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  1. There’s something similar In this video.
  2. He also made an appearance in “Cutaway.”
  3. Why are you arguing with people who say sliding in is a bad habit? No world-class canopy coach is going to encourage people to slide in their landings in lieu of a proper landing.
  4. It’s a terrible habit. It’s a last resort, like a PLF. Encouraging people to slide in when they should be able to control their canopy to a stand up landing is not world-class coaching.
  5. @nwt Loves to hang his hat on taking a canopy course or two from Curt Bartholomew.
  6. Your math is wrong, but, you’re not out of the realm of safety. Talk to your S&TA.
  7. There are multiple reasons, but, it all revolves around a limited amount of specialized skilled laborers. 1. The industry is fairly cyclical and manufacturers are not keen on hiring and laying off people based on annual demand cycles. Plus, they can’t just hire anyone off the street and teach them how to sew life-saving equipment without a high amount of training and experience. 2. Manufacturers often build specialized equipment for military applications and when a contract is awarded, they have to deliver by specific dates to meet obligations. 3. Materials sometimes come in short supply and all the manufacturers order from many of the same distributors. 4. It was impossible to predict the demand to be as high as it has been this season and all the reasons above (and others) have contributed.
  8. I think the quickest way PD could do it would be to get four groups of five test jumpers (20 total) w/ FlySight and do one load for each canopy type of various sizes with test jumpers within the weight range aligned in their WL recommendations.
  9. I agree. The only online data I’ve found is in this video around the 36 minute mark where John talks about the differences between a Pulse and Katana.
  10. Does a comprehensive table of glide ratios exist for a wide spectrum of canopies? I recognize the typical glide ratio is ~ 3:1 in no wind conditions, but, I’m curious to see how much the glide ratio differs on various aspect ratios and canopy designs. For example, people talk about the Storm being ground hungry compared to the Spectre and the Stiletto being flat compared to the Katana. I can’t find any numbers that show how much the glide ratio differs between them.
  11. Here’s a Video by Squirrel that explains why they design the Snatch the way they do.
  12. Technically correct is the best kind of correct. You’ve been wrong in the past, you’re wrong now and will be wrong in the future, get over yourself.
  13. The type matters less than size - which is determined by D-bag/canopy heft. I’m using a Sunpath 33” F-111 w/ 9’ bridle to pull my Epicene 190 out of my Aurora container.
  14. People can express it however they want regardless of what you think.
  15. Call UPT and give them the model# and they should be able to assist you with pack volume estimate.