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  1. Trump's body guard was showing up in meetings in his track suit in the middle east. His company now does business in the middle east....
  2. Proves as much as a laptop found by a blind repair guy and somehow given to Giuliani.
  3. Everybody gets the same chance to run 100 meters under the same conditions. And all those who run it in less than 10 seconds will be given $10 million. All those who cannot will be jailed until they are able to meet the equal standard for all. Equal opportunity, equal consideration.
  4. Agreed. But that is not what America's Director of National Intelligence said during his announcement. (Hard to call it a press conference when no questions are allowed)
  5. I have a feeling you aren't recognizing that for a person of colour to reach that level is much harder than for a white person to reach that level in many western countries.
  6. Also followed right after an blistering Obama speech. And mentioned how this campaign was meant to hurt Trump. A campaign that sent communication to people to say: Vote for Trump or else....was meant to hurt Trump. DNI is a farce.
  7. Please do provide proof of a Chinese bank account. Proof of Chinese trademarks granted to a Biden. For once in your online career do something more than the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming.
  8. And then there is the Chinese bank account and the Chinese payments and the Chinese trademarks for the family. And the intelligence staff who claim it is Russian disinformation. Trump's staff have shown that they cannot be trusted or believed.
  9. Never mind that in the last couple of decades there has been a wealth transfer of roughly $50 trillion fomr the lower 90% to the upper 1%. If the income distribution stayed the same from the 3 decades after WWII, every single worker in the bottom 90% would be making $1,114 more per month, every single month, every year......
  10. This! What na incredibly fucked up system that allows for this to happen. Inhumane by every measure.
  11. Why do you think it would change how people vote? And why do you think it would change it at such a rate that it would actually make a measurable impact?
  12. Why don't you start by explaining how you think income tax is the only relevant taxation here? Did I only talk about income tax? Do you not know there is taxation other than income tax? Is this the only way your reasoning holds up?
  13. confiscatory? Just back to where things used to be. The Republcans have systematically shifted the tax burden onto middle a lower class. This has demolished the middle class and made the lower class poorer. It has allowed for the upper class to gain more wealth and with it power. It is confiscatory, it is reblancing. These massive defecits and subsequent debt loads you are so in favour of have to get paid somehow.
  14. Which shenanigans? Because other than providing health care, social safety and education, the remaining items listed are in principal supported by and already done by Republicans.
  15. I think the better approach is for liberals to win the election, gerrymander the entire country. Abolish the Electoral College. Stop all funding to red states until this is done. Direct the DOJ to fully investigate and where required prosecute Trump, Barr, McConnell, Graham and follow every dollar donated and spent. Propose and enact well drafted legislation that establish health care, social safety nets and free education. Fund it with tax increases in anybody who makes more than $400,000 or has a net-worth north of $50 million. Televise Trump's daily yard time.
  16. And buttery males, lots of buttery males.
  17. That is some Art of the Deal quality stuff.