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  1. I used to jump a lot. A lot. I don't jump anymore. It's been 9 years since my last jump. My first kid was 7 months old. I just wanted to be home so I stopped. The years I jumped had a huge impact and influence on me. I met some of the most important people in my life from my jumping years. I am happy. I don't need it anymore. I have found other ways to fly (e.g. sailing). On certain occasions though, I reminisce... I shared in some epic jumping times with so many people I touch base with occasionally. I shared in those same epic times with too many that are not with us anymore. I posted here a lot too :). I still have all my gear (except a main). Who knows; maybe i'll get out there again. Trust my kids to pack? Serious serious doubts about that. :) Molalla is right out my back door. Will see. Peter/Steph! Come make me jump! Cheers!
  2. Sebazz1


    Fuck, Mikal. Too many stories to share. If anyone can send me a PM with any information I would appreciate it. Blue skies buddy. -Seb
  3. I went and saw the movie because having been born in SF and being a bay area native my parents often spoke about the tough times right around when I was born in the bay area during the 70's when Mayor Moscone was shot and about prop 6 and Harvey Milk. If you have an open mind, you have a connection and appreciation to California / the Bay Area and you want to see some great acting I recomend this movie. I think Sean Penn has really come a long long way in his life from his early days. It was a great movie based on a true story.
  4. Sebazz1

    San Fransicans

    Bay Area born and bred.
  5. Nabby day to day... Long season yet to go Lisa, but yes we own the best record right now
  6. I live in a small unincorporated sliver of the San Francisco Bay Area near San Mateo County. Because we have less than 250 registered voters in my whatever area we do not have a polling station and our only option is mail in ballot. You can go, if you absolutely have to, to one specific polling station in San Mateo but from where I live that is pretty darned inconvenient. I received my ballot last week and sent it in already. My job is done, hope my choices are all winners!!
  7. I meant to say four!! I had Ducks, Dallas and Detroit listed then remembered to throw Calgary in at the last minute. Good catch there Red Winger
  8. I am a Sharks fan since their begining. I am bay area born and mostly breed so I root for all the home teams except the Raiders. The bay area is a geat hockey town. When I was a young kid living in New Hampshire I was a big Hartford Whalers fan but then went many years without a team until the Sharks. Top three teams I dislike the most are the Ducks, Dallas, Calgary and Detroit. My wife is Western Canadian and a rabid Vancouver Canucks fan. I root for them as long as they don't play the Sharks. Hockey is prettty bad ass...
  9. You might want to PM BetsyBarnhouse who is from that area and might be able to offer some advice. I personally don't have any contacts to share but I will say that the Portland area is awesome. My parents moved to the area several years ago and just recenlty relocated closer to downtown. I go up for long weekends every couple months. I see myself relocating there in the future. I have met some jumpers from the area oo over the yeras and seem like pretty cool peeps. I have to bring my rig next time I cruise up there. Some epic breweries in OR too...
  10. It only gets better. I honestly mean it when I say you two are two of the nicest and awesome people I have met in my life and I couldn't be happier that you two found eachother. Just effin awesome ear to ear grinning shizz-nizzel is what it is...
  11. Gia, you two are absolutely perfect! Congratulations!!
  12. A picture of my sis and I (me on left ). I believe I was 7 years old in this photo... circa 1980.
  13. Sebazz1

    Who's Married

    I am married as of this past April. We had been together prior to that about 5 years. My wife is my best friend, my lover and my venting board. I waited longer than most before I ever considered becoming married. I knew I had a lot of maturing to do before I would ever be ready and knew I had to find someone of like mind and soul. Since we first met there have been "ups" and "downs" and there will continue to be "ups" and "downs" but the "ups" are winning hands down and every day we are more in love than the previous day. We have the same goals in life and many similarities but also enough differences to keep things interesting. Our families are incredibly close and speak often and both of our families now spend holidays together. Heck I think both our mothers speek to eachother more than they speak to us! Thanksgiving in the States and Christmas in Canada is becoming the norm now. Both of my parents have been divorced a couple of times and I think subconciously I had some serious skepticism with regards to marraige. By fate or by accident I have found true trust, true friendship and true love and I intend to enjoy every moment of the rest of our lives together. I took her on a jump 2 yeras ago down in H-Town...