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  1. So you agree there is more than 2
  2. Unclear to me as well. But can see an argument where a minor can consent to sex, but cannot consent to having that sex recorded.
  3. Why? Underage marriage are still legal in many states. Mostly states with very religious leanings.
  4. The fact you claim to have an MBA and couldn't figure out percentages, while typing at a computer, makes this post very funny. My community uses bio degradable poop bags. Is that virtue signaling or woke? I can't keep track.
  5. Nope, not quite the same. I wouldn't want a bigot to be a cop, but see no reason to prevent a bigot from owning a firearm. But non-American citizens who are not allowed to own firearms becoming cops and then being allowed to carry a firearm during work is pretty damn bizarre.
  6. Agreed. On the other side it is also weird that those who are not allowed to own firearms in their private life are allowed to become police officers and then use firearms while on duty.... America is a weird place.
  7. The Senator behind this bill was severely injured after being hit by a drunk driver 2 years ago. This bill seeks to make it less convenient for people to drink and drive. hence the restriction on cold beer in convenience stores and limits on number of drinks in a restaurant/bar without the presence of a designated driver. I think the bill is bullshit, but a senator or representative taking up a bill for an issue that has very closely affected them is not really "news." Other than maybe the "dog bite man" variety. It is off to committee in the Senate. It appears to be dead in the House. Highly unlikely this will ever become law.
  8. He just now figured out Meal Team Six and Seal Team Six are not the same.
  9. You can note it all you want. But we all know that the 2nd amendment really should be decided by states, but we can't trust the 14th amendment to be handled by states.
  10. * Missouri law has no age restrictions on using firearms or gun possession. * The state has requirements for minors purchasing firearms, but it does not have a minimum age requirement to possess them. * Last year, House Republicans voted against an amendment that would have banned minors from openly carrying guns on public land without adult supervision. The bipartisan effort failed. * Within the past decade, state lawmakers made it easier for adults to carry concealed weapons without requiring a permit. * Recent state laws have expanded a person’s right to use guns to defend themselves in public and private spaces. * Missouri has among the highest gun deaths, gun homicide rates and the highest number of household firearm ownership. Source Where were all the good guys with guns in that crowd? I thought an armed society was going to be polite.....
  11. I don't particular see it getting better either. And I see opposition growing and with it the demonization of immigrants and with it a rising comfort in treating them like dogs. I understand there is no easy answer. But choosing to treat people humanely is a minimum we should strive for.
  12. Set up proper facilities. Process quickly. Provide attainable alternatives to illegal migration. Help countries prosper. Just a few options there. But basically, be a decent human being. Weird you have to ask.