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  1. ThrustVectored

    Speed of of tandem

    42. Seriously, what do you mean????
  2. Sounds like a solution to a problem that would not be a problem if the canopy was properly packed in the first place. Your idea does indeed sound interesting, but a hard opening is always some sort of wakeup call or reminder.
  3. ThrustVectored

    Vortex V6 downsizing question

    QUICK ANSWER: Do not ask this on the internet, rather seekout the consultation of your rigger. Stay safe bro
  4. ThrustVectored

    Great beginner canopy for new A license jumper?

    I started with a Silhouette 170, it shares the Airfoil of the Sabre 2, however it is a hybrid, which has benefits on packing.It was a great canopy for starting and I never had any reason to complain. Unlike the Sabre 2, no one talks that much about theSilhouette, those who own one love them, they just don't spread the word on it.Pricewise the Sabre only costs $135USD more than the Silhouette.Ask yourself, what you want, the Sabre 2 is the ultimate gateway canopy and as you progress you can stick to the canopy. I reached the point where I could safely switch to a different model and give my Silhouette to my Girlfriend, knowing that she loves the canopy and now she has a canopy that may forgive a few handling errors without turning the situation critical.