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  1. Fuck yea Jarno! Finally a thread on actually worth reading
  2. Certainly eating a whole pizza for breakfast has nothing to do with it
  3. A Curv rig still doesnt mean free flying will ever be cool...
  4. If my brand new Vertical suit hasn't already broken both my femurs, surely this will do the trick
  5. Do you even jump, bro? You seem like more of a golfer. Leading to my next question as to whether the US Golf Association has cloud regs? -Tootles Jerr bear
  6. I say we overthrow the USPA just to get rid of those dumb fucking cloud regs #mattBlankForPres
  7. Sounds like youre still tense in freefall. Don't give up tho! One of these times those hips will relax then it'll be all gravy
  8. Great question broski! Changing your angle of attack has less to do with your toes and more to do with your posture. In a wingsuit, your body should (almost) always be completely flat (especially those arms). This maximizes wing efficiency, and allows you to keep that wallet full of airspeed. If you're going head low, you're flying in a dihedral orientation. If you don't know what the fuq dihedral means, then check out Richard Webb's take on it (which every WS pilot should read anywho): You can adjust your AoA with nothing more than your head and shoulders. Imagine if the Hunchback of Notre Dame was trying to fix his posture, and stand up as tall as he could. Well.. this is effectively similar to best body position in a wingsuit. Stretch that body as long as you can, with 0 degrees dihedral, and adjust your AoA by adding a bit more hunchback to the mix. Clear as mud?
  9. 32'' ZP Icarus pilot chute for me. It's worked well with a relatively large surface area suit (Freak3). That suit flares so damn well though that I think going up to a 34 or 36 may be in order soon.
  10. Thankfully we're all marsupials and and have a skin pouch
  11. @GoneCodFishing hit it on the head. Also remember to always fly with 0 dihedral sweep no matter your angle of pitch. If you're pushing your arms down to flare, then you're not really flaring. The only thing that should change is your head position && posture. When you're diving you're like the hunchback of Notre Dame, when you're flaring think about having great posture and getting as long possible,while slightly lifting your head.
  12. Its like all the great parts of wingsuiting without all the shittiness! I really wanna start a 4way RW team, but in Mutations
  13. I don't need an E License to femur in. My D works just fine for that.
  14. I've heard such mixed things about this. I believe that it's best for trackers to go second to last before wingsuiters. With that said I got yelled at by a salty ass organizer named Chazi at Lost Prairie this past year for even asking about this, so who knows. Apparently everyone at Eloy knows best
  15. If you are deploying your suit in full flight asymmetrically, you're going to have spicy openings like this. I have alot more luck by bending my knees ( almost to 90 degrees) at the top of the flare. This will put you head high, and your burble wont be nearly as large. Oh and get a Winx. I will never buy anything else.