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  1. This is incredible… what’s even more incredible is you did this basically all by yourself! Have you thought about maybe with some more publicity you could get more help/funding? I look forward to videos and fly sight data!
  2. I have spare everything for my rig in the event I have a cutaway and can't find my reserve components and main I don't have to wait for it all to come back in stock.
  3. What do you think is the difference in speed and glide between someone who is 5'7" and say, 6'6" Makes me wonder what kind of performance we would see if one of those 7 foot tall giants decided to get into wingsuiting lol.
  4. Do you think the Squirrel Glider has a better glide ratio than the CR+?
  5. Is it because the sport has grown a lot and more people are jumping post-covid? Have we gotten complacent in regards to safety as a community?
  6. Mirage makes a pretty good wingsuit container that is specifically designed for low altitude deployments using BASE mains + reserves.. The W-series. With a MARD and packing a slider down reserve I guess you could chop extremely low in the event of a malfunction. Doesn't UPT have a video of a cutaway into a slider down reserve from 100 feet?
  7. I ended up ordering a WinX. I've yet to hear a single person say anything negative about it locally or online and like the full ZP durability as well as the flight characteristics stated by everyone. It helped a bit that it was the cheapest option at $2180 shipped right now since the Euro is 1:1 with the USD. The Kraken, OM7 and Horizon are all over $2600!! Squirrel and Aerodyne are still reasonably priced though. I heard Aerodyne is going through extreme production issues taking upwards of a year for production. All of these canopies are hard to find in the second hand market as well - at least in the ideal configuration desired. Will report back in 18 weeks when I get my WinX
  8. Back in 2010, 3:1 was huge. What is it now? Have advancements in design and development pushed the abilities to get beyond 4:1, maybe even 5:1? Has anyone gotten some solid data on the glide ratio for the new Squirrel Glider?
  9. Does anyone have experience packing the what Mirage considers a 'soft' fit into their main pack tray? Will it look baggy/saggy or will it be fine? I plan on putting an Epicene Pro 170 in a pack tray designed for a Sabre 2 150 as 'recommended'. Mirage states the Sabre 2 135 is 'recommended to soft' as well and according to Squirrel, the Epicene Pro has similar pack volume to the Horizon and according to PD, the Horizon has the same pack volume as a Sabre 2 135.
  10. I am considering it. What other canopy can you yourself compare to?
  11. I'm debating whether to buy this, the Epicene Pro, Pilot 7 or an old Spectre. I've never flown either but the Omicron description sounds exactly like what I'm looking for (good flare, reliable openings and low pack volume). Any of you guys have anything to say about the Omicron?