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  1. And here you are unapologetic for putting your own children through that.
  2. I think the White House would be best served if people forget about COVID or at least get numb to its impacts. I think we will see Trump being more and more outlandish to keep attention away from this.
  3. Remember that the NRA only once supported the banning of open carry: when the Black Panthers started to carry openly. White people with guns is freedom. Black people with guns is scary and oppressive. But there is no racism.....
  4. Numbers are never biased. The story people are trying to tell with them might be. In case of the death clock, it is listed what their number is based on. That isn't mis-information.
  5. So clearly COVID-19 is not the worst she has had in her.
  6. We certainly are not immune to idiots.....
  7. I am the buyers list here in Canada. But with a small refundable deposit, that doesn’t mean much lol
  8. The iconography together with the content of the speeches makes it all pretty clear. Any defence of it is pretty abhorrent. Actually more than abhorrent.
  9. Don’t disagree. However since he claims the positives, he also has to own the negatives. See Brenthutch above.
  10. And the new messaging from the White House is going to be: Just deal with it. lol
  11. Clearly you don't understand the the lumber industry. The driving cost is stumpage fees. Those have to be paid otherwise the US complains about unfair subsidies. Lumber industry will happily pay 100x what they are currently paying for gas if they can get stumpage fees reduced. That increase would also help our number 1 export....oil. I know you are American and you think everything can be boiled down to memes or 140 character answers, but the world simply doesn't work that way. Which is why you are generally wrong. How is Tesla? How is that recession you said could never happen?
  12. You believe an unverified twitter account from a staunch Jullian Assange supporter. But the NYT is not to be trusted. Now Benghazi, let me tell you all about Benghazi, and the sever that got removed.
  13. SkyDekker


    Going to be interesting to see Ron's attitude change when Trump or his close associates get implicated. Personally, whomever is involved, from whatever party needs to be held accountable. This isn't a political issue.