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  1. Alright, so I have a question. I have a vortex container, v6. With a volt 185. I’m looking to make a change in canopy. Possibly a little downsize action to a 170. I checked the parachute systems website for info on which canopy can get shoved in the bad Larry but I have come up with ZIP. Hoping for some advice and guidance
  2. QUICK QUESTION! I’m looking to downsize. I have a vortex v6 container with a volt 185, I looked on their website and that’s its “recommended” size but it doesn’t tell me how small I can safely go down to.
  3. http://www.trakdot.com/TrakDot/index.jsp check that out
  4. My parents arnt going to really disown me, sky diving would be the worst thing I've ever done. There is a skydiving place not to far from here and my mom is a state trooper and my dad is a retired trooper and the place near where I live doesn't have the best record with safety. they're afraid I will jump there, I'm not going to! its a hollow threat! I also recently talked to them about it seriously and told them i understand the risks but its something I've always wanted to do and they said I can do it I just cant tell them when so they don't worry about me the whole time.
  5. Well, I do have a stable summer job at a water park where i make about 9 dollars an hour and this winter im going to be a snowboard instructor and ill make about 10 an hour, I think I will hold off untill mid next summer by then i should have enough! thanks for all the advice, I cant wait to get started!!
  6. Alright, I'm not old enough to skydive yet but I'm getting so close im 17 turning 18 in September the 10th to be exact. (My parents said if I dive they disown me. guess I don't have parents anymore lol!) I want to get right into skydiving I want to take my AFF class as soon as possible but im afraid I wont be able to do it before the jump season is over, DAMN MY LATE BIRTHDAY! I'm also not 100% sure of the cost so just a rough ball park number would be great for cost and do you guys think I could get my AFF class a before the season is over. then cry all winter because I wont be able to jump and go nuts in the spring? I have $1000 already saved up. is that enough or should I take some more hours or just wait till next season where I'll have more? thanks guys for the help it is much appreciated