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  1. And you don't see a difference? You don't notice the riot gear, the batons? Are you fucking blind, or just don't want to see?
  2. Maybe if you stop trolling so much people might be willing to indulge idiotic questions from you. YMMV
  3. Oh sorry, I thought you realized the question was idiotic. My bad.
  4. Neither one have a good record when it comes to this issue. One shows some growth and a better understanding, the other threatens shooting them. Since you are a proud, patriotic American I think I can guess where you stand.
  5. Funny enough Biden is limited by what he can have Congress do too.
  6. I am not sure what you are trying to say here. How it works is that if you supposedly care about voter fraud and tax fraud you should be very upset about a president committing both.
  7. Totally. There is no changes to building standards to think of. No preventative equipment to add to gas lines, there just is nothing to be done. Just like gravity, there is nothing you can do about it, so why wear a parachute?
  8. Which is a problem. Cause Mar-a-Lago cannot be used as a primary residence as per an agreement between trump and the State of Florida when he went through his casino bankruptcies. By doing so, he committed both voter fraud and tax fraud.
  9. Yes, that's why we also don't have to worry about earth quakes at all. People live in LA after all.
  10. All while the small issue that Trump committed Voter Fraud and Tax Fraud with his mail in ballot in Florida doesn't get addressed.
  11. US has a for profit incarceration system filled with people too poor to properly represent themselves.
  12. How do your Vietnam veterans feel about voter fraud and tax fraud?
  13. Stop electing Republicans. It really is a simple solution. Your economy does better under Democrats, the historical evidence is so overwhelming it is pretty much a guarantee.
  14. How do you possibly think "new technologies" is counter to what Bill said?
  15. I just generate force fields...totally awesome
  16. ExonMobile net income was north of $20 billion for 2018.The subsidies do nothing to keep prices low.
  17. That isn't what I said. How would a subordinate know the president is not psychotic or having an episode when he orders something. How is that risk being managed? Don't you think such plans should be in a place for a president?
  18. How is listing the possible side effects as hyper-inflating. Those side effects are a problem for somebody in trump's position. At least in my eyes. If Obama was taking anything with hallucinating as a side effect there would be outrage. Psychosis and suicidal behaviour are not traits I like for in a president. YMMV.
  19. That is where it comes from. Same on the website. same from the actual drug he is taking website.
  20. Was more talking about the idea a wife would be responsible for doing dishes.
  21. Not too much just yet. Just yesterday the President announced he didn't mind paying to have some one wash SecState's dishes when his wife isn't around.
  22. You really think the president should be taking prescriptions with those possible side effects and not temporarily step down? How will his subordinates know if he is impaired when giving orders? Don't understand why people don't see the guy with the nuclear codes possibly having hallucinations and severe mental changes as an issue.