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  1. Looks like nominating judges and justices finally pays off for Trump. The SC delaying the immunity claim decision and Judge Cannon tiptoeing around her case and probably blocking the calender for any other case.
  2. While germans have a talent for formulating goals, we are well behind getting the needed infrastructure. The windpark next to my village, for years does not harvest about 25% of the energy because there are not enough powerlines to transport it. The above mentioned goal requires the construction of 5 windturbines daily for years, already well behind. Good goals but no realistic plan to reach them or no realistic goals for what actually can be done.
  3. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to reconsider the handling of these events. Instead of waisting time with thoughts and prayers or feeling bad for people who are dead anyway. (There are too many people walking on this planet anyway) Why not embrace these shootings as part of american culture and celebrate the flawless working of these magnificently engineered weapons and their manufacturers? Disclaimer: The above text may contain traces of sarcasm.
  4. Looks like Harlan Crow, the Nazi memorabilia collecting billionaire, bought himself a fine black SC Justice.
  5. Looks like De Santis made Florida a lot safer.
  6. Where's the joke, he is stating a fact. Rittenhouse went there, straightened things out and the court said it was ok. At least that's how it looks from the outside.
  7. Wow, looks like it's time to revise the anthem and get rid of the "land of the free" part.
  8. Well, I heard of 'follow the money'. Follow the blood is new to me.
  9. Our former minister of defence was quick to blame the manufacturer and she started to question the whole program. Yesterday came out a new report and the army had to admit that the problem was based on user error and lack of training. Neither version sheds a good light on our military or their leadership.
  10. McCarthy says he will look at expunging Trump impeachment Looks like somebody wants to "correct" the history.
  11. What really matters is that her voters are too dumb to know or care about the facts.
  12. I don't know what is scarier, politicians spreading this BS or millions of americans happily believing this BS.
  13. Because the american judicial system is not as blind as it claims to be.
  14. Actually it's a coalition of 3 parties (SPD, Green, FDP) which, at least, represent more than 50% of the voter.
  15. Looking from the outside it's fascinating how americans insist on being ruled by a minority. - Electoral college - Gerrymandering - Fillibuster