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  1. Brilliant. Now here's a BloombergNEF report that estimates that EVs will be 58% of global passenger vehicle sales by 2040: https://bnef.turtl.co/story/evo-2020/page/3/1. I, for one, will be buying a Tesla next year. Looking forward to switching from my maintenance-heavy diesel.
  2. Okay we can take you up on this wager, if more than 50% of cars sold in 2040 are electric, you're wrong. I'll add it to your "Tesla will be bankrupt in 5 years" prediction for 2023.
  3. Maybe it's not too bad - if he can't hold pretend arguments with flimsy logic then declare how right he is and everyone else is wrong, imagine what his family might have to put up with...
  4. Really? Where did you get the 120 year estimate of replacement from? Do you know what technologies are being developed now?
  5. this is brenthutch you're talking about right? This basically sums up why he keeps trolling: He is not interested in any pesky facts, or logical arguments. It's just the same thing, over and over. He just desperately needs to say that he's right and others are wrong.
  6. That's correct, the preferred term is actually "Static Line Progression System", but just calling it RAPS is still quite popular. It starts off with several static line deployment jumps then progresses into freefall.
  7. I got my BPA A licence doing RAPS. To clarify, I did NOT change to AFF at any point, and have never done any AFF jumps.
  8. Absolutely incorrect. I went through RAPS along with several other people I know. I am now a BPA 'C' licence holder. The minimum is 18 jumps, I took slightly more at 24 jumps, other people I know took between 18 and 40 jumps. The level repeat & drop out rate is higher than AFF, but if you make few mistakes it's a lot cheaper overall. No, you will need a refresh of emergency procedures. Currency for a student is valid for 30 days if I remember correctly. It's all in the BPA Ops Manual: https://britishskydiving.org/wp-content/uploads/archive/Operarions-Manual-1984.pdf
  9. That does a tremendous number on the lungs, almost like a cleaning, I bet.
  10. I'd mostly agree with this one, but the hardest hit European countries' rates are now at the tail end with lowering rates. The worrying bit is some areas in the US haven't reached their peak yet. Unfortunately I'd also put the UK at the bottom as well...I really wish we weren't, I live here. But hey, we voted an incompetent government in.
  11. Then why do you see "take your meds" as coming close to a personal attack? You chose to perceive it as such. Illusions of strength, getting a bit more concerning. Good, keep waiting.
  12. sure. Is that not a ethnic slur?
  13. You sound exactly like a jihadi. That's what they want too - a war between Christianity and Islam. More worryingly, you sound like the New Zealand shooter. In his manifesto he said: He then proceeded to kill 50 innocent people. Your ethnic slurs were needless and uncalled for.
  14. I at least agree with most of this, except for the snipped part. South Korea was massively set back by one infected person breaking quarantine and attending a religious service with 9,000 other people. But they still scrambled and ramped up their response to get it under control. It's not the absolute size of New Zealand that was the factor - all outbreaks start small. But exponential growth means that if you don't stop it early, the tracing methods would be overwhelmed as you said.
  15. I am indeed criticising the US for its terrible (not mediocre) response. I'm not criticising it for its plan, and why does it matter? "It's the thought that counts"? Do you want points for the plan?