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  1. Many thanks, i think this just give the Max speed, im trying to figure out my slowest fall rate.
  2. Lads/Ladies/Non specific Genders. I'm a bit of an IT and kit mong I have an Ares 2, Viso 2 , Optima 2 and an Alti-2 Atlas. Whats the easiest way to figure out speed in Free Fall ? many thanks
  3. Sorry mate, I wasn't very clear. Is it worth buying something from the sony CX range ? as i see a lot of places now using a stills and a go pro the cameras will affect the helmet i buy. I would rather use the stills and a go pro on a Tonfly 2.5 or a 3x
  4. Guys i'm at a loss. I'm a UK jumper I want to start filming tandems and i have some money to spend so i have been looking at the Tonfly range. Currently i have a Nikon D5100 stills, and a gopro3. I would like to use the above on a 2.5 or a 3x, but all the camera guys i see seem to still be using the Sony CX range on a top mounted or side mounted. I don't want to spend a shit load of money to find out it was a waste. thoughts/advice thanks in advance regards Mac
  5. Cheers for the help guys, any idea where i can get a tongue or a bite switch for the D5100 ? many thanks
  6. Guys, I have the above stills camera and i'm looking to use it with a go pro for filming/stills for tandems. Anyone used the D5100 before and thoughts on it. cheers in advance
  7. Guys thanks for all your help, i have come up with a plan. Mac
  8. I was thinking of either Z Hills or Deland, i will have a car, and either a hotel or bunkhouse ( if they have 1 man rooms) Mainly jumping with the odd day off.
  9. Hi guys, I’m looking at coming to Florida sometime in November for 2 weeks and I’m interested in some canopy coaching ideally 10 out of the 14 days. I have just short of 1500 jumps (but I’m not current as I’m serving in Afghanistan at the moment) Just putting the feelers out really to see costs and who I should be talking to, obviously I know the PD Guys and other local legends live in the Florida area but I’m looking for someone to work with me consistently over the 2 week period rather than changing coach every day. Thoughts/advice greatly appreciated
  10. Guys thanks for all the good advice, i still don’t have a clue where we are going to go though,Any idea how far the DZ in San Diego is from downtown San Diego i.e. clubs and bars etc? All we want is a good DZ for AFF, with decent local night life, can anyone else recommend anywhere else in the states ? , i might see if i can talk the lads into going somewhere else from California.
  11. Hi guys looking for a bit of advice, looking at doing a trip to the states 2nd week of October for up to 10 days, a couple of the lads are looking at doing an AFF course. we are looking for somewhere that has good jumping during the week, also as we are on RnR from Afghanistan the lads want somewhere fun where they can go and get drunk, so somewhere with half decent nightlife, also decent cheap accommodation if possible. i normally stick to florida, Deland and Z-Hills which are awesome DZs but lacking in the nightlife can anyone make any recommendations, i’m fully aware that you have Elsinore, Perris and San diego in California , but i have never jumped any of these DZs so do not know much about them, and most of the reviews are lacking in information or are a bit outdated anyway many thanks in advance for your help Mac
  12. many thanks guys, proving to be a nightmare to find something, can either of you recommend an area close to Deland say within a 15-20 min drive cheers
  13. Hi , I'm off to deland first 2 weeks of February and i can't seem to find any decent Villas to rent, their are two families coming out so don't really want to stay in a hotel. i have tried doing an Internet search and there only seems to be a couple of places to rent. so if anyone knows of any companies i could try i would really appreciate it, the property does not have to be in deland but as long as I'm no further away than 10-15 Min's drive from the DZ, so if anyone can think of other areas many thanks Mac