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  1. There is also Gerber Crisis hook (long type) and Gerber strap cutter (short version) that are similar to the Benchmade ones. What ever you get carry 2 and in different places if possible, in case you drop the first one or if access is one is blocked by fabric of a canopy wrapped around you.
  2. Do the same thing happen with the reserve compartment not opening if the main is out of the container?
  3. How does this happen? Are you over stuffing the container? Are you growing or gaining weight? Or did the container not really fit well to begin with and you are looking for reasons to upgrade? I've never heard of harness webbing on it's shrinking or getting smaller and making a rig uncomfortable. A new container custom built to your body will be nice but it won't solve your canopy/ flare issues.
  4. I 'm low tech- pen and paper log books. Sure apps and such are cool and give you stats to geek out on. They just don't have the personal touch of getting signatures and having my written description of the jump. I also like it to keep track of number of jumps on that particular canopy or line set. I swap between a few different sizes of CRW canopies and it's easy to note which I jumped in the equipment used box on the page.
  5. I'd put wingsuit in Moving. It's the same as tracking and angle, the groups have a lot of horizontal movement. I think using FS in place of RW started with competition manuals and carried over.
  6. I jump in cheap BDU camo pants. They come in a variety of colors and have an extra layer of material on the rear and knees, However I highly recommend learning to PLF and to flare/ land properly. One mistimed slide and hitting on your butt harder than you realized can equal a broken tail bone or worse, spinal compression fractures. Where as a PLF in the same situation would equal a bruised ego and dirty clothes. Find a canopy coach or get someone to video your landings to get feed back on.
  7. You've gotten some great responses. I'd like to add, take a trip out to the DZ. Watch landings, ask questions, and learn a bit more about skydiving.
  8. Every DZ in Texas from the 3 big corporate owned ones down to the small 182 places across the state require that you sign a legally binding waiver. It basically says you understand you skydiving is/ can be dangerous and that you understand you could get hurt or die and are giving up your right to sue them if it happens. In the US you have to be 18 or older to sign such a waiver. There are certain circumstances that a parent or guardian can sign a waiver for a minor but I don't know of any DZ in Texas (or the US) that does it. The potential legal hassle/ risk isn't worth it for them. My advice hang out, let the 2 years fly by and jump on your 18th birthday. It's an awesome way to celebrate.
  9. When setting on a group jump to exit the plane. Floaters climb out of the door, and hanging on to the door frame or bar turn around to face back into the plane. Divers are in the plane facing the floaters. On the exit count the floaters let go and fall away from the plane, the divers dive out toward the floaters.
  10. Downsizing is not an issue. I only do CRW my canopy size won't change. If I ever use a smaller lightning for competition it still won't matter because the container is opening within 5 seconds anyways.
  11. Are there containers that are better built/ designed for thin narrow shouldered and waist people? And also have some give or flex? the mirage and vectors I've tried on feel like thick stiff bricks and the BOC is higher than I'd like.
  12. I have experience doing CRW - canopy formation at several multi plane DZs. It may not be exactly the same as your situation but we still have to have a plan and procedures in place to keep everyone safe since our canopy formations are in the air for 10 plus minutes. Here's what we do: establish a "line of death" a land mark that we must stay outside of until a certain altitude before flying back to the landing area, We have the jump runs off set so the other planes aren't dropping people on top of us. The pilots also coordinate with radio so they know where the CRW formation(s) will be. You may be able to alter these to fit your situation. Or at least have a separate side or your air space for jumpers and gliders.
  13. These are called creepers and are used for relative work (formation skydiving) practice. Unless you have other people to practice relative work with, you'd be better off just practicing your arch on the floor- no creeper needed.
  14. Do you want a tunnel with coaching on site or close by also?
  15. Check Elsinore, I hear they do them more often.