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  1. Nearly 3 years ago Tony D was on Skydive Radio or some other podcast touting a new version of the helmet was coming out. 3 years, that's a long development time.
  2. Those people are ignorant of the science of epidemiology. They should visit a hospital in Manhattan NY to see if it is "not a threat at all". Ignorance is NOT bliss. Craig I'm going for a bike ride
  3. "However, they did say that you will be taught many skills that would be useful in CRW right up to (but not including) the actual dock." Sounds like a GREAT way to separate you from your $$$ with little benefit. Much better to spend the time / money going to a CReW camp somewhere.
  4. I'm still jumping, but not from planes. Too many people.
  5. Both are in the desert, so yes, both have dirt................. Try both. You'll likely prefer on over the other/
  6. I don't completely disagree with you. My triathlon is not the BEST tool, it is an ADEQUATE tool. Cheers Craig
  7. Refreshing to see that MANY on this thread are cynical / realists that are willing to deal with the reality that for aeroplane jumps most WS specific canopies are marketing tools first and flying tools second. I use an old triathlon and I'm pretty sure that any off-heading openings are caused by the pilot, not the canopy.
  8. Post up photo's of your WS "specific" rigs please? It seems like Sunpath may be the best option, but even the ones shown in photos on their sight don't seem to be very elegant
  9. Good advice. Yeah, the Ranch, DUH, my bad.
  10. I'll be in Manhattan and will be free to jump June 21-23. I'm looking for a wingsuit friendly DZ. I'd normally go to Grave City, Pa to connect with a friend, but he'll be in Euro. Anyone other than Cross Keys I should consider? I'm willing to drive about 3 hours 1 way. Thanks Craig
  11. Other than Sunpath? I know most manufacturers current market a WS "specific" container, but from my limited research, most don't seem to be longer / narrower. Thank you. Craig
  12. Lucky you. I knew you must be talking about Moe as soon as I read your first paragraph. He is pretty picky about his zipper care. I've been using the main dbag lines lines next to the reserve container orientation for nearly 3 years with good success. just take care to ensure no lines are around the closing loop attachment point and you should be good to go. Craig BASE 93