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  1. This whole post can be summed up by one word: Darwin.
  2. Trump, Trump will be the republican ticket for President and Vice President. And they will be elected.
  3. Not entirely true. Some of the big banks, health industries, utilities and other large companies announced vaccine mandates prior to provincial and federal mandates.
  4. That is 2 to 3 per million. On the high end that accounts for about 855 people of the vaccine eligible population in the US. Odds are when you speak to somebody who isn't vaccinated, it has nothing to do with allergies.
  5. No I didn't. No. I doubt you have enough money to pay a doctor to tell you everything about medicine you don't know.
  6. I highly doubt you have enough money to accomplish that task.
  7. Sure. That many words in a row is quite a daunting task.
  8. Here is a really weird concept. Maybe try thinking for yourself instead of doing what you are told?
  9. You didn't read the article, did you
  10. If actual freedom is cops driving around in unmarked vans shooting at anybody standing around I will take living without actual freedom. If when you return fire in self defense, you are then beaten, kicked in the face and arrested. I will take living without that actual freedom. If you are then offered a plea deal of 13 years by the prosecutor and have to take your chances in court. I will take living without that actual freedom. But you still didn't answer the important question. As a good proud American Republican, are you supposed to support the fine officers in the article, or the fine veteran who they beat and then tried to put in jail for a long period of time?
  11. Hey Cocopuff, I have been wondering. Should I feel bad for the cops or for the veteran? I am so confused.... America....Fuck Yeah!!
  12. Ah but that is all part of the great conspiracy. If you were only as smart as Winsor, then you would be able to see that!
  13. People aren't really this stupid right? Merck comes out saying don't use Ivermectin, since there is no scientific basis for therapeutic effect. Your "expert" labels that as a lie and produces a link to a study showing the effect of Ivermectin in vitro. Guess what else kills the Coronavirus in vitro? Bleach. I guess the reason we don't use bleach to treat COVID is because the anti-bleach lobby is just too powerful. Never mind that it was also at a dosage much higher than recommended for humans.
  14. Hi leverage growth was/is highly encouraged by Chinese government.
  15. At least he is a CFA and was a licensed security broker.