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  1. Matt Gerdes wrote the paper with input from many people including Will Kitto. You can reach out to them directly if you have questions.
  2. I talked to the guy with the Outlaw who had the slider off tension knot. It’s extremely rare and has yet to be recreated. The other factor of the incident is the Outlaw was packed for 6+ months before that jump. Here’s the paper I mentioned.
  3. The thought that the Hayduke had a disproportionate number of tension knots led to a survey and year long study that resulted in a change in brake line design for the Hayduke, the Hayduke 2 and a 6-grommet slider to reduce the propensity of tension knots. A fairly comprehensive white paper should be released, soon, that outlines the work and findings.
  4. It’s all about risk analysis. Luke knew the consequences of ignoring the FAA denial and figured a fine and suspension will cost less than cancelling the live event.
  5. Textron acquires Pipistrel
  6. USPA recommends standard equipment until licensed and/or trained for transition. Check with your local S&TA for their policy.
  7. Same owners of both DZs. I’m at SDTN most weekends and we will have a Twin Otter for the rest of the season. This could make it difficult to get jumps in during the week. The AFF instructors are competent and professional. Unfortunately, onsite camping is not an option. There is an SDTN discount at the local Holiday Inn. I’ve never been to SDGA, but, some people speak very highly of it. I’d recommend whichever is closest to you.
  8. Is the om7 basically a Kracken?
  9. Did you get what you needed from them? I also realized I wrote that I have an Optimum 193 in the 3C which is incorrect. I have an Optimum 160 in the 3C and an Optimum 193 in my J4K.
  10. Sorry, Cloud leg pads are not an option. I prefer the standard.
  11. I have been flying a 3C for about a year and 150 WS flights. This is the largest configuration with an Optimum 193 and Epicene Pro 190. I also own an Odyssey J4K w/ dynamic corners. I, hands down, prefer the Aurora for WS. It’s constructed from ParaPak which is lighter and creates marginally less drag. It is slightly less durable, but, recognize there are 30-year old ParaPak Odyssey containers still in operation, so, it’s very durable with proper care. The laterals are adjustable so you can make the rig as tight or loose as you want. If adjusted properly, comfort on the ground and in the air is pretty much the same as an Odyssey. If you have the laterals VERY (too) tight, it will cause discomfort while under canopy as the laterals will dig into your sides (This is true for any harness with laterals that are too short). Like @skydave89 mentioned, you can get them where you want and tack them down. I just put a couple extra retainer bands around the excess webbing. There are no harness rings and the leg straps do not have any padding. I prefer this configuration for WS. The length of the container and position of the BOC is far superior to my Odyssey. It’s not as important in small wingsuits, but, I believe it is better as it allows for a more natural pull and puts it in a similar location as a BASE rig if WS BASE is in your future. I’ve also flown my Aurora slick and in two-piece tracking suits. It’s fine for Belly flying, but, not appropriate for sit/stand as the BOC provides enough friction to keep the PC in place at high WS speeds, but, not enough for direct airflow from below. I do not believe altering the BOC like @skydave89’s is necessary as you can simply position the PC high or low and it will stay in place. Packing my Epicene Pro 190 into the bag is simple and easy. The procedure is slightly different, but, not cumbersome. Packing a WinX, Pilot or other full ZP canopy in this bag will obviously be more difficult, but, not impossible. Reserve is same TSO as a Javelin Odyssey. Here’s a video review I did last year. and Here’s a recent video of me flying it with an ATC 3. Feel free to reach out with any other questions.
  12. If you’re asking if it’s better to cutaway and deploy reserve vs. straight to reserve, it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. I’ve seen it go bad both ways as well as go fine both ways. SIM Section 5; Total malfunction; Pilot Chute In Tow is a choose your own adventure. I’d like a little clarification about the PC folding/stowing method as well as the age and amount of use of the PC. Also would like some clarification about the container make/model/size along with main and reserve make/model/size. If I had to speculate based on the info provided, the pin was possibly pulled, but, the PC didn’t have enough drag to pull the main out of the container. This is either due to a worn PC and/or un-cocked PC and/or shrunken kill line and/or a bridle knot possibly exacerbated by an over stuffed main/reserve tray. His description seems to indicate UPT points to bridle knot as a result of PC folding/stowing method. If it was a bridle knot, it would likely still be knotted and could be identified. This lack of knot leads me to believe it’s more likely to be one of the reasons listed in my speculation.
  13. There are other videos and testing by FPF and Aerodyne that replicate reserve hesitation/lock without a plate left in.