives them too much power over governments. UBI should give people an extremely basic way of getting by - anyone who is more ambitious than just getting by (who are probably the majority of people, despite what Ayn Rand fans think) can then work however much they can to chase their particular ambition. But if people get unlucky they should be able to fall back on UBI as a safety net. Then they'll take more risks and our society's development can skyrocket. Pretty wishful thinking though, because even many lefties can't grasp the incompatibility between UBI and minimum wage - it's practically a double payment and probably unaffordable in most economies. Not to mention how to make the transition.
  11. And making up shit for the other side is what brent calls an "argument".
  12. Well, it wouldn't be a brent post if he doesn't make up the argument of the other side, wouldn't it?
  13. Too bad Rhys is probably on a 30-day time out because he was wrong, again. But worry not, he'll be back in a few days with new predictions of Russian success!