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  1. Which they can't even afford to produce. It's such a paper aircraft that India has backed out of acquiring those even before the Russian forces' pitiful performance in Ukraine. And the IRST issue has been around for a while - your linked article is from 2009. With what fab capacity will Russia make those sensors? They only have 1 silicon fab - and those aren't any good at making IR sensors, since they top out at about 1100nm. They'll need InGaAs sensors there, and they've been importing those from France and Germany. While the US MIC has its share of "all talk and no substance" people the problem is far worse in Russia. Interestingly, the article you linked actually lobbies for more funding for the military by bigging up this "infrared gap" similar to how they hyped up the "bomber gap" in the 60s.
  2. I haven't tried the VOG or the FDS ones yet, but I was imagining that pulling out your phone in the aircraft to change alarms is easier than removing your helmet, taking out the audible and pressing buttons on it. Could anyone with one of those audibles share their experience?
  3. As an aviation fan I was always an admirer of Soviet and Russian aircraft - their looks. They kept focusing their performance on high-AOA tricks which was good for air shows, but I suspected that actual combat had moved away from dogfights given the US's focus on stealth, sensors, and avionics. Same with logistics and communications - it's boring and uninteresting compared to shiny new weapons, but is the main deciding factor in a conflict. I even know a lot of people who are like the Russian military - all talk and show, no substance. So I'm not that surprised they did so badly in Ukraine.
  4. Agreed about the rechargeable batteries - my biggest annoyance with L&B is they didn't use a commonly used battery! Interesting, I haven't heard about GEMINI, and I haven't found anything on the alti-2 website about it. Are you part of alti-2?
  5. NATO gains the entire Baltic sea, which is a big gain. If Russia attacks a non-NATO Finland, the Russian army will be destroyed. That much is already clear from their performance against Ukraine. Yes it might add a trigger point. No it won't give Russia additional political leverage. Their complaint that NATO caused their invasion of Ukraine was like a rapist blaming their victim that they were "forced" to do it.
  6. um, nope, if you think that's the narrative, that's not coming from me. I don't think billvon has said anything of the sort either. I think the conservatives here in this forum are firmly against Putin. (The Hundredth Monkey doesn't count - he's probably a russian bot) Even me and brent are on the same side! But your narrative that Trump is firmly against Putin is what's getting pushback, so calm down. From what I've seen, the most extreme leftists have also sided with Putin, as have the extreme right (which Trump is part of). Little do they realise what they have in common!
  7. Well, the US can't control what Finland does either - and what they've done is apply to NATO. Russia's army has gotten decimated in Ukraine and Finland's army is far better equipped. With Putin now dialing down his threats to Finland I don't see what the problem is. Could you clarify? Only Turkey stands in the way, and I've explained how they might negotiate something.
  8. I've found it mentioned in other forums, but the Baltic is way more strategic for NATO than the Black Sea. Having Finland would effectively make the Baltic a complete NATO lake. Russia's Baltic fleet is bigger and more important than the Black Sea fleet. It would also move NATO closer to the Kola Peninsula, which is very strategically important. Erdogan has a good negotiating starting point, but not unlimited. He'll probably use whatever leverage he has to negotiate some concessions and Finland will eventually join. Turkey's order of Russia's S-400 missile system has already caused way more friction than whatever Finland has done.
  9. Good point about the size. But $60 more for just 3 more alarms, when both products are probably using the same electronics inside, seems a bit much. Hopefully there are more interesting devices in the pipeline as they've mentioned these are just the first of a product family.
  10. Decisive, yes, but not irreplaceable. The US can just supply Reapers, and IAI has plenty of alternatives too.
  11. you do see this, right? You are aware of the implications of this word, right?
  12. Turkey joined NATO in 1952, so it's not really living memory anymore why they joined. But this NATO article has some explanation: https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/declassified_191048.htm
  13. He's doing lip service, the bare minimum to condemn Putin because in truth he loves Putin. He can't hide it. But given how selfish he is, even he can see being linked to Putin isn't going to benefit him. And benefiting Trump is all Trump cares about. Even after the war started he was still heaping praises on Putin - that falls in the category of "these days". No, you're just telling yourself that because you dislike lefties more than you dislike Trump. Fine, dislike lefties, but lying to yourself won't do you any good.
  14. And again... At least we can be confident that these Russian bots have not achieved any sort of self-awareness or self-consciousness.
  15. Like how the Ontario "Freedom Convoy" got repeated in the US? Did you attend that by any chance? It's definitely reached critical mass by now. Like how Ukraine has now been defeated in day 80 of the 2-day war...