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  1. And for all those who are confused or genuinely interested, just get an Altimeter that shows both. Main and secondary dial can be swapped at the factory.
  2. Here in Germany we jump also in meters. usually you jump out at 4000m and you pull at 1000 meters.
  3. Just kidding You can access the Viso 2 logbook this way:
  4. 42. Seriously, what do you mean????
  5. Sounds like a solution to a problem that would not be a problem if the canopy was properly packed in the first place. Your idea does indeed sound interesting, but a hard opening is always some sort of wakeup call or reminder.
  6. QUICK ANSWER: Do not ask this on the internet, rather seekout the consultation of your rigger. Stay safe bro
  7. I started with a Silhouette 170, it shares the Airfoil of the Sabre 2, however it is a hybrid, which has benefits on packing.It was a great canopy for starting and I never had any reason to complain. Unlike the Sabre 2, no one talks that much about theSilhouette, those who own one love them, they just don't spread the word on it.Pricewise the Sabre only costs $135USD more than the Silhouette.Ask yourself, what you want, the Sabre 2 is the ultimate gateway canopy and as you progress you can stick to the canopy. I reached the point where I could safely switch to a different model and give my Silhouette to my Girlfriend, knowing that she loves the canopy and now she has a canopy that may forgive a few handling errors without turning the situation critical.
  8. This is one of the topics you learn in a canopy course: Go slowly into full break, then in the moment when you stop hearing the wind, quickly grab your front riser loops and pull them down. You will change the angle of attack by pulling them down and increase your forward speed, however this means also that your decentrate is also increasing ( the trim is steeper in this moment) Any experienced canopy pilot can correct me on this.
  9. What Billvon listed comes directly from NZ Aerosports, Proof: I do not think anyone should attempt high performance landings before attending a few canopy courses
  10. Well, one additional thing to consider is moving from a student Navigator to a semi-elliptical. The wingloading increase is a but more 'meh' since you're pretty light, but if you can find a semi in the larger size get a few jumps on that before going to your rig. Î Big concern would be if you have to do a maneuver and you're used to the clunky Navigator. Jumping down and going to a semi could make putting it in Grandma's backyard a bit tougher. 169 is not out of the ballpark. You probably settle into a 135 or a 120 at your exit weight of 140-150 but that's a few seasons down the road. The planform of a canopy is not the only factor to consider,when it comes down to performance...since the Navigator is already a semi elliptical... just a buzzword that makes things more complicated for no reason
  11. [Insert thoughtful pause to consider what degeneration really meant]
  12. I did my licence with a Solo 230 Sqft and started the next season with my Silhouette 170 Sqft. Weightwise, I am a little bit heavier than you, however this not what matters right now. A general advice I can give you is to speak to the instructors from your DZ, as they can give you a better advice than a random dude on the internet. They know you and can help you with finding a good starter canopy. The general rule of downsizing is, that once you can handle landings at no wind, cross wind and land near a previous set point within 10 meters, you are good to go. From what I can tell, having PLFs on mass may indicate that downsizing is not a good idea as of right now. See if you can participate in a canopy control course. After my AFF-Instructor died in a landing accident, it helped me to get rid of the fear on making a mistake while landing. It is a valuable lesson to help you understand yourself and your canopy a bit better. Keep in mind, you spend most time under canopy and not in freefall.
  13. For anyone unfamiliar with the name, who is Mike Furry? From what I can tell so far he has contributed to the skydiving world, is he on the same teir as the god emperor Bill Booth?
  14. Looking at the design of those containers, they look similar with their semi-poptop and stripes. am I wrong to assume that they seem to be related?
  15. I wonder if it helps to use military style goggles... I have set my sights on the Oakley M-Frame Alpha Halo goggles. However I am not sure if they will fog up and be suitable for skydiving. Anyone here that has made experience with them?Quote