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  1. kleggo


    such an annoying speech pattern / style. i got thru about 20 seconds, but thanks for posting
  2. 100% agreed. It will be challenging determining slider dimensions (access to info, not actually measuring)
  3. kleggo


    hmm guess not
  4. does the forum support signatures?
  5. understatement!! but thanks for the memories
  6. Did you attend Brian Pangburn's discussion on CReW (Canopy Formation). If so, curious what you thought. Maybe a new thread?
  7. Thanks for bringing this thread back to life. Good stories. I don't have a number, but have stepped off the prow 14 times, perhaps more to come? Be safeish Craig
  8. I once had a canopy split down ~ 35% of the chord of the center cell. Primary cause = a tad bit too enthusiastic of a delay at Bridge Day one year (prior to mesh slider days). Fortunately it was a boaty "F-111" 7 cell (Bill Gargano Spirit) and I could land in water. Fun times. I sewed it back together and used it for water jumps a few more times before selling it to a newbie................. Got ya. It went into the bin.
  9. Please make a decision after speaking with and flying with a qualified local resource. Don't listen to people on the internet, except me of course.........
  10. kleggo


    She looked good in a white wetsuit in Fantastic Voyage also.
  11. IMO the world would be a much better place if ALL "guns" vaporized overnight. then it's just hand to hand combat with edged weapons
  12. That would be for the Perris Valley Ghostriders. Mick added a similar flap for the CFLEX(s). C = CReW Here's a photo of me wearing mine as i backflip out of a Skyvan on a "big way".
  13. if you have the cash, sure, go for it. money buys experience
  14. but nobody thinks like that anymore Not true. Some of us still do. Thanks for the Moe memories
  15. "My Tempo 150 reserve sits pretty tight in my Vector might I be able to get a 170 low pack volume in the same reserve tray ?" in my experience a PD optimum 143 has very nearly the same pack volume as a "standard" PD 126 reserve, so moving up one size is doable if moving from standard to low pack. Ask your preferred canopy vendor to be certain