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  1. I've started the AFP class and for both of my tandem jumps I have run into issues with the basic student eye protection. Each jump had an issue...the first the eyewear rose up on my face (still provided protection but not a good fit), the second (even though cinched tightly) let too much air in causing me to have to hold the top of the goggle to my face. Kind of rough trying to watch the altimeter and keep the goggle sealed. These things being stated, I was wondering if anyone uses or recommends the Oakley Crossbar I have spoken with my instructor and it appears that a helmet with visor is an option provided the face-shield is clear. As get ready to make my Level 1 jump, I want to make sure I don't have any of the above issues... Any suggestions welcome. Thank you
  2. Greetings folks, I completed my first Tandem jump over Memorial Day and just have to say....Crap! Another expensive hobby LOL! I was amazed at the fun and I'm heading to Skydive Phx on Saturday to check into the AFP class. To this point, I've been emailing the Staff over there and so far, I'm pretty impressed so I'm counting the hours until Saturday (30th) I look forward to everyone's comments and wisdom as I enter this sport. If there's any folks in the Gilbert/East Mesa area, maybe we can all hookup once I get immersed into the training and enjoy the trek to my license.
  3. Hi there....I was reading your thread and thought this was a good place to into myself as well....I've getting ready to start AFP at SkydivePhx...I did a tandem at Eloy and fell in love....A question for you, if you don't you have any recommendations for me as a NEWBIE just getting ready to signup at SDPHX? I'll more then likely be there this Sat (30th) to check things out and sign up

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