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  1. countzero

    Softest opening canopy

    How many jumps are on the current line sets of the canopies you're jumping? Might want to have a rigger check the line trim.
  2. countzero

    Coaching Program

    Actually there are lots of options for post AFF continued learning in any discipline. Wind tunnels have free fly/ RW flight progressions, many DZs have mentor programs or skills camps and organizers that work with newer jumpers, there are canopy control, wingsuit, and CRW courses/ coaches, and there's even experienced jumpers that still pay their knowledge forward old school style. It is up to the individual jumper to pursue and take advantage of these continuing education avenues.
  3. countzero

    Avoiding Landing Traffic

    Amen brother K.
  4. The only options I want are hip rings and padding. I know dealer discount % is a secret but is it still possible to get a new container for under 2 grand. Not having much luck staying under this amount looking in the used market. And the new stock rigs on manufacturer sites are loaded up with options I don't want or need that puts them out of my price range.
  5. It's a nice idea for taking a single person up. However skydivers like to jump in groups so we can build formations as we come down. And pretty much all DZs rely on flying tandems to really pay the bills.
  6. countzero

    Down Plane probe, strap, slings

    Excellent response to this question.
  7. countzero

    How much do you know about your gear?

    When becoming a CRW dawg I learned: How to change/ swap out- canopies, risers, toggles, pilot chutes, bridals and closing loops. Also how to- inspect a canopy and rig, lengthen brake lines with the toggle knot, add/ remove links from the rears and other non sewing mods to risers to make them easier to grab and fly with.
  8. countzero

    Why do swoopers always start by turning?

    The neutral (no inputs) mode of flight of any canopy is the suspended weight (the jumper) under the center of the canopy. After any input/ turn be it toggle, riser or harness. The canopy wants to return to it's neutral flight mode and the path the suspended weight follows is the recovery arc. Swoopers take advantage of the recovery arc to do their thing.
  9. I have a buddy that shoots lots of CRW with that camera and a 16mm lens His settings base line is: ISO bracketed 1-800, f 5.6, shutter speed 400-800 depending on light. He'll make adjustment from there if needed
  10. countzero

    Looking to start training!

    Skydiving is a very in person activity. Why not go out to the dropzone you're thinking about training at just to observe and ask questions. Jumpers love to talk about jumping. Another option would be to see if they have a FB group, lots of DZs do. And post some question there.
  11. countzero

    AAD fires

    None last year. And in my 14 years of jumping there has only been 1 AAD fire when I was at a DZ. It was a free flier that lost altitude awareness.
  12. countzero


    Care to enlighten us as to the brand of these "good" and "bad"smokes, so others can avoid the bad ones. diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  13. countzero

    Looking for the “right” canopy

    Demo all the ones you are interested in. And do hop and pops or high pulls to have as much time as possible to fly and see what you like/ dislike about each one. diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  14. countzero

    New Girl, getting started on AFF

    Most DZs use radios, the instructor lands first and gives input to the student to help. See if your school does this. Also going out to the DZ to watch others land while an instructor or coach explains things and answers your questions can help. diamonds are a dawgs best friend
  15. My nephew and I did the Skycoaster at Astroworld that summer and I decided I wanted to go skydiving for/ on my upcoming 35th birthday. The rest is a history of learning lots, having a blast and meeting tons of awesome people that like landing with parachutes instead of planes diamonds are a dawgs best friend