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  1. Can't agree with that. AFAIK Yuri I, a well-known and uber-competent WS flyer, is Russian and I doubt that he has anything to do with Putin's megalomania. BASE #93
  2. Very nice photo montage of Kliff and friends in the May 2022 Parachutist mag. My thanks to the Wuest Ways Family. Craig
  3. I like the story that Moe Viletto told about building ~ 70 counterfeit wonderhogs and having you inspect his personal rig with a white harness at a Nationals. So the story goes, you said when seeing the white harness, "those assholes in Production, always building custom sh1t for their friends, no wonder we can't deliver fast enough". True? PS, love your stories told on Skydive Radio about trips to the Poles. Be well. Craig
  4. Thanks for doing this. Regarding The Bobs comment about CReW and BASE being a natural fit. +1000, I've been saying for 30+ years that CReW prepares you for BASE better than any other type of skydiving. I've re-thought that a bit since now much of BASE is WS. Be safeish
  5. I would surmise that Andy didn't want to die while attempting to fly into an airplane that what was mostly in an inverted flat spin. Good decision on his part IMO. This Probable Cause podcast seems to have been authored by a guy that understands both piloting aircraft and parachutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84Is8lJ-LBU short story, he agrees that likely cause of uncontrollable flight was due to pitch setting prior to exit. That suggestion of, "getting into a nice sustained vertical dive and then said, "all good, prepare to exit, now!" may have prevented the incident. Be well. Craig F
  6. Nice flying Luke. Andy must be bummed he didn't get a shot. Since others took this thread off track with chatter about careers and titles, I'll ask if they should have used Teslas "self-flying" SW? LOL.
  7. not much, 30 - 40 grams, not including handle. I don't have a scale with that low of a resolution. FYI, Squirrel makes PCs of differing diameters. If you want more info, I suggest you contact Squirrel, but they may laugh.
  8. If looking for current info on using "death straps" I recommend the following resources The Raw Dogs CReW group Any military demonstration team. and nope, haven't seen my Terry Parsons book for a LONG time.
  9. black n red ring looks like a who's who of 4 / 8 way world champs!
  10. this is the problem with being "mature" and having your usual vendors age-out or retire.
  11. Surprisingly, and to their credit, my contact @ Sunpath did not feel Aurora was appropriate for my morphology. Bravo to them. They did say a Javelin with dynamic corners would be ideal!
  12. a friend of mine tried to use her left hand to reach around to the right side to deploy BOC. Strange stuff happens
  13. I've had a brief email conversation with one of their associates. My current Javelin has a "B" size yoke. They tell me they only build in C & D size yokes. Conversations = ongoing
  14. I was listening to the Fucking Pilot podcast last night and heard an interesting interview with Peregrine's David Singer. It seems he takes a forward thinking take on design / engineering. First time I've heard a skydive gear designer extolling the virtues of Solid Works. His methods speak to my engineering mind set. Take a look @ time point 40.00 in this video to see their solution to closing a main container. The video is very long, too long for me to watch at one sitting, but I'll keep working my way through it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW9_hx4-NIU&t=2612s Peregrine's web site https://peregrinemfginc.com/ I really liked hearing his thoughts on joining nylon via ultrasonic welding rather than stitching them together. THAT would make a difference in parachute pack volume! Anyone here jump one?