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  1. If you go to this site http://www.bushwings.com/frontpag.html there are more of his flying stories...although he may have made some jumps he was foremost a pilot and not a jumper so yeah he has no knowledge of what the specifics of the parachutes he jumped or saw other people jump.
  2. A fun story by a jump pilot flying for Perry Stevens circa 1978. I believe "Crazy Jack" in the story was Steve Haley and "Snortin Norton" was Robert Thomas aka Norton an Oakland California Hells Angel. Steve Haley told me Norton used to say "hey jack" when addressing him. Norton later became an aerobatic pilot and rumored to be an attorney. Norton went missing while ferrying a Beech 18 over the Pacific Ocean and was never heard from again. http://www.bushwings.com/texts/alaska.html
  3. Serial killer known as 'I-5 Strangler' killed in prison https://krcrtv.com/news/local/serial-killer-known-as-i-5-strangler-killed-in-prison
  4. BSBD...I hope you find peace... https://www.tracymemorialchapel.com/obituaries/Stephen-Haley-4/#!/Obituary
  5. That "Good Stuff" video brings back some crazy memories...I was in one of those cars...cool times and good friends.
  6. Fire streaming wingsuiters from Red Bull into down town L.A. looked cool...someone had an epic line twist...okay..who done it...John...Mike? https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Meteor-Like-Object-Over-Downtown-LA-Red-Bull-Super-Moon-507448951.html
  7. It is a total!...HOLY CRAP...that's when you elbow the shit out of the reserve container. I wonder if that would've released the PC but at 750' not enough time. I'm not a rigger but have 12 of my own reserve packs logged under a riggers supervision and one save...by the way...the main was still in the container. I would never pack the PC like that. Holy Shit! hangdiver "Mans got to know his limitations" Harry Callahan
  8. For what it's worth... Dust devils occur with high adiabatic lapse rates...meaning the temperature decreases with increasing rise in altitude. The dust devil starts life as a bubble of heated air attached to the ground with surface tension similar to a bubble on the bottom of a pan of boiling water only much bigger called a "thermal". These bubbles will continue to grow until the surface tension is overcome by its buoyancy or until its surface tension is disturbed by a gust of wind, someone walking into it, a rabbit hopping into it or say a parachute on short final. Only after breaking free of the ground will it start to spin...normally counter clockwise as it is a low pressure area as the air rushes in to replace the rising thermal but can spin either direction. I have witnessed some huge dust devils with the center having numerous counter spinning cores. This landing looks like the right edge of the canopy caught the edge of a thermal as the thermal was lifting off the ground. It's pretty hard to tell from the video where the turbulence originated. Thermals and dust devils with no debris or dust I call "blue devils" these are the most dangerous because they are invisible. On days with a high lapse rate these blue devils cannot be seen and can bite you! eta: As pointed out in the above posts, dust devils are nothing to fuck around with while in the air flying anything low to the ground! hangdiver "Mans got to know his limitations" Harry Callahan
  9. I just got an email from Mr Larry...who would even reply to that? not me...he's a Nigerian scammer for sure. hangdiver "Mans got to know his limitations" Harry Callahan
  10. Robin came to Eloy winter circa 97' can't remember exactly but the local SPCA made him stop taking his dog after complaints from whuffos... when his dog saw him in the air on final Pud would dash into the landing area barking like crazy to greet Robin. Robin went to Chicago for the summer and a few weeks later dropped a toggle while flaring...thankfully without his dog... RIP...Robin... http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=post_attachment;postatt_id=54055; ETA:I guess that's Pudd... hangdiver "Mans got to know his limitations" Harry Callahan
  11. just happened to see this...yes...don't order from them...you don't get an email conformation and I called the store where my item was shipped...it had been there for a couple of weeks with no notification... no wonder they're bankrupt... yeah on dorkzone... hangdiver "Mans got to know his limitations" Harry Callahan
  12. that sucks...Wayne always had time for my rigging questions and wacky projects... blue skies and light winds... hangdiver "Mans got to know his limitations" Harry Callahan
  13. I saw it yesterday...and got shushed for discussing the wingsuit shots with my girlfriend...guess the dialog was hard to hear...ha ha... yeah, action flick...also funny seeing Jeb Corliss in the party scene... Great scenery from around the world and... glad to see my old friends from the Eloy days are getting work... hangdiver "Mans got to know his limitations" Harry Callahan
  14. Just got back from watching...don't know the results...it was not publicized... Looked pretty cool...got to see some old friends... oh yeah...Nor Cal Skydiving... hangdiver "Mans got to know his limitations" Harry Callahan
  15. I had the pleasure of jumping at Sheridan one week in the early 90's...doing some of my first tandem videos...I remember the locals saying..."look, they're always in the frame" I was like what?? Ted was super cool...I know all the stories and some of the facts...but if you ever met Ted face to face you would know that he was a pretty cool dude. BSBD hangdiver "Mans got to know his limitations" Harry Callahan