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  1. With that type of reasoning the Honda Civic is an abject failure as well.
  2. Not that ironic I don't think. The Republican party in those days was quite different and much closer to what the Democratic party has been since.
  3. We haven't seen the indictment yet, but if it is what they have been talking about, I think it is a mistake and will be used to attack future indictments that actually have more meat on their bones.
  4. Tax payers paid for it to be named, but shouldn't pay for it to be renamed? Weird reasoning.
  5. Could you imagine if that money was spent on actual education and maybe easier access to (mental) healthcare.... The Republican answer to mass shootings seems to be ban books and put the kids in military camps. Maybe next you can ban females from attending school so they can be preserved for breeding purposes.
  6. Just because the country is neutral doesn't mean all the companies within a country are neutral.
  7. There is significant debate to be found around the impact of the assault weapons ban if you have any interest. But considering your responses here I have absolutely no interest in having any of that debate with you. The fact remains is that you object to Biden, who at least is trying to do something, and support Republicans who are unwilling to do anything to try and reduce mass shootings. Personally I don't think a ban is going to be effective, but significant regulation is required.
  8. Except Ireland sits about in the middle for the world crime index. So if you are arguing that they have less prisoners per capita (no idea if that is true) than other countries, it most assuredly isn't because of low crime rates. Wrong again. Mexico has a constitutional right to own firearms.
  9. And if Rittenhouse hadn't decided to travel there for the sole purpose of playing Rambo, it wouldn't have happened either. He went looking for this. You applaud him for bagging some bad guys, others struggle with the fact he specifically went looking for trouble.
  10. If you cannot understand the difference between "some impact" and "eliminated all mass shootings" then there really is no sense for you to participate in adult conversations.
  11. Two different threads now where you appear giddish over people getting shot and killed.
  12. Not no impact. There was a previous ban, which was apparently constitutional, which did have some effect on mass shootings. Even appears that the ban became more effective as time went on. So history would suggest there would be some impact and certainly more than your thoughts and prayers.
  13. You may find this hard to believe, but many people have trouble with the concept that you can actively seek out trouble and then be absolved from getting into trouble. Specially since the crowd that is loudly cheering about this has a pretty decent overlap with the "she asked for it with that short skirt" crowd.
  14. Little impact is still more impact than thoughts & prayers. Remember you objected to Biden talking about ice cream, while he is trying to at least have a little impact. You don't object to Republicans who only talk about thoughts & prayers and have no impact.
  15. His efforts are aimed at banning assault style weapons from what I can see. Can certainly argue that an AR-15 is a carbine, so likely both would have been captured in such legislation, unless there would be caliber exclusions. Regardless, celebrating that a ban wouldn't have stopped a particular mass school shooting seems low, even for you.