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  1. Bummmmmmmmed. Just found out that Mark was a dead guy. So many good times with him at small Ohio DZ's in the early 80's. Here's Mark at his finest Circa 1983. Canton Airsports, Canton Ohio I made them move off my jumpsuit before it got messy Mark Vickers Circa 1983.pdf
  2. Not going to read the posts, but I think; The "rig" is a wonderhog II, circa 1980, I had a very similar one. It worked, love the plastic / nylon? reserve handle........... The "main" is likely a paraflight cloud XL based on the vents in the underside. Zero value to me, probably not much value to most.
  3. Interesting reading thru this old thread. The posts from 2006 were much more interesting than the recent additions IMO. I wonder how many of those from 2006 are active / current / alive? Craig
  4. You are prescient, fast forward to the "dumbass" who bounced at Perris in 2019 when he jumped a base rig from balloon with the wrong slider configuration. Though he didn't screw up skydiving, he screwed up jumping out of balloon's with base gear from that specific balloon vendor.
  5. Had so much fun going to multiple ghoulidge boogies. DC4 - landing out and having to cross 2X drainage channels co-ed showers fun jumps good friends thanks for the memories
  6. I'd also like to know. I tried to buy a gift subscription = no dice. I emailed the people on the "masthead" = no dice phone number?
  7. True, I haven't been reading as carefully as I used to, but I don't remember seeing anything printed recently / for some time. Did they stop this practice? Craig
  8. I've been jumping since 1981. I've NEVER tried to talk someone into jumping. Seems like a bad plan
  9. have fun have a great time cycling, swimming and rye whiskey have kept me young. most any stretching regimen may be helpful.
  10. thanks for the trip down memory lane. and I agree "Also, a 'first jump' in '02 is not consistent with licenses issued in '59-'61.".