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  1. olofscience


    Oh, definitely. https://www.theregister.com/2020/10/05/excel_england_coronavirus_contact_error/ edit to add: what's even funnier is their "solution" being to "break up the data into smaller spreadsheets". You'd think with £12 billion of our money they'd at least spend some of it upgrading to a more recent version...or a proper solution not involving Excel.
  2. olofscience


    Well you'll still need a half competent government to be able to exploit it. The UK has the highest number of CCTV cameras, high percentage of smartphone ownership, high popularity of Ring doorbells and "smart speakers", so you'd think it was Big Brother's paradise. When it came to contact tracing for covid-19 though our government fell on its face - only a tiny percentage of contacts were traced, with the second wave here it's pretty much overwhelmed. The £12 billion programme even missed 16,000 contacts because they Microsoft Excel version 2003 (or earlier) and the row limit got reached.
  3. olofscience


    Recent events have shown that no, the Republican Party doesn't really stand for their old values anymore - it's all Trump's party now. Whatever Trump stands for. Lies and denial of reality.
  4. Well unless your brain is as powerful as the Fugaku supercomputer in Japan, I'd take the results of the simulations with more credibility than a random retired angry guy in Germany: If that's too long: The method they use seem to be a mix of standard CFD simulation (Navier-Stokes) and SPH (smoothed particle hydrodynamics).
  5. Don't joke, he might have a walker or a mobility scooter that could really cause some damage. But wow, talk about being insecure. Why do these guys fit the stereotype so much?
  6. My favourite is the argument against "masks reduce the oxygen you breathe" assertion - "If you're worried about masks reducing your oxygen levels and killing brain cells, don't worry - that ship has already sailed."
  7. Calling the BLM protesters, a big proportion whom are black, "mindless savages". The 19th century wants its racist terms back. Do you think people who drive 60mph in a 20mph school zone are "independent thinkers" who aren't afraid of crashing? People don't slow down in school zones because they're "afraid of speed" and "rule-following bootlickers". Same for masks. Stop it with the strawmen. I hate to break it to you, but you're being neither original or clever.
  8. As people say - after you die, you don't feel anything. It's only sad for the people around you. Same goes when you're stupid. Many conservatives are definitely stupid, I'd say a majority actually. But many leftists are also stupid. People are just people, and intelligence follows the normal distribution. Well the conservatives definitely underestimated their opponent during the last election. Despite record turnout for their candidate, they still got beaten by 6 million.
  9. Ha, maybe you'll see me there. I really want this to end too - but on the topic of your post, all the anti-maskers, the anti-lockdown people are just prolonging our pain. But if it were not for the failure of the politicians, we wouldn't even need to lock down at all - look at New Zealand (back to normal) and Taiwan (having music concerts, packed stadiums, not a mask in sight - because they got rid of covid). Accusing the people of liking lockdowns is a complete strawman - NOBODY wants this. I hate the restrictions, but not killing people is more important to me. The vaccines are arriving - we just need to hold out a little bit longer. And they can't arrive soon enough - looks like Germany is about to run out of ICU beds.
  10. They don't do that because of Trump. The problems that cause them to do that will exist long after Trump is gone. In fact, I think it will get worse. Trump just happens to be the peg they hang their hopes on right now. If not him, it will be someone else. So no, he shouldn't be immune from prosecution. Equal justice under the law.
  11. Well, looks like Trump "convinced" the Michigan Republicans to do something, after all: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-us-2020-55030617
  12. Where's turtle to say that Tucker Carlson is now far left?
  13. Well back to the topic then... It really was just a strawman argument, part of markharju's trump-esque meltdown.
  14. Is there a rule about the topic name itself? "kommiefornia" and markharju doing more namecalling than in a school playground don't seem to be inducive of intelligent discussion.