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  1. The only comment I have made on this subject is on the difficultly I am having receiving the program in France. However I have read the contents of this thread and I consider the good points to be good points. I do not see how someone's perceived opinion of any association could change a good point into a bad one.
  2. For me, if you are one of the few who is going to stick with the sport then you will stay to the end of the static line course. Static line is a hell of a lot cheaper for the vast majority who do not stick with the sport.
  3. I agree, unless you still doing loads of sport you need to go to the gym to work on upper-body strength. Also I found the under-carriage isn't what it once was and had to take up jogging as well.
  4. The drop out rate depends how you look at it. How many AFF jumpers are still in the sport 3 months after they complete their course? The drop-out rate is huge, if it wasn't parachute centres would very quickly be over-run when you see how many are trained each week.
  5. Jumping with a wingsuit is far cooler. And the great thing is that instead of doing it alone you can do it with plenty of other parachutists.
  6. Stick with it. Before AFF you would jump with a static line, then 3 second freefall before pulling, then 5 second, 10, 15... Each time it would take about 10 jumps before you could progress. So to get 7 minutes freefall experience took about 50 jumps and even then you were only doing 20 seconds of stable falling before pulling. Freefalling is like nothing else your body has ever experienced, it takes time to learn it and for it to become second nature. Don't get disheartened, stick with it, it is definitely worth it.
  7. Depends on the DZ. If you live near the sea there is no such thing as a good or bad weather day as the weather can change in an hour. Here where I live, if the weather is bad in the morning it will be bad all day and the DZ might not even open. When you are a beginner a bad weather day is a good day to learn/practice packing...
  8. In France there is a 20 year limit on reserves.
  9. If I had waited until I could afford it I would never have started. However when I started there was only static line so you could do it very cheaply and it was okay to have slow progress (it took me over a year to get my first 3 seconds of freefall). These days it is probably a good idea to have saved up enough money to be able to complete your AFF ( with a few extra jumps) quickly otherwise you will not progress enough and will have to retake expensive jumps. After you can do cheaper jumps to keep current. You probably won't progress much until you have a job and a decent salary, but what the hell, you're still skydiving. Most DZs will rent you all the gear you need. I'm not the best guy to give advice on talking your parents around. 30 years later and my father who is 88 years old is still trying to talk me out if it.
  10. Have you tried calling your local DZ.
  11. After coming back from a 25-year break one of the big differences I see is the skill level required. 30 years ago there was only belly flying, so you could easily get to a reasonable level just jumping with experienced skydivers for free, which is what everybody did. And that was enough to really enjoy yourself and jump with everyone on the DZ. Why people wanted to complicate everything by inventing free flying, I'll never understand. Now if you want to jump with everyone else you have to free fly and spend God knows how much time in a tunnel. At some point you will get fed-up of jumping by yourself, trying to figure it out and spending $$$ per jump and getting no better at it. It is at this point you decide it is cheaper to pay for coaching either in the sky or at your local tunnel.
  12. For anyone in France, it is currently being shown on the Planete+ TV channel. However this channel is a PayTV channel and I don't have a subscription, so I guess I will have to wait.
  13. I can't see the benefit of the power tool compared to a normal closing cord. I guess it might come in handy for removing broken rubber bands from your bag if you have recently cut your nails, but I just use the closing pin for that.
  14. There is no doubt that skydiving is a great way of removing stress however I'm not so sure it is a great treatment for depression. Depression isn't just about feeling down but can affect brain function impacting reaction times and decision making.