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  1. Really hoping I didn't damage my container. I am already talking to sellers to get a main that will fit. QuoteI say you have been lied to because someone sold you something, money changed hands, and the information you were given is wrong.
  2. aerodyne 160 smart reserve, Why are you saying I have been lied too?
  3. Hello! So I currently have a wings 8 which I love! The only dilemma that I face is the main. The seller of the container told me that Pilot 168 ZPX would fit and, being just off my A, I was haste when a two people at my DZ told me a Safire 170 would work (both very experienced). Wellllll I got a safire1 170 and it fits... just it is a nightmare to pack. Beyond nightmare. A packer even packed it and warned me about bag lock. The seller (who sold me the container when I first got off my A) mentioned it should pack a lot easier because the Pilot 190 zpx would pack like that Safire. Just a tad worried I will be in the same dilemma. Any advice will be appreciated :D Blue Skies Skyfam
  4. So, I am a new skydiver. I am only at around 100 jumps. I bought a Wings W8 container from someone and was told that it can take a LPV main and reserve. Two people at my DZ told me that a Safire 1 168 would fit just fine.... well it doesn't. I can pack it and all that but it is beyond difficult and frustrating. It is a nightmare. The seller said a Pulse 170 and a Pilot 168 ZPX( being the low bulk fabric) will work, but I am worried that it will still be a struggle. Advice and help would be appreciated!!
  5. whelp that must mean I was wrong. QuoteI would suggest learning the difference between Mean Sea Level (MSL) altitude and Above Ground Level (AGL) altitude
  6. It is under 10,000 so you should be 2,000 ft from the clouds. Right? QuoteLet's imagine you are jumping in Topeka, Kansas. If your skydiving altimeter shows 9500', how far away from the clouds should you be?
  7. Hello! I am studying for the A-license test. I would really appreciate it if you can check and clarify this? Also, if you can see if I am missing anything or if I made some errors. 1. Cloud clearance requirements and visibility: 10,000 ft or above -5 mile visibility -1 mile from clouds 10,000 ft or below -3 mile visibility -2,000 ft from clouds 2. Minimum number of jumps for different situations -B license-50 jumps -B license with 100 jumps--> coach rating -c license- 200 jumps -d license-> 500 jumps--> tandem rating Missing anything??? 3. Minimum pull altitudes for different situations -2,500 is the "decision altitude" Missing anything??? 4. Currency requirements, including how to regain currency A-license--> 60 days-one jump with supervision b- license--> 90 days- " c and d license--> 180 days- ' missing anything??? Blue Skies and much love
  8. I really like that advice! I think that is what is going on. Thank you so much! I am going to try doing that! I manged to get one stable exit since this post, now I am hoping to get more! Quotedthames
  9. Thank you!!! :) QuoteThat's fantastic! Congratulations.
  10. It was kinda like I didn't think about it so I was able to do it. Like I wasn't repeating everything I needed to do in my head like I usually do beforehand. Quote
  11. Guys and Gals I did it!!! Yesterday when I exit I "rode the hill" down!!!! It was so amazing!!! I can't believe it!!!!! EEEEP! I am so excited!!!
  12. I am jumping a Caravan. Sorry, I should have mentioned that in my original post. Quotembohu
  13. I needed to hear that. Thank you so much.
  14. Yes, the pivot never went good at all. For a diving position, do I twist my shoulders to or away from the wind? Quote billvon