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  1. There are a couple people on the list who supposedly survived terminal velocity impact. anyone actually believe there’s any truth to this?
  2. tred


    Yes in a wings container. Saw one make a save last year also
  3. W8 would be 135-150 main 126-143 reserve With some wiggle room on those numbers depending on manufacture
  4. I have a pair of the tunnel rats ones, they’re ok, not as good as Neumann but certainly not terrible
  5. Read the comments section on the YouTube video. The tandem instructor from the jump comments when asked about not having his hand on reserve handle. Something along the lines of " One word: skyhook"
  6. apologize if you said it already but what was the DOM of your H/C? would be nice to know when this change was made, to know which used rigs are affected
  7. most big DZ's have "camps". you get coaching/organizing and the cost is split between the group 4,6,8 ways etc. everyone there has similar goals and more focus then pick up jumps
  8. fair enough, or just that jump numbers is a useless way to determine this, but no need to go through all this over again in a different place
  9. and your description in your video says you had over 200 jumps, your just backing up his point
  10. go where ever you think you will be jumping the most once licensed. you are gonna end up a licensed skydiver either way with a difference of a few hundred dollars at most. you will be better off making connections at what will be your home DZ later on.
  11. So I looked into the brace thing too, and the conclusion was if you did make a brace strong enough then it would have to lock your arm in that position, i.e. you wouldn't be able to put your arm down in the plane, or pull a toggle. Basically if you want any range of motion a brace won't work. Someone also mentioned kinesiology tape, in absolutely no uncertain terms, it is an absolute gimmick. I also looked into that, and read a handful (there are only a handful) of scientific articles that addressed its use. There were only two possible uses, one was for children, where it is strong enough to restrict movement, so basically is a brace, and the other was as a placebo, basically reminding people to protect a joint because they can feel the tape. Other than that there was absolutely zero evidence to support the idea that it could stabilize a joint or prevent injury. If you really want me to, I'll go dig up some of the articles for you. Thems the breaks I'm afraid, PT or surgery, that is about your only hope. Left sided pull is a temporary fix and shouldn't really be your goal. There are plenty of other instances where you might dislocate it as your skydiving progress. I agree, he should go see a therapist and be properly evaluated. Strengthening exercises are the best long term soloution Surgery should always come after attempting all other options. As far as the kinesio tape, I would say you are for the most part correct. We personally use McConnell taping which is somewhat different and a lesser known name. No tape or brace will fix the problem, but instead act as a "band aid". We are able to tape up patients in a way that will limit their internal and external shoulder rotation. ( IR being most relevant for pull time in skydiving ). That limitation creates a "stability" by ensuring that the patient/athlete will not overly rotate their shoulder and increase the chance of a dislocation. So similar in many ways to a brace. Whether or not this will benefit the OP will depend on a lot of factors ( His personal anatomy, How his container fits, etc. ) that I cant determine on the internet. I typed this on the fly so apologize if it isn't clear or sounds clunky. These studies can sometimes be overly clinical and objective and sometimes therapist must get creative and work outside the box to help athletes achieve their goals while also helping them have a successful recovery.
  12. I cant think of a brace off the top of my head that would work for skydiving but that doesn't mean they don't exist. however I believe kinesio tape could help, but it must be applied by someone who knows what their doing.
  13. I'm a physical therapist assistant and also dealt with dislocating shoulder in the past, Anachronist post has a lot of good info. you need joint stabilization exercises and you need to start at the bottom and work your way up. the exercises he gave you are perfect. then as you get stronger look up the "body blade". I believe anyone with shoulder issues should invest in one.
  14. what am I supposed to call a pilot chute?
  15. tred


    ah I see, misunderstood