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  1. Because the american judicial system is not as blind as it claims to be.
  2. Actually it's a coalition of 3 parties (SPD, Green, FDP) which, at least, represent more than 50% of the voter.
  3. Looking from the outside it's fascinating how americans insist on being ruled by a minority. - Electoral college - Gerrymandering - Fillibuster
  4. Funny, back in the days we used to say that the Icon is the better Atom.
  5. This same shit happend with the Atom containers from PdF in the early 2000 years. After having the alteration done the top flap stood up and was, in my eyes, a serious danger if somebody brushed over my container. I really didn't like that and got rid of the rig.
  6. Listening to republican politicians I'm seriously confused. Is it Communism, Marxism or Socialism that allows states to ask for desaster help form this government that is led by the radical left?
  7. So much for free and fair elections
  8. Once you get to the "V", the skyhook is already working. Disconnecting later on shouldn't be a big problem?
  9. In an actual tandem fatality thread someone wrote: "Even if properly rigged, estimat is that it disconnect prematurely in approx 15% of uses." Since nobody commented or argued about this statement I have two questions. 1. Is this estimate correct in any way? 2. What do people think is the reason for this? (Esp. if properly rigged)
  10. If you drive your EV with a constant speed you get X miles out of your battery. As soon as you start braking and accelerating you only get x minus a loss. Increasing the milage means you cut down on the loss but you will never get the X miles out of that trip. At least that's how my little brain understands these regenerative systems.
  11. You can only become the good guy with a gun if you carry it. So, don't hesitate.
  12. If you have a valid license you have to pass a written test about the aviation laws and pay some money. is the website to go to.
  13. They don't need my approval. I'm just worried about the consequences looming on the horizon.