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  1. what body type is best? naked of course.
  2. Thanks for the Terry Parsons mention. wrap? sure! Craig Team Wrapture, circa 1983-84-85ish
  3. harder to pack, so no. Many CReW folk don't use deployment bags, so no point
  4. Zing! I drove cross country in 82, Ohio to So Cal. Stopped in Coolidge, tired, hungry, dirty. Zing fed me, gave me beer, let me use the shower. Good man. Craig
  5. Norway a few years ago. I miss him.
  6. Not picking on you, but what are the recommendations for an unconscious jumper of any weight? I've been conscious and aware for all my reserve rides (many........., training CReW jumpers has it's hazards), but always size my reserves close to 1:1 in the event I'm just a sack of meat and am not flying it.
  7. LOL If you want to be seen as an authority on a subject, you may want to consider not utilizing hyperbole or declarative statements which are contradictory. Or not. BSBD. Craig
  8. Sandy, thanks for the informative post.
  9. Interesting outlook. I've been doing fixed object skydiving since 1981. Every BASE specific canopy I've bought since about 1987 has had a tailpocket (for stowless line control) that also incorporates the capability to add a single rubber band controlled stow for what is known as indirect line control. I think that qualifies as a line stow for base jumping. Craig
  10. Interesting. I used to do the same thing when exiting last on big way CReW formations. A "normal" opening would have you flying back towards the base immediately. Plus it was FUN!
  11. Know the name, but don't think I ever met him. Anyone that did / does CReW rocks! Craig
  12. Bummmmmmmmed. Just found out that Mark was a dead guy. So many good times with him at small Ohio DZ's in the early 80's. Here's Mark at his finest Circa 1983. Canton Airsports, Canton Ohio I made them move off my jumpsuit before it got messy Mark Vickers Circa 1983.pdf
  13. Not going to read the posts, but I think; The "rig" is a wonderhog II, circa 1980, I had a very similar one. It worked, love the plastic / nylon? reserve handle........... The "main" is likely a paraflight cloud XL based on the vents in the underside. Zero value to me, probably not much value to most.
  14. Interesting reading thru this old thread. The posts from 2006 were much more interesting than the recent additions IMO. I wonder how many of those from 2006 are active / current / alive? Craig