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  1. Reading this article does not paint a favourable picture of american voters. All these 7 topics were covered in the media that even in Germany I knew about all of them, including some more background information. And yes, I mainly follow MSM with some crossreferencing on the right side of the spectrum.
  2. That Mitch Mcconnell called Justice Barrett a political asset, speaks volumes of the republican view of your judicial system.
  3. Well, since the last election we know that god has a wicked sense of humor.
  4. Like in 2016. Now, explain again, why it is not a powergrabbing charade by the Republicans.
  5. Just curious, what does it say about the character and judgement of Judge Berrett to be a willing pawn in this powergrabbing charade played by the Republicans?
  6. "LIBERATE MICHIGAN" someone tweeted in april. At least they tried........
  7. You don't get the extra points for the correct order.
  8. I guess, if you ask nicely, the UN will send you election observers, maybe even some russian ones.
  9. I get the impression that Lady Justice isn't blindfolded at all. She either has democratic or republican eyes to look at the facts in her scale.
  10. Question about the self-perception of Americans. a. The USA are the greatest country on earth b. The USA are a great country on earth c. The USA are at a cross road where one path leads to a banana republic
  11. Since Soleimani got mentioned by Trump, was it ever established that his killing was legitimized by american laws?
  12. So, if I understand POTUS correctly, your almost 200000 coronavictims died relaxed and thanks to him not in a state of panic???
  13. Looks like Trump finally understands the 'percentage' thing. Maybe someday he also gets the 'per capita' thing.
  14. If you want to know the vote of the people you should cut out the middleman.