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  1. Thanks. Do you know the price and availability of hop'n'pops? From the website I only found full altitude 33 USD.
  2. It is surprisingly difficult to find a place from internet to match these criteria: - offers hop'n'pops - offers cheap hop'n'pops (or at least decently priced) - swooping allowed - preferably has a pond - weather & wind conditions are reliable - operates at least multiple days a week, reliable for fun jumpers - operates during winter months (or spring) If the above criteria would be met, it could be anywhere in the world. Most dropzones only market tandems in their website, or some 30EUR+ jump tickets without hop'n'pops. Doesn't anybody offer good conditions for swoop training for the cheap and broke individuals? Basically the best I can find is Dubai desert, but I can't believe 28 EUR would be the cheapest option globally. Even in Finland (expensive, remote, short season, only a handful of tandems) DZ's offer jumps for 16-18 eur so I'm hoping to find something similar but with better climate! :) The easier it is to get to from Europe the better. If you know a place, it would be great to hear about it!