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  1. No better indication it is true.
  2. Maybe just arrest Melania after. Pretty sure you can find evidence that the application for her Genius Visa had some lies on it.
  3. perhaps, maybe, sort of, kinda. I don't think you understand what evidence is.
  4. If that is the concept then shouldn't every American be arrested at least once, just for the hell of it?
  5. And nothing happens. Supreme Court is quite possibly compromised and nothing but shrugs really...
  6. I did one of those on a motorcycle once. Iron Butt Ride, 1,000 miles in 24 hours. Had no interest doing that again.
  7. "the democrat machine", "they" You don't understand something so you ascribe things to some undefined entity. Have you ever wondered why Trump loves the uneducated?
  8. When women laugh when I drop my pants, pointing and snickering "who are you going to please with that", I proudly proclaim: Me.
  9. Did Obama hand pick Biden too? Who is doing this hand picking? You are no different from somebody like Ron, when you don't understand something you ascribe it to a magical mystical entity. In his case god, in your case: they/them/Deep State etc.
  10. All driven by China and India, since demand in America and Europe has been dropping. The environmental impacts in China and India will eventually cause them to reduce coal as well.
  11. Yes he did, but Trump said he beat Obama.....and then you said Clinton was handpicked by Obama, which is as much bullshit as Trump saying he beat Obama.
  12. Did he? Cause the president is "elected" through and indirect election where effectively the Electoral College delegates appoint the President....
  13. And you want us to believe you specifically bought the GLS for its towing capacity.....
  14. What is even worse is thinking that you beat Obama in 2016 and that Biden will lead us into WWII, while proclaiming your superior "mentality".
  15. Yes, cause the GLS is often bought for its towing abilities!
  16. Should note there are some questions around how Nijjar got his citizenship status In 1997, Nijjar came to Canada, claiming he had been beaten and tortured by Indian police. In 1998, his refugee claim was denied. According to his immigration records, he used a fraudulent passport that identified him as “Ravi Sharma.” His application was rejected, and 11 days later Nijjar married a B.C. woman who sponsored him to immigrate as her spouse. On his application form, he was asked whether he was associated with a group that used or advocated “armed struggle or violence to reach political, religious or social objectives.” He said “no,” but immigration officials considered it a marriage of convenience and rejected Nijjar’s application. Nijjar appealed to the courts and lost in 2001, but he later identified himself as a Canadian citizen. On Tuesday, immigration minister Marc Miller confirmed that Nijjar became a Canadian citizen on March 3, 2015. It should go without saying that other countries should not be assassinating people in Canada. But, as usual whatever Trudeau announces or touches has hair on it, raising many more questions.
  17. sure but they always get upset when i put a value beside them on my net-worth statement.
  18. Not he, they. And writing. Signing an $8 million book deal helps.
  19. lol, only if you are a complete partisan hack. Income: Net worth and assets:
  20. Been going on for a while. The Benghazi investigations were solely to attack a potential presidential candidate.
  21. So he is a libertarian. They all want to abolish regulations except for the regulations that are in their favour.
  22. I guess I am a sucker for punishment, but I read this a few times. I still have no clue what the fuck you are talking about.
  23. Of course it could also be Prighozhin faking his own death.