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  1. Thanks. I've looked in the paperwork for jumpers worldwide sticky but didn't see anything about Ukraine or Hungary. Time to start emailing DZ's
  2. I'm taking a trip to eastern Europe this June and plan to take my rig for some fun on the weekends. I plan on jumping in: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary. Anyone jumped in these countries and know if I need additional insurance? I'm a USPA member and will be jumping all my own gear. If I do need insurance, any suggestions on who I should use. Never jumped outside of the US before. Thanks.
  3. Soule76

    Fun Jumping DZ near London???

    Awesome, thanks. Also, I only have a USPA A licence (over 100 jumps total, just never put in for a B). Do you know if there are any restrictions or will it likely be a "jump with an instructer to feel you out/ recurrency jump" fix?
  4. Soule76

    Fun Jumping DZ near London???

    Hey, Killing some time around London this summer before heading back to the good ole USA. Anyone have any recommendations for fun jumper friendly DZs in that area? The Dropzone list of DZs is a bit outdated and most recent reviews are over 3 years old. Hoping to pick a place early so I can get in contact/ fill waivers/ do the ole US to UK jump law thing before I get there and not waste time sitting on the ground. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. Soule76

    Crossfire 2 vs. Crossfire 3

    Looking at getting a new (or new to me) canopy. Pretty set on a crossfire. I figure with the new crossfire 3 coming out there will be few crossfire 2's hitting the used market soon. Is the Crossfire 3's performance that much better than 2's that it justifies paying full for a new wing? I'm not a swooper, nor looking to get into that for a while if ever. I just want something that is fun to fly. I have no problem paying full price for a new wing, but if I can get pretty much the same thing used and have a dozen or so lift tickets for the same price I'd just as soon go for that. So basically, is the crossfire 3 better than the crossfire 2 and how? Thanks in advance for any input.