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  1. keithbar

    Collapsed Slider Still Noisy?

    Once I got my lookma removable slider. I never looked back. I actually have a katana 120 slider on my crossfire 2 169 . It’s so quick and the rings hit the bottom of the riser 99% of the time. If the hang for a second my R.I. Risers are bulletproof
  2. keithbar

    Cheap $149.00 hero cam

    I have actually been quite surprised at the reliability of my cheap end go pro I’ve had it for three years now does anybody have any experience with the new cheap session model ?
  3. keithbar

    B.o.c. Spandex

    Is the thick spandex for pouches something skydiving specific? Or can you get it any fabric store. ? I just need a couple sq.ft. Anyone got a clicky link ?.?
  4. keithbar

    Tunnel Rigs and Skills Translating From Sky to Tunnel

    I would take that bet. I personally watched someone with 4000 RW skydives try a tunnel for the first time. He couldent even stay off the mesh in a belly position. Even after a 10 minutes he was having trouble turning points without running into the wall. A wind tunnel is not the sky. They are different in a few ways. A skydiver can get used to it somewhat quickly, but their first fly is going to suck compared to what they do in the sky.
  5. keithbar

    Tunnel Rigs and Skills Translating From Sky to Tunnel

    Why limit it to free fly ? I’m a belly flyer that started 38 years ago. Only got a couple thousand skydives though. But zero tunnel time. So I say throw me in any tunnel and I can stay in the middle not bounce off the walls and “ suck” Wanna bet ?....
  6. . Damn if I lived that close I’d either have to either get my ratings. And on staff. Or get a second job. Or both.
  7. keithbar

    Stuffing into centre cells... wtf?

    . Rather than that you could give it to someone. Someone who realizes you don’t know what the hell your talking about
  8. keithbar

    a question about old cutaway systems

    I know there was both r2 and r3 cutaways my Telstar made by bob Boswell had r3’s and a deployment handle on a belly band
  9. keithbar

    Chicago Area 30 Jun-3 July 18, Need Services!

    Dude blast from the past. You haven’t been on here in forever. Jumping in Europe. Bet that’s expensive. Blues
  10. keithbar

    Finally got my A licence

    Me too back in 1990. A -14048😎
  11. Definitely good job. And a little crazy. But who taught him to set up a camera
  12. keithbar

    What's the proper riser length?

    Damn you where is my clicky. Link
  13. I agree and that’s soooo sad. Hand cam is a good addition to outside video. But anyone who says handcam is just as good as outside video. Is lying thru their teeth. And I will tell them that to their face.
  14. keithbar

    good DZ tent?

    Oh I’m definitely not saying you have to buy high end everything I suggested can be had at Walmart for $300 or less. I have had really good luck. With their ozark trail 30 second set up tents. I still say some sort of shade canopy that you can stand up straight under and a comfortable chair makes all the difference in the world. A shade canopy can be as simple and cheap as a length of rope a couple of trees and a $20 tarp. I will also say you will never regret investing in good tent stakes. The flimsy coat hanger size ones that come with the tent are worse than useless
  15. keithbar

    good DZ tent?

    This is in my wheelhouse. Lots of time in grade. My suggestions are get a bigger tent. For me a 4 man tent fits a queen size air mattress with room for a couple storage totes inside. Also you will have a much more comfortable camp. If you also get one of the 10 by 10 or 12 by 12 ez up type shade canopy’s academy sports sells a good model for under $100 bucks. Got one on sale last year for $69.99 tuck the entrance of the tent into the edge of the shade canopy attach a tarp to the canopy with bungee balls bring it over your tent. You’ll appreciate having and area to stand up and walk around. And keeping the entrance dry. Invest in the most comfortable camp chair you can find. I recommend the Coleman max 300 lb rated chair.