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  1. No it hasn’t been debunked. There are conflicting stories. You just choose to believe one side of it. Even the IG report only suggests it, but doesn’t state it outright. If you want facts and don’t convict based on feels there is no way you can say it has been debunked.
  2. Hey, you wanted to hide behind legal definitions..... You are very much at war with Russia and with North Korea, even if it looks different from Vietnam.
  3. Under any legal definition Jane Fonda is also innocent of that charge. Giving top secret information to your enemy, diverting military resources away from your enemy, weakening your intelligence apparatus to provide better access to your enemy. I wonder how those stack up.
  4. Clinton’s statement was that his timing of the meeting on the tarmac was a coincidence. Doesn’t stop you from not believing it. I agree with Yoink.
  5. I have no clue if you did or didn’t. But the president you support certainly does.
  6. You completely missed my point. It is ironic to watch you type a complaint about lending aid and comfort to the enemy.
  7. Not so much federal investment as the consequence of corporate tax cut. That cut has not lead to capital investment at all. Actually capital investment is lagging in the US. What it has done, is companies buying back their stock. Why you ask, well CEO compensation is generally tied to stock performance. Stock buy-backs generally drive up a stock price. Hence, extra cash is put into stock buy-back programs and not capital investment.
  8. Obama pledged In 2009 that he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, still not fully understanding the depth of the recession that started in 2008. he did not fulfil that pledge in that timeframe, though he did prior to the end of his second term. Trump is claiming he is presiding over the best economy ever, best job creation ever and that the US is in the best shape ever. Trump has been growing the deficit ever since he took office, in what everybody deems to be a strong economy. Nuance and facts matter.
  9. Ah, but that clip supposedly explains what is means to be a man, not what it means to be a real man. On top of that, I don’t think providing is what defines a man. I am the only one providing a monetary income to my family, but my wife certainly provides in her way to the family, the relationship, the household etc. So what makes you a “real man”?
  10. Even if what you think happened is true. Do you not see a difference between a former president doing something and a current president doing it?
  11. I support neither as written. I support much of the thought behind it. So the answer is neither and both.