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  1. Big question for societies is if they want to see time in jail as punishment or as potential rehabilitation. Should we focus on misery or recidivism.
  2. The logical result of GOP leadership.
  3. No. Some might just be indifferent.
  4. Kind of, Paul Driessen is another adherent to “Global average temperatures peaked in 1998".
  5. And the results are as predictable as always. Americans have started happily mass murdering each other again. Freedom, fuck yeah!!
  6. With the fast majority of that being replacing existing structures. I think about 80 miles of new wall was built. I am sure the tunnels under the old structures won't be effective against the new structures.
  7. Biden didn't say he was tearing down the few pieces that were built, so if this was true, it should still hold true. Thought if I am to believe every Republican politician who went to the border, this isn't true at all. So was the DHS lying when they said this, or are those republican politicians lying now?
  8. I can't say I am overly surprised that you think what happened on January 6th is normal behaviour.
  9. If you think insurrection in the US is funny I guess.
  10. So America is failing? The love of show over substance is pretty universally seen as very American. On a more serious note, it is good to see you understand how your denial of AGW is indeed a failing endeavour.
  11. You asked about islamophobia.
  12. Also a fine indication of how indeed a few rotten apples do spoil the whole bunch.
  13. Not a comparison, you can disagree with people, cultural norms, etc without being scared of them. This might just blow your mind, but there are many Muslims who disagree with the treatment of other people in Muslim countries. Yet somehow they are not afraid of themselves.
  14. This conversation has been had multiple times with you. If you had shown even a hint at a willingness to be more than a troll, maybe it would be worth it.
  15. Sure, but the opposite has happened too. Probably a good time to remember that it was (a subset of) the pro-gun crowd who wanted to use force to change a democratic election in the US. Was just a few months ago.