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    Weather on East Coast!

    Weather is perfect in Florida. Most usually is.
  2. It's true. July 1st takeover from what I was told. No word out yet on type aircraft to be flying. I hope it works out. LW is a nice place to jump.


    Concur. I love my Tri-190

    Hi everyone

    Now that is funny. Good luck with that. Oh, welcome to the sport and let us know how it turns out.
  6. Sure - there are tours of Orlando you can get on just off I-4 near the tunnel; Orange County Sheriff has one, Brevard County has one too. I'm certain there are many more, I see them all the time.

    How many jumps to grad AFF

    One jump per level, all the way through the FJC and ISP. I had some really good instructors/coaches - Thanks guys!
  8. Congrats and welcome to the air. 55555... not too hard to remember. I tried to get 50000 for my "A" but missed out. Seems there would have been some deal made of that milestone in the community but, not really. Welcome again. Be safe and Blue Sky's!

    Hi from upstate NY

    Hi Scooter, welcome to the forums and to the sky. I hope your training goes well and you remember to have fun
  10. SARLDO

    Packing a triathlon

    My tri-190: Pro-pack, don't roll the nose as it opens slow enough already (800ft +/- 100).
  11. Wow! I had no idea this happened to Larry but, knowing just a little about him and his background, not surprised he was able to stay alive and got back into the air. Larry, your the man! Ron
  12. SARLDO

    Humor Me - IN YOUR OWN WORDS...

    In my own words? Well, I would think that freefly friendly means that regardless of my body position, there is nothing on my gear that is likely to come lose/open and/or initiate a premature deployment.
  13. SARLDO

    Seven months since last jump...

    Glad to hear your healed. If you want to stay that way, go to the DZ and speak to an instructor.
  14. SARLDO

    Tracking... (big-way, especially)

    Thanks for the post, good info there. What about this? Yeasterday at the DZ, I went low on a 20 way and couldn't for the life of me recover. I stayed close to the group so they knew where I was and then I turned and tracked off at 6K (they were breaking off at 5.5). I'm a pretty good tracker and I held it for about 10 seconds, looked left and right, saw some folks above and behind me so I did a 180 and scanned. I was at just under 4K, saw nobody close, did another 180, tracked for another 4 seconds, stopped, waved and pulled at ~3K. Just as I released my pilot chute, I spotted another jumper close & waving himself. I don't know how I missed seeing him but he spotted me and delayed his deployment to get some vert separation. My question is this. Should I have stayed near the group like I did or should I have tracked off earlier, later, pulled higher, what? I did what I was taught to do, stay near the formation, but was still unseen by at least one other (who I too missed somehow). Trying to be safe...
  15. SARLDO

    Ride on the Wind

    (golf clapping sound) Bravo! Well done.