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  1. For the MagniX electric caravan they flew this summer, what was the weight of that aircraft? Are they already using large-bandgap semiconductors? If not, does he think they will help increase efficiency? Are the batteries actively cooled? Can he share any details on their thermal runaway containment strategy?
  2. Read the book called "The Psychology of Persuasion" by Robert Cialdini. It provides scientific explanations to the phenomenon (after all, cults are not new) in a very accessible and fun to read book.
  3. You're parroting right wing shills nicely, but you're a bit late on this one. The fact is when the virus spreads, hospitals fill up that otherwise wouldn't. Germany is close to running out of ICU beds. If people were dying anyway, then ICU usage would remain roughly the same and countries won't run out of hospital beds. I live right next to a Nightingale (field) hospital here in the UK. We didn't have to use them in the first wave, but the regular hospitals are now filled up enough that they're now accepting patients. Also "preexisting conditions" could mean anything - I'm an athlete, I swim competitively, play waterpolo, but I have hay fever allergy. If you count something like that as "preexisting conditions" then that could mean practically everyone. So, it's absolute bullshit that "they would have died anyway". Also I'd dare you to say that to the relatives who lost family to the virus, say it to their face.
  4. Agreed. After Trump lost, some of the usual conservatives here have vanished, so ron and markharju's posts keep us amused.
  5. His over-compensation of masculinity (via violent fantasies etc) should give you a clue. The rightwing guy I know at work is bullied by his wife, who knows what it is in this case...
  6. Back in the 90s, "Think of the children, we need to track paedophiles on the internet" has been the federal government's go-to argument why encryption needs backdoors for the FBI and NSA. Why there should be a Big Brother surveillance society. Since that reasoning didn't work, they've now changed the reason to terrorism. More recently, covid-19. We all know how you feel about that. So you using the "think of the children" argument to demonise trans people - one, it's bullshit not supported by any statistics, two, is it really beyond your abilities to see what you're doing?
  7. I was about to ask. Not that I care - he seriously needs help and this forum is no substitute. Back to the topic anyway, in my DZ several young women have received creepy behaviour, some bordering on sexual harassment and assault. All of the perpetrators were older men, some much older. None were trans. There really is no connection. Edit to add: there is actually one trans skydiver who jumps there occasionally, and I would definitely trust my girlfriend hanging out with her much more than the creepy old guys.
  8. Does that fantasy also involve jumping in slow motion? How about awesome sequences in bullet-time like in The Matrix? That movie, by the way, was directed by two trans people - the Wachowskis. (They were known as the Wachowski Brothers when they made the Matrix in 1999, but they transitioned and are now living as trans women). Seriously, these things have no connection to each other. Old guys who molest girls are NOT trans. They're heterosexual paedophiles - still wrong, but miles away from being trans. Old men like you, no offense, are far more likely to molest girls than trans women.
  9. olofscience


    Oh, definitely. https://www.theregister.com/2020/10/05/excel_england_coronavirus_contact_error/ edit to add: what's even funnier is their "solution" being to "break up the data into smaller spreadsheets". You'd think with £12 billion of our money they'd at least spend some of it upgrading to a more recent version...or a proper solution not involving Excel.
  10. olofscience


    Well you'll still need a half competent government to be able to exploit it. The UK has the highest number of CCTV cameras, high percentage of smartphone ownership, high popularity of Ring doorbells and "smart speakers", so you'd think it was Big Brother's paradise. When it came to contact tracing for covid-19 though our government fell on its face - only a tiny percentage of contacts were traced, with the second wave here it's pretty much overwhelmed. The £12 billion programme even missed 16,000 contacts because they Microsoft Excel version 2003 (or earlier) and the row limit got reached.
  11. olofscience


    Recent events have shown that no, the Republican Party doesn't really stand for their old values anymore - it's all Trump's party now. Whatever Trump stands for. Lies and denial of reality.
  12. Well unless your brain is as powerful as the Fugaku supercomputer in Japan, I'd take the results of the simulations with more credibility than a random retired angry guy in Germany: If that's too long: The method they use seem to be a mix of standard CFD simulation (Navier-Stokes) and SPH (smoothed particle hydrodynamics).
  13. Don't joke, he might have a walker or a mobility scooter that could really cause some damage. But wow, talk about being insecure. Why do these guys fit the stereotype so much?
  14. My favourite is the argument against "masks reduce the oxygen you breathe" assertion - "If you're worried about masks reducing your oxygen levels and killing brain cells, don't worry - that ship has already sailed."