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  1. bodypilot90

    A new container for under 2k, is it possible?

    I have a few options depending on canopy size.
  2. bodypilot90

    Crossfire 2 vs. Crossfire 3

    This is Bill From the gear store in Skydive Sebastian would love to have you come try one out as well as anyone else Hit me up on e mail
  3. bodypilot90

    AO(N²) Brilliant Pebbles audible

    disclaimer : I am the US dealer. : This weekend charged it up and tried it out. The software is easy to use and worked well over 8 jumps, including beach jump. I could hear it clearly in free fall in my bonehead helmet and the canopy alarms with the visor open. I like being able to very both the alarm tone and time the alarm sounds.
  4. bodypilot90

    New Pilot7 from Aerodyne, any reviews?

    well 1st off there are 3 versions, all 0p, zpx and LPV. from three people I spoke with that jumped them. Great flare, flys a lot like a pilot and sweet openings. Flys a lot like a 9 cell.
  5. bodypilot90

    Mirage Semi-Stowless D Bag

    Semi stowless is the only way to go. Works great
  6. bodypilot90

    Chattanooga Skydiving Company

    Came to the dz with a number of friends. Staff made us feel right at home and part of their family. Weather came in so we joined the locals for some night life and had a blast. Owner is a old school skydiver that knows skydiving should be fun. Winds came up and he shut the tandems down for safety. Over all a great place to have fun. Give them a try you will not be sorry. Fun times with great views.
  7. bodypilot90

    Dislocated Shoulder?

    I did it a while back 10 years ago, lots of pt and i still don't let alot of pressure on linked exits on that shoulder
  8. bodypilot90

    time to ditch the GoPro what?

    sony vegas pro I love it
  9. bodypilot90

    Vegas Platinum Rendering Slow

    are you on a desk top or lap top,?
  10. bodypilot90

    Getting used to jumping camera.

    Learn how the camera works well before you get on a load. Seems basic, but something to think about. I had a chop during my 1st year and was relaxed because I had a plan and stuck to it.
  11. bodypilot90

    Orlando sky dive

    The wind tunnel is closest
  12. bodypilot90

    Pilot zpx 188 v Sabre 2 190 - which packs smaller

    Zpx would but the pulse 190 would pack even smaller and ezier
  13. bodypilot90

    staying in the loop

    How about working as a packer or something around the dz
  14. bodypilot90

    Wings Vision VS Mirage G3/G4

    how many jumps do you have?