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  1. GooniesKid

    Polish Skydiving Plane Accident Kills Eleven

    My condolences to the families.
  2. According to the internet it kinda goes like this:
  3. I have a UPT semi bag. Best thing i bought for my container besides the main. V348,,,sounds like you're flying a 170 or perhaps a 150 (hope not any smaller based on your student status). Oh, forgot to add, i believe there are some that have done the swap.
  4. just wondering why every week we always get this same question? 1. Please try the search feature. 2. This article might help
  5. GooniesKid

    7th Jump, 8 Yrs. later

    Welcome any tips? yeah, arching helps alot. Breathing helps. But man 8 years later bro? this is why I do not commit to a relationship,,,cuz that leads to kids, which leads to headaches, which leads to losing hair, which leads to sacrificing what YOU want to do. It works for some guys (I commend you on that). But not me..i'm a wild stallion.
  6. GooniesKid

    FNG Here

    ummmm..okayyy. Cool story bro
  7. GooniesKid

    Hello All

    Heya your last name Walsh? Get it? 4 aff jumps now eh? you're moving and groovin. So you need to catch up and give your dz and staff a case of beer if you haven't already. Welcome to the
  8. GooniesKid

    Skydiving in SE Asia

    I wish you a safe and exciting journey. I'm not too sure about DZ's around Asia. however, if you're ever in the great United States of America might I interest you in perhaps a date? I can show you around town and of course we can go on a few jumps or tunnel runs..up to you.
  9. GooniesKid

    woah I'm the FNG

    So, the harsh get into this elite sport of badass is going to take money..plain and simple. AFF - money. You young thundercats that like to go FF after AFF - money. Post AFF - money. Coached jumps - money. Renting gear - money. Driving to DZ - money. You young thundercats that like to buy their own rig after AFF (used or new) - money. With that being said, if you do not have a stable job and do not get allowance from mommy and daddy, i would recommend holding off until you do have a job. if you do have a job (which probably doesn't pay much unless you have mommy and daddy self-owned businesss) then it's up to you. You'll probably hear others on the forums say something like "oh you can do AFF off a menial job that pays minimum wage" or "if you want to do it you'll find a way..why don't you start packing rigs". That's fine to but brass tax, the reality of it is that it is expensive. You asked for an estimate...and this is an ESTIMATE everyone else! $5000+ Best way to get an estimate for YOU is to simply contact your local DZ and ask them how much their AFF course is. Then factor in the cost to drive, any tunnel time you might want to make, the possibility of repeating a jump during your AFF course, food, some personal gear like helmet, altimeter, suit (and some people here will say "oh but the DZ will provide you with a helmet, suit, altimeter".) But if you want to start with those items factor those in as well. Luckily i don't have a job..i have a career. secondly,it is possible to jump during the winter...depends on where you live, if the DZ is open during the winter, and if you can take the cold. And lastly, welcome to
  10. GooniesKid

    What up with L&B? Customer service is Sh##t..

    That's odd..i thought i was the only one that thinks L&B have crap customer service. My story: had an Altitrack, was not zero'ing to my current location, and I sent an inquiry to L&B to see what to do or if they can take it back for a diagnosis and/or repair...low and behold, they never got back to me. Any L&B representatives on want to comment to save your reputation?
  11. GooniesKid

    Bad jump

    There were only 2 people who knows what really happened..the instructor and your hubby. And the DZ will most likely side with the instructor on his/her story...just saying. So if you hubby wants to go again then i'd say go for it. Don't let 1 bad jump discourage him. I'm sure you want your stud-ly hubby to be a proud skydiver right? You know what they say about us skydivers...i'll leave that to your imagination what to do? well there's a few choices: 1. Talk the owner into getting a free jump (probably won't work but it's worth a try. 2. Try another local DZ. Which DZ is this so i might avoid it in the near future? 3. Take hubby to a wind tunnel...that way he will get used to the rush of air and perhaps be more "relaxed" on a jump. 4. Instead of jumping how about a spontaneous weekend of wild dirty sex...just saying...just an idea. 5. Talk to instructor on what your hubby can improve on (if he needs improvement)...then have that spontaneous weekend of wild dirty sex. again, just saying, just an idea.
  12. GooniesKid

    Camping at Perris

    camping at Perris in August...Hmmm, you sure you want to endure 100+ degree heat during the day and 90+ at night? If you budget allows maybe you can check into their houses. I think it's only $10 a night.
  13. GooniesKid

    Is skydiving in Thailand safe?

    That's almost like asking, "are all female Thai strippers really female"? All seriousness aside, I would try to contact their manifest. Ask them if they can provide you with a report of incidents for the past 5 years. What is their safety record like. Chances are though, it's most likely ok. Just jump your own rig. There's no way i'm jumping a foreign country's rig. Nothing against Mexicans but if i were jumping in Mexico there is no way in hell i'm jumping their rig..just saying.
  14. GooniesKid

    Helmet type?

    Have you looked into the Cookie Fuel? It's gotten 10/10 reviews.
  15. Have you ever thought, "hey, maybe skydiving is not for me" ?