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  1. Once you get to the "V", the skyhook is already working. Disconnecting later on shouldn't be a big problem?
  2. In an actual tandem fatality thread someone wrote: "Even if properly rigged, estimat is that it disconnect prematurely in approx 15% of uses." Since nobody commented or argued about this statement I have two questions. 1. Is this estimate correct in any way? 2. What do people think is the reason for this? (Esp. if properly rigged)
  3. If you drive your EV with a constant speed you get X miles out of your battery. As soon as you start braking and accelerating you only get x minus a loss. Increasing the milage means you cut down on the loss but you will never get the X miles out of that trip. At least that's how my little brain understands these regenerative systems.
  4. You can only become the good guy with a gun if you carry it. So, don't hesitate.
  5. If you have a valid license you have to pass a written test about the aviation laws and pay some money. is the website to go to.
  6. They don't need my approval. I'm just worried about the consequences looming on the horizon.
  7. Sadly there is a market for these "creative" news and stories. And it gets disturbing when you realize that these consumers are allowed to vote in the next election.
  8. Who gets tested? The politician or the voter?
  9. In all the reports about the latest shootings I'm missing the mention of the "good guy with a gun". Isn't he supposed to prevent the killing? Or is he, like Lindsay Graham, only showing off on the shooting range?
  10. 2 dead, 8 wounded in Viginia Beach. Looks like Americans need to ramp up their thinking and praying business.
  11. I really wonder about the traffic fatalities. In Germany we had about 2700 killed on the roads in 2020. What makes driving in the US so dangerous?
  12. Looks like the Trump enablers are getting back in line. Chances are rising for Trump 2024.