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  1. What do I remember about Ernie Butler? In 1992 at Skydive Snohomish I was going through that "baptism of fear", where I had just arrived at the dropzone's parking lot and was just sitting inside my car rationalizing why I should even continue to "learn" how to skydive, this after only a few student jumps. Skydiving scares me!!! Why skydive??! And along comes Ernie. He sees me in the parking lot. He comes over to my car and encourages me, saying that it will all turn out OK. That day I jumped... and I still do. I will always remember Ernie for that moment. Thank you! May God bless you, Ernie!
  2. pomiak

    Sky Camp Halloween Party

    Halloween is only for children for some fun and excitement, and to get free candy and treats. It is not for adults. Unfortunately, Halloween in North America is vigorously promoted only for money commercialism.
  3. Smart, progressive steps to take. I bought my first main upon my jumpmaster's recommendation (a PD 230) and lost money in reselling it after 70 jumps. Not to buy new in the beginning is sound advice.
  4. Sadly, only the good die young; apparently, John died from an unfortunate fall accident: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/tucson/obituary.aspx?n=john-henry-willsey&pid=173809886&fhid=29425 Whenever I had visited Skydive AZ years ago, John was, to me, a golden asset to the DZ because every jump he organized turned out to be a memorable and fun one. He had the knack to plan a skydive that would suit the skill level of most everyone on the jump; and, invariably, it would turn out to be more than OK, but positvely fun! God bless you, John! Rest in Peace.
  5. Bill was definitely a familiar and an unforgettable person at Skydive Dallas the many times I had travelled to the DZ from Oklahoma and Kansas. I extend my condolences to his family and to his best-of-friends.
  6. My prayers go out to the Anderson family. Enjoy the eternal sky, Dennis.
  7. Michael, Thank you for being around and helping when I had my bad skydiving accident in '01. Who would have thought that underneath your smile lay despair? You should have said something! And, I would have said, if you're looking for the Answer, then knock and the door will be opened, seek and you will find that Answer... and hope.
  8. I admired Lori Love. She was one of my jump pilots at Air Capital DZ in Wichita. Although only as an aquaintance as my jump pilot, I've heard of her accomplishments; and I admired her even more so. Whenever she would fly our DZ's Cessna 182 as the jump pilot, I would occasionally sneak a peek and try to understand her karma. Like many adventure-seeking people, she was seeking God -- and that's God with a capital "G". Why else was she not afraid to take on tasks that would scare most people? She believed and KNEW that there's something better. Yes, she might have gone through the initial pain of self-preservation; but, afterwards, she knew it could be part of her destiny that she had long visioned. God bless you, Lori.