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  1. dan7the1man1

    GoPro 7 Upside down frame

    I still have some of these cases available. Everyone that has used them seems to be happy. Also,I am working on an adapter so that you can use the Spark indicator light as well. Any questions reach out.
  2. dan7the1man1

    GoPro 7 Upside down frame

    I just wanted to share a case that I have been working on. I had a few people ask me to come up with a frame for the Gopro 5/6/7 Black that you could access the card and not have to take the camera out of the case or off your helmet. I think the ideal setup is for people that have the DSLR on top, and GoPro front mounted, but the case can be used either way. Any questions let me know. http://www.schierconcepts.com/new-products/gopro-567-upside-down-frame
  3. dan7the1man1

    Dual camera mount Sony X3000

    Shoot me an email at dan@schierconcepts.com. I have been working one for the G3 designed for 2 x3000s. There is a picture of Elliot Byrd's helmet with 2 x3000's with the Schier Concept quick release mounts on a cookie fuel.
  4. dan7the1man1

    Sony X3000 Mount Curved helmet or flat

    These mounts are available here http://www.schierconcepts.com/new-products/. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on here or at dan@schierconcepts.com
  5. dan7the1man1

    Sony X3000 Mount Curved helmet or flat

    I have been a fan of the Sony X3000, but annoyed with the mounting options. I came up with a flat lock that isn't much bigger than the camera. There will be 2 options for the base, which is the piece that gets attached to the helmet. Flat or curved. I attached pictures of the mount on a Cookie G3, but also a picture of the flat mount. This will be attached via 3M VHB tape. The piece that attaches to the camera via the bolt, has a cutout so you can access your card. There is also a piece for the anti rotation hole in the bottom of the camera. I am getting ready to get these made, just trying to see interest and get some feedback from people. Let me know what you think.
  6. dan7the1man1

    Skydiving Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016

    Don't forget to pick up a Schier Clamp for you GoPro
  7. dan7the1man1

    GoPro Tilting in Freefall

    i had a problem with my tilting as well when i was snowboarding but i think it was due to landing from jumps. i haven't had a problem in the sky with it but the way ii have it mounted on my helmet it is tilted all the way back.
  8. dan7the1man1


    I did my first tandem in may of 2007 and loved it. I couldn't start my AFF until June of 2008. It was great. all the instructors were really friendly and very good at teaching. I got my A license here and I am glad I did. I have been to a few other dropzones and seeing some of the student gear and the landing area i am glad that I can call jumptown my home dropzone. They always have load organizers for RW and they also have some of the best freefly coaching. It is just a great environment to hang out in. I try to make it there every weekend and even if I don't jump it is just fun to hang out. I definitely recommend this dropzone and you should try to make it out here as soon as you can.