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  1. we have more issues with L and b products but that may be due to more products being out there.
  2. This is Bill From the gear store in Skydive Sebastian would love to have you come try one out as well as anyone else Hit me up on e mail [email protected]
  3. disclaimer : I am the US dealer. : This weekend charged it up and tried it out. The software is easy to use and worked well over 8 jumps, including beach jump. I could hear it clearly in free fall in my bonehead helmet and the canopy alarms with the visor open. I like being able to very both the alarm tone and time the alarm sounds.
  4. That's funny about hard openings, I jumped a pilot 7 and found it almost as soft as my crossfire in both in free fall loads of flare straight in landings 3-7 mph winds
  5. kevin, give me a call as your local dealer we can sort it out. I have a M1 with a opt 143.
  6. has not come up in a while. I came across a '99 Javelin with a spectre and a pdr (4 repacks, 1 deployment) 130 jumps on the rig. looks new. what's a fair price? everything from late "99 I normally deduct $100 a year and a buck a jump, what about everyone else? Thanks
  7. we have a number of them on our dz and they are great. fast charge times ez to read displays. It's a win in my book.
  8. 2 of my customers have and love them
  9. not all votex rigs were grounded, only the ones with the affected part. They could have sent ugly bolt on rings. They stepped up and are replacing the rigs. send me a note and I can look into it. let me know return shipping date and emails sent
  10. My recall customer has his and is very happy.
  11. I have sold a couple and everyone is happy with the canopy. No one local has bought one yet. Crossfire 3 will be out before end of the year