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  1. There is nothing wrong with it. But he is effectively a very senior public servant and the board decided that the optics weren't good.
  2. Your feigned innocence may fool your children, but I am sorry to let you know, nobody else buys it. You can keep spouting the myriad equivalents of "I have a black friend", but it really changes nothing.
  3. In my fine extended family I have a BSN and a MSN who both believe that AIDS was fabricated by big pharma.
  4. Unfortunately in many cases we just have to wait for older racists to die off and rely on the newer generations to do better.
  6. And 20% are either current or former military.
  7. You don't see the irony in claiming people from these teams can't see race, but they certainly can see gender? I mean, these are teams who have determined they cannot be trusted to perform properly if they happen to see boobies close-up.
  8. We have long ago established that you really don't understand percentages very well. So I chuckle every time you post them.
  9. Guy stands in ankle deep water and thinks carrying a woman who has large rubber boots is the best use of his time. My guess is the female on his team told her to use her legs like any other able bodied person.
  10. This is the same issue as the Houston flooding. The desire to have no to minimum regulation and have costs as low as possible. Great when everything works well, but also means no money is being spent on dealing with potential problems outside of immediate control. Then when it happens, they rely on government funding to bail them out. They are identical to the welfare people they despise. Unwilling to work towards getting better, unwilling to contribute, but rely on the government when it matters. The ultimate takers.
  11. You don't come across as very blissful, so clearly it isn't.
  12. Is that a problem with wind or a problem with Texas? Seems like wind turbines are able to operate in cold climates in other parts of the world? Same as natural gas works pretty well in cold climates, if properly prepared. Texas decided not to learn any lessons from 2011 and prior incidences of cold weather impacting the power grid, resulting in history repeating itself. Looks like the issue isn't how the power is generated, but to what standard the network is maintained. You want all the cheapness, but then whine when it turns out cheapness has a price.
  13. Have a feeling not many of those recommendations have been implemented.
  14. Celebrating gay people dying of aids is not holding up a mirror. If you think all Rush Limbaugh did was hold up a mirror, that says more about you than anything else.