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  1. Question about the self-perception of Americans. a. The USA are the greatest country on earth b. The USA are a great country on earth c. The USA are at a cross road where one path leads to a banana republic
  2. Since Soleimani got mentioned by Trump, was it ever established that his killing was legitimized by american laws?
  3. So, if I understand POTUS correctly, your almost 200000 coronavictims died relaxed and thanks to him not in a state of panic???
  4. Looks like Trump finally understands the 'percentage' thing. Maybe someday he also gets the 'per capita' thing.
  5. If you want to know the vote of the people you should cut out the middleman.
  6. Interesting point of view. Or as Trump would say, "People told me, so somebody should take a look at it"
  7. Actually, you have to run the poll by the electoral college before you can see the true result.
  8. I really envy you for your POTUS. Who else, than this philosopher turned genius, could have found the best words to comment this supreme court decision. "But they’ve ruled and we live with their decision."
  9. So, if being anti fascist makes you a terrorist in the eyes of the president, does being a fascist make you a loyal citizen than?
  10. One really has to admire the double standards when it comes to testing. Continous or even daily testing in the White House. Testing for the common folks is overrated.
  11. From the outside it feels like the call should be "LIBERATE THE USA"
  12. They should just perform their duty in a way that pleases the president and everything is fine. Just like the Governors last week who understood to please him according to Trump.
  13. Sounds to me like you are describing the U.S.Senate.
  14. Weather forecasters should adopt the Trump style. "The weather for tomorrow. It might rain or maybe not, I have a hunch what it'll be, but, we'll see." 100% right everytime.
  15. Listening to Trump it sounds like you can scratch the U out of USA unless you praise the dear Leader.