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  1. I Just went through ground school this past weekend again after almost a decade away from the sport and happened to have someone else going through it at the same time (didn’t know him beforehand). For some reason, this guy didn’t seem to really care about learning anything and just thought that he had to go through the AFF jumps (didn’t know it was pass/fail) and then jump anywhere he wanted. He never really asked any questions except asking me a bunch of stuff during our breaks about when he could do things like wing suit jumps, etc... I could tell he really hadn’t done any research at all before signing up for AFF and throughout the class I could see our instructor getting visibly angry and worried. We made it through the class and got on a load for our first jump and even on the way up, other jumpers had to tell him to stop playing with his harness, he still had issues remembering emergency procedures (throughout the class and on the plane, he practiced by pulling his cutaway and reserve handles at the same time). I was out before him and had a fairly ok jump and when we landed he told me that they made him pull almost immediately because he couldn’t get stable. After his debrief (which I overheard, they recommended 20-30 minutes of tunnel time) he told me that they told him not to come back. That’s not exactly what happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I had heard them say that. is that typical of some people starting AFF? It blows my mind that someone would be so carefree when entering a sport like this and makes me a little nervous both for them, and everyone else sharing a load with them.
  2. Thanks! Definitely not planning on downsizing quickly at all, just don’t want to make the mistake of downsizing while going from a student rig to a sports rig. I’ll never forget the first time I switched, it was insane just how much more responsive and powerful it was compared to the slower main I had been using.
  3. this has probably been asked a million times but I didn’t see anything recent so I figured I would ask. I recently decided to start skydiving again after an 8 year gap. I didn’t have a ton of experience the last time I was jumping (got my a license and 52 jumps before I stopped) so I hadn’t bought gear yet. I know I should wait to buy a rig until after a bit of jumping, but I don’t want to wait too long because jumping a bunch of different rigs (rental gear) feels a little inconsistent since each one handles a little differently and I would like to improve my canopy skills with a consistent rig. I don’t want to go too small to quick and from what I’ve experience with rental gear (both the first time skydiving and now) there can be a huge difference between the type of mains I could use and how they handle. any advice on where to start?
  4. Hi Everyone! I took a rather extended break from skydiving (8 years I think?) but i'm starting back up tomorrow and wanted to drop in and say hi! Looks like this community is a bit less active than the last time I was here. Did people migrate to something else?
  5. Well a little of both :). Right now I can't jump so I am limited to tunnel only. My ultimate goal is to be able to fly in any orientation, in any tunnel (it will take a LONG time to get there I am sure) naturally. I.e. Flying without thought as to what I'm doing physically and just where and what orientation I want to be in. And of course, translating that all to the sky once I am able to jump again.
  6. I don't thing it would be a good idea to bring your phone in the tunnel (and I don't think the tunnel would allow it either) Although it would be kinda cool in the sky. I may look into trying that out. I'm not sure if the accelerometer would register anything if it was in a pocket during free fall though. I'm kinda grounded for the time being with the exception of the tunnel. If you want I can put something together for you to try out though.
  7. I've heard awesome things about Denver and Seattle. The Los Angeles one is ok, great coaches, but it's at universal so tons of tourists and it's a weird shape (kind of a cone). Perris isn't too far from la though and it's on a dz (can't get much more convenient than that, but I haven't flown it so not sure what the speeds are like.
  8. I develop iphone and android apps and have been tossing around some ideas lately of something new I want to do. One thing I was thinking of is creating some type of wind tunnel tracker. Something to keep track of my sessions, how much time I've done, what I worked on, etc... I know it's something that I personally want, but I'm debating whether I should put it up for the world as well. Is that something any of you would be interested in? If I did so, it would be free with no ads. I'm not looking at making any money off of this, it's just something I wanted and would be another portfolio piece to have. If it is something you would be interested in, what type of things would you want to see in it?
  9. Yeah I have worked with a few of them. I think Curtis is leaving though. I am looking for a coach that doesnt work at the tunnel though. Not that those guys arent great (they are) but I want to work with one specific coach instead of whoever happens to be running the session I am in. As far as speed, belly wise yes its more than sufficient, but I am flying at 100% right now working on my sit and its super hard to get enough lift to get off the net unless im carving. I am going to try doubling up suits next time I go. I am also thinking of buying a tunnel suit from ouragan with double layers etc...
  10. Thanks for the advice. Do any of you happen to know any tunnel coaches in or near orlando?
  11. So I am starting to get back into the swing of things and working on my sitflying some. Before I stopped (about 3 years ago) I was to the point where I was stable off the net and working on carving, side slides, etc... Needless to say I was a little rusty getting back into it (started back about a month ago) and am now flying at a slower tunnel than I was before (Im in orlando now). The mechanics are slowly coming back to me (a little over an hour of tunnel time since I started back up) but I cant seem to stay off the net in a sit unless im moving forward or carving (which is really more of a modified back/sit carving). The instructors I have worked with have said they think its due to speed of the tunnel and some minor tweaks I need to make in body position (remembering to keep my head back, and occasionally having to remember to keep my hips down). Those problems will be worked out with more time, and I think I will be able to overcome the speed issue with my sit, but will this be more of an issue when I eventually more to HD? I think its going to be a while before I progress that far anyways, but I tend to look ahead at things. Due to time/money I am currently only doing the tunnel and havent made the transition to actually jumping again (still need gear, recert jump, etc...) so I would like to be able to progress as far as I can in the tunnel. Does anyone know of a good tunnel coach in the orlando area that may be able to help with this? I havent found a freefly tunnel coach in orlando yet and I think it would be a lot more beneficial to work with a coach regularly than to keep jumping from ifly coach to ifly coach since not all of them know where I am at in my progression.
  12. Hey guys long time no see. I took about 3 years off due to military deployments and not being able to jump but I am back! Been hitting the tunnel pretty hard this month trying to recover what I have lost. Looking forward to getting re-licensed sometime very soon
  13. Wow haven't been on these forums in forever. I'll be there in June, the May one was awesome.
  14. Around jump 40ish I decided to pack for myself instead of waiting for a packer to get to it (ive packed before but am very slow and using rental gear). Needless to say since I had a whopping 5 pack jobs that I had done myself previously (which had been about 20 jumps and 3 months earlier) I was not very experienced and not 100% sure on the bridle routing. Instead of swallowing my pride and asking someone for help I just did what I *thought* was the right way. Fortunately for me another jumper spotted my fuckup while I was finishing up and informed me by grabbing the bridle and pickup up the rig I was using. Its a very sobering experiece to see that someone yanking on the bridle wont open my rig. Definitely will NOT be doing that again, and taking another packing class.
  15. My first suggestion would be to get a coach and start doing some work with that and/or have them coach you in a tunnel. Information found on the internet may help but it more than likely will be detrimental to what you are trying to achieve. There are some videos that Niklas Daniel has on expert village but I think those are all more towards learning to freefly and not as much on belly stuff.