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  1. neilmck

    DZs in Europe

    My understanding is the French Parachute Association brought in the rule after a "request" from the Minister of Sport to do something to reduce the number of accidents. At the same time rules were brought in regulating low-hook turns so that they are done in a dedicated landing area. While I imagine not everyone is happy about it, I personally have not heard anyone complain about the rule. I used to jump in the UK 25 years ago before I stopped jumping, at the time low-hook turns by inexperienced jumpers were very popular. I started jumping again here in France 3 years ago and on the DZs I jump at, swooping is fairly rare. I don't know if it is the DZs I jump at or if the French just pop down the Alps when they need a thrill and leave swooping to non-mountinous nations.
  2. neilmck

    DZs in Europe

    You can calculate the minimum canopy size you are allowed in France at this link: You need to enter your naked weight (Poid nu) in kg and the number of jumps (saut) you have. For example, if you weigh 85 kg and have 252 jumps your minimum canopy size is 199 square feet.
  3. neilmck

    Getting back into skydiving

    I stopped in 1992 when I got married. 25 years later my daughter wanted to do a tandem, so I decided it was time to restart skydiving again and it would also give me a chance to check out the local DZ to see if it was safe enough to let my daughter jump there. I turned up one Saturday morning at the DZ naively with my old kit and asked the head jumping bean if I could do a jump. I was told no one jumps round reserves any more and my kit was missing some letters like RSL and AAD; he gave me the address of a parachute museum in Strasbourg that I could donate it to . Then he asked an older instructor to explain to me what had changed over the last 25 years and check that I still remembered what to do and in one hour or so I was jumping out of the aeroplane 4 months later my daughter did her tandem and the DZO was happy to let me to follow her out the door. Best ever! Been back for two years now, the oldest jumper on the DZ has just had her 80th birthday, so I reckon I have another 30 years skydiving in front of me.
  4. From 3 to 4 hours each way depending on traffic.. I live near Paris France. The international airports have sucked up the airspace over the last 20 years.