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  1. Good luck, and let us know how it goes. Sometimes novices don’t think they have anything to offer, but that is not true. Some of these sky gods can land a bed sheet, sometimes it’s helpful to know how a particular canopy treated someone with low jump numbers.
  2. Alborne


    Ok thanks. I had read a few articles that indicated that air lock canopies were superior to conventional ones, and was wondering if it was legitimate or hype.
  3. I too started jumping again in April after a 19 year break. With only 330 jumps I wanted something easy to fly and land, and at my age ( 57 ) I wanted something that wouldn’t hurt me on opening. I ended up going with a Pilot 170 loaded at just over 1, and I think it was the right choice. Granted I’ve only put 20 jumps on it, but the openings are soft and on heading ( and I am not a particularly good packer ). It does have a very flat glide which is kind of hard to get used to, I go long most the time, but I’ll figure that out as I get more jumps on her. All in all I don’t think you can go wrong with a Pilot at proper wing loading.
  4. Alborne


    What do you all think about the Big Air Lotus
  5. That is awesome. I’m basically in the same boat I made 300 jumps back in the early 90’s and I’m looking to get back in the sport this spring. Already bought a new rig. Several riggers just laughed at me when I asked if they would pack my old 5 cell swift reserve. I can’t wait to get back in the air hopefully there won’t be anymore Dead Walrus sightings.
  6. Alborne


    Does anyone know if High Performance Research, the makers of the Nitro and Blade, is still in business? When I search for them on Google nothing comes up.
  7. Are there differences in the design of an older Pilot vs. a new one. I know the fabric changes but do they tweak the design of the canopy over the years without changing the name? This question goes for any canopy really.