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  1. California has a potential 3.5 gigawatt shortage due to extreme weather conditions and having built out renewable power sources. Texas has a 5 gigawatt shortage in base forecasted demand and relying mostly on fossil fuels.
  2. Should note that Trump has not recommended the vaccine after he got booed doing so.
  3. And it has been discredited. I have to say I do get a chuckle out of the irony.
  4. Trump has a long history of either saying what the last person told him, or what he thinks the listener wants to hear. So he should be judged on the actions he has taken and the actual outcomes of his words. Not on what he might have said to Piers Morgan that one time.
  5. Have to put them on a roof.
  6. His argument is that there might be too many fake accounts. So the virtual "town square" that is so influential that it is hindering the right wing and needs to be protected at all costs, is made up of too many fake accounts......
  7. Nope, I don't think the deal will close. Said early on this was a pump and dump. Personally I think the Twitter board called his bluff and he is in a bit of a bind now.
  8. Thank you captain obvious. A 20% risk premium is the market loudly signaling they do not believe this deal will close. Usually you would see this delta at 5% or less.
  9. Right now you could make a 20% return if you believe Musk is going to close on the Twitter deal.
  10. Fox, AON and NewsMax think it is too stupid to show.
  11. Yes I am. Are you standing with Putin?
  12. At the same time there is new video of family values representative Cawthorn humping some dude's face naked. Not sure how to describe US politics anymore.
  13. I can see contraception taking the same route....after Obergefell. I don't think interracial marriage is an issue that will be attacked.
  14. For anybody needing a reminder on where Republicans feel women stand: