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  1. Greetings everyone, Being new to the sport and I wanted to hear what APP everyone uses to track wind and weather in your DZ. Please indicate which state or country your DZ is located too. The main reason why I posted this question is to determine when I can plan to jump later in the week. Thank you in advance. FLY HAPPY! Rio
  2. As usual, everyone thank you for your feedback and input. It really helps hearing the perspectives why people use it and the recommendations are definitely appreciated. The links were very helpful too, Until next time... Fly Happy! Rio
  3. Greetings everyone, I would like to happily report that I recently passed my Level 6 this past weekend. My awesome DZ is at Lake Elsinore. Well, during this time of the year until February, I learned that it is advisable to wear gloves because it gets really cold. As a student, my DZ provides all of the gear except the gloves. Anyway, I want to start buying the smaller equipments and plan / budget for the upcoming gear. I started window shopping from the various online stores but it seems to be limited plus I am not familiar which brand are low end versus high end gear. I did not get a chance to visit the gear store at my DZ but I will certainly check with them this coming weekend. Would you be so kind to make a recommendation (summer/winter) and indicate whether it is a low/high end brand? Thank you for your advise. Fly Happy! Rio
  4. OMG, thank you, thank you, everyone who made an effort to respond to my questions. "Mbohu", you are correct. I did not ask the question but my main purpose was to make sure that I don't get hurt. I did not ask the question because I understand and respect, as in all things, that I have to pay my dues in learning the step by step process of becoming proficient at this sport. Also, I did not want to influence the responses so that I may receive information/guidance/assistance that I may not have thought about as a student of the craft. All of you have inspired me to continue while having fun. 2 days ago, I just passed my level 5 and going on my level 6 next week. I'm more confident now and I have taken on a different mind set after reading all of your responses in addition to enjoying my last 2 jumps even more. This is NOOB statement here, "I made my first landing on my feet on my level 4 jump". That was so exciting! Thank you for all the book recommendations. I'm sure they will be a fun read and of great value. Once I become a license skydiver, I hope that some day I meet all of you and fly together. =) Again, thank you everyone who posted because you made a difference in my journey to learning and participating in this sport / life style.
  5. Hello everyone, 

    During my AFF course journey, I decided to record my experiences on YouTube from the perspective of an AFF student. Throughout my limited research, I noticed that there has only been a few individuals on YouTube who actually vlog and promote the sport of skydiving. My goal is to help promote this community and the sport. I have started a channel on YouTube called "Planet Rio".

    Please subscribe to my channel and provide feedback or comment when possible. 

    In addition, if you have any ideas on future collaborations, activities, and content you would like for me to undertake on my channel, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at [email protected]

    Thank you. 

    Fly Happy! 



  6. I'm 52 years old and started on this new journey. Currently, I'm taking AFF course out of Skydive Elsinore in Lake Elsinore, CA USA. I'm scheduled to take AFF Level 5 next week. In my younger days, I have always been respectful, physical and mental in regards to my approach to any sports. I would like to apply the same principles to skydiving which will hopefully help avoid to jeopardize my progress. In short, I have a 3 part question. 1) What physical exercises or regimen do you do to develop strength, be limber and so on (arms, legs, stomach)? Any advice is appreciated. 2) What mental preparation do you do? (Before, during and after) 3) What books do you recommend for beginners? Is there a Skydiving for Dummies? Right now, I am exercising every other day to develop my strength. Working in the corporate field for over 16 years did not help in maintaining my physical stamina. Through my first 4 levels, I'm finding that I'm not as limber as I should. In my assessment of myself, I need to work on body awareness. For my last 3 jumps, I made it a point to do 15 minutes of tunnel time the day before prior to my actual jump in order to be ready. This is a snapshot of my capabilities and preparation I do for skydiving at the moment. Any advice are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks everyone!