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  1. Sounds good BIGUN...I'll take on board the advice and have a re-think... Parachutist Game IOS Android YouT
  2. Correct. I'd already been in contact with Brian. Just makes the info much more accessible. DocPop has a good point though, in this day and age is it really worth taking the legal risk... Parachutist Game IOS Android YouT
  3. ok perhaps pull it then Parachutist Game IOS Android YouT
  4. Skydive Wingload Calculator available for IOS / Android. Calculates your Canopy Wingload and provides visual indicators of safe Canopy Downsizing ranges on a slider based user interface. Download from: * Apple App Store (IOS) * Google Play (Android) * Amazon App Store (Android) Features: * Adjust Total Weight => Updates Wingload & Downsizing indicators * Adjust Canopy Size => Updates Wingload * Adjust #Jumps => Updates Downsizing indicators * Adjust Wingload => Updates Canopy Size * Metric & Imperial * Portrait & Landscape support * Links to further downsizing information * Links to Parachutist game & Skydive Altimeter app * Facebook/Twitter/Email/Sina integration sharing [inline 1.png][inline 3.png][inline 4.png][inline 2.png][inline 5.png] DISCLAIMER: Informational app only! Skydiving is an extreme sport with many factors involved. Any decision should only be undertaken after discussion/recommendations from a qualified skydiving instructor who understands your experience. Parachutist Game IOS Android YouT
  5. Parachutist Game - Mobile App Game for IOS & Android * IOS - Download from iTunes App Store * Android - Download from Google Play * Website * Facebook Page YouTube Trailer Video: http://youtu.be/zKA7VvYhSCI Have fun! Parachutist Game IOS Android YouT
  6. curious as to whether other countries use as typical units for canopy size & wing loading? i.e. do they use - canopy size: ft² (i.e. or do they quote their canopies in discussion by m²) - wing loading: lbs/ft² (assume they'd have to for this one by definition? ) Parachutist Game IOS Android YouT
  7. Check it out if you want - Parachutist game for IOS (iPad/iPhone etc) and Android phones(e.g. Galaxy, Droid, NexusOne, Sensation etc). Jump of cliffs, deploy, fly the parachute, catch wind updrafts, bounce of trampolines, cutaway when you need to, then redeploy, land on moving trucks, elevators etc etc Game Video Trailer: http://youtu.be/ACr4Un7zKcA IOS (iPhone / iPad) Download: http://appstore.com/parachutist Android Based Phones (Google Play): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=au.com.mixedup.Parachutist Website: http://parachutistgame.com/
  8. not sure, that why I'm asking I guess... Parachutist Game IOS Android YouT
  9. Is it ok to do a practice wingsuit deployment, ie two hands behind, without a wingsuit? Perhaps that would be too hard an opening without a wingsuit? Thought I saw someone practicing this without a wingsuit however on a video, getting ready for their first wingsuit jump.... Parachutist Game IOS Android YouT
  10. thanks popsjumper - just tried this recently and having more pleasant openings Parachutist Game IOS Android YouT
  11. thanks davelepka/tkhayes I think we're all on the same wavelength. Maybe where I'm confusing things slightly is that I was assuming that you "look up" to start to get the rotation happening, but then ideally agree once you're near vertical for opening shock the head would be back to in line with your body... So I think what you're suggesting is don't try to use a "look up with your head" method of starting the rotation, but use you legs moreso? PS - tkhayes just noticed your avatar photo :) Looks a little scary. Hopefully wasn't hard opening related.. Parachutist Game IOS Android YouT
  12. Actually remember where I heard advice re looking up. It was here (see below). "Break-Away" Video which I have from the Skydiving Survival Series DVD (http://www.chutingstar.com/skydive/skydiving-survival-series-dvd) Parachutist Game IOS Android YouT
  13. From the point of view of stresses on the body (neck in particular) is it best to look after deploying for a second or so to get the body to start to become vertical and help deal with deceleration? (i.e. before you then stop looking at the opening canopy and look out for canopy traffic) Background: * Now jumping with more people the standard practice is to not look at your canopy when it's opening, but rather be looking out for other canopies and getting ready on rear rises to take evasive action if necessary. * So I've been doing this but I think I'm noting a bit more of the deceleration/whiplash effect & I'm thinking it's may be because I think I'm not looking up at all anymore when I deploy... Parachutist Game IOS Android YouT