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  1. Since the thread is revived. I've seen Sandy utilize his graduated cylinder and mass place on top of nylon to measure volume. that was m a n y years ago in perris.
  2. understood. I'm 65" / 140 pounds. I stopped competing when I needed to wear 30+ pounds of lead. Many CReW jumpers are large.
  3. A Large TS shirt? That must be one of the smaller sizes. GRIN!
  4. Funny stuff my friend, but it was El Toro to Perris. I was an air wing marine, not a ground pounder. Be well.
  5. Perris extended the paved runway ~ 400 feet last week. Primarily just because it was a good idea, but also to facilitate DC9 ops. Still lottsa items to cross off the checklist, but Pat is making progress. I predict November 2021 activity, but I can be an optimist.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Was just in Eugene / Corvalis area. I [email protected] Skydive Eugene, since on the way home. Very friendly people, but tandem focus and 182s = a no go. Jerry, thanks for the PM. Be well. Hey bicyclejim, check this out. I have lottsa steel is real roadie bikes. small sample here
  7. I've been to Mollala and "Ask Ralph (for my second 1st jump). but decades ago. Where do you like for mellow good vibes and safe airplanes (not much tandem activity a plus). Thanks Craig
  8. the issue continues, I've seen it nearly every other day for the past 2 - 3 weeks. Just FYI, i'm not a network admin and can't help, though it seems like many on this board have offered to do so.
  9. I recently saw the video of the ripcord initiated, spring loaded pilot chute deployment while wingsuiting. It was informative. The pilot and viddy owner is aware of this thread. Perhaps he'll post a link. Be well. Craig
  10. Pretty scenery Suspect flying BIG Planet AAD save # X (times 2)
  11. Thank you for your advice / censorship. Please read my post carefully. I am not advocating spring loaded pilot chute use for wingsuiting, but I know someone that does and he is likely more experienced than you. It works for him, likely not for the vast majority of jumpers.
  12. IMO it depends on your preferred style of jumping. Headdown / CReW / Attitude other than belly, consider pull out since relative wind from multiple axes might cause a pullout to sneak out too early. And CReW don't need no stinking throwout. belly / wingsuit, consider throw out or rip cord. Yes, at least one person I know is a ripcord advocate for wingsuiting. very few people still use ripcord for anything other than reserve deployment, mainly because of packing challenges IMO. welcome back
  13. what body type is best? naked of course.
  14. Thanks for the Terry Parsons mention. wrap? sure! Craig Team Wrapture, circa 1983-84-85ish
  15. harder to pack, so no. Many CReW folk don't use deployment bags, so no point