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  1. phantomII

    why 750Ft firing altitude?

    To answer the original question..... The 750ft/225m were chosen so that the unit really operates as a last chance. At terminal velocity we are talking 4 sec before impact. When he invented the CYPRES Helmut wanted something reliable (Not like the FXC12000) and something that saves a skydiver from certain death. At this altitude you can't argue that you still would have pulled the reserve if the CYPRES hadn't done it for you.
  2. phantomII

    Hilarious Skydiving Video

    Been there, tried it and still have my Chute Assis Suit. And yes it's funny!!!!!
  3. phantomII

    Incidents and lessons to be learned

    A youtube link attached to every lesson.... I like your idea. Reading and watching, what a great way to learn.
  4. phantomII

    Incidents and lessons to be learned

    First off, I'm sick of the sentence "We need more information about the incident so we can all learn from it" I've been around for a while now and looking back at the last few years no real new lessons showed up. Every incident that happened was basically a repeat. I know, new guys are showing up and they want to learn how to survive and what to do and what not. And I know that no training can provide them with all the information. Why don't we just make a list of all the lessons we already learned? Additionally it would keep the Incident Forum really short. I.e. Incident ABC is a repeat of lesson 21, Incident DEF is a repeat of lesson 56 and Incident GHI is a slight variation of lesson 89. This way every incident requires only 2 or 3 posts and everyone who wants to learn can just read the list and does not have to wait for an incident for a specific lesson to come up. Just my thoughts on a rainy day.......
  5. phantomII

    what would happen if ...

    WRONG. Sigmas do not get modified!!!!! Only Tandemsystems with a 3 Ring Release at the bottom have the second release routed through the cutaway handle.
  6. phantomII

    Will an Optimum 126 pack nicely into an Icon I2?

    Have got Optimum 126 in I2, fits ok - looks fine.
  7. As a T/E I really appreciate all the good answers in this thread. Keeping all the mentioned points (always) in mind will make a very good T/I. It cannot be said often enough, it's all about the person in front. Even though we answered the question of a new T/I I wished that all the seasoned ones would stick to the mentioned points as well.
  8. phantomII

    san diego traffic ticket fighters?

  9. phantomII

    Interesting Aircraft Registration

    You may not be kidding but it can't be correct. A german registered Otter will start with D-I___. We got one (the only one) registered as D-IVER. D-E___ registration would be a single engine, C-182 size aircraft.
  10. phantomII

    PD Opt. 126 in Icon I2?

    I have an Optimum 126 in my I2 and it fits nicely and works great.
  11. phantomII

    30.000 US$ price money DUBAI SWOOP

    The official result page
  12. phantomII

    Jump / Cutaway Ratio Poll

    20745+4012=24757 16+6=22 24757/22=1125
  13. phantomII

    Great Planes ...because it's badass and I got 2800 hrs as WSO in it
  14. phantomII

    Question about tandem canopy..

    The PdF Atom Tandem has something like diveloops. If you pull them down they stay down and you have to release them so that the riser goes up again. Can save your ass on really windy days