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  1. You think the chart below looks like that because of baby boomers aging? That's cute.
  2. Good way to have "tourism" pay for the development of a private exploration company. Lot's of money to be made.
  3. Like I said, if you think the US is better off without it's best producing State, whose production is outperforming the rest of your country, we will gladly take it.
  4. Let's just take cause of death out of it all together. During the period January 26th, 2020 - October 3rd, 2020, 360,000 more people died than the average of the 5 years prior for that period. (The COVID death count for that period was 209,000). A LOT more people died in 2020 than what historical averages would suggest, something called excess death rate. Now, you may think that has nothing to do with COVID, but that is a pretty weird opinion to have.
  5. You would think that somebody who is as incredibly smart as you are would know income taxes are not the only source of revenue. Borrowing to invest during historically low interest rates makes perfect sense. Of course Republicans have been all in favour of borrowing to give to rich people and now object to borrowing to invest in infrastructure.
  6. 5th largest economy AND has been outperforming the US economy. Sure, we'll take it.
  7. I thought they didn't like cancel culture.....
  8. No, I am saying your statement might be the exception, but it certainly isn't true as a generalization.
  9. Coming from old money, going to school with old money and at one point belonging to an old money fraternity in university I can say without hesitation you are wrong about that too.
  10. Like taking a vaccine and promoting a vaccine. Unfortunately there seem to be people who think or at a minimum imply that Vitamin D and zinc will keep them safe.
  11. Like somebody who suggests to take Vitamin D to protect against COVID since autopsies show a vitamin D deficiency?
  12. Gym Jordan does have a rather obvious history of not noticing things when convenient.
  13. And for some reason they are not allowed to touch the millions of gallons of fresh water flowing right beside them.
  14. You could see this posturing coming a mile away. Pelosi rejects him, then McCarthy will say how they are not going to cooperate since Democrats are blocking Republican participation. Pelosi will go ahead, Republicans win the PR war with their base and make sure they can discredit any outcome as partisan.