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  1. You should also take into account the rise in excess death rates, beyond the COVID death numbers.
  2. Death is not necessarily the worst outcome, nor is it binary. The long term effects of COVID and those suffering from ongoing effects of a covid infection need to be included. Plus, I am tired of seeing all the relatives of idiots asking for money.
  3. Because he is trying to make money of a cure.
  4. South Korea and Japan have made similar announcements.
  5. And in the middle of 2018 a new medication for the treatment of smallpox was approved by the FDA.....showing again that the development of a vaccine didn't stop development of medication.
  6. Throughout history vaccines of various formats appeared before effective anti-viral medication showed up. Goes to show that development of vaccinations certainly didn't stop development of anti-viral medication. Not sure why people would think that is now somehow different.
  7. Sure, unless you are using the debate to drive pedagogic studies.
  8. Sure on the theory of relativity, on social sciences probably less so. Public debate can most certainly drive scientific study. Both are important to have.
  9. I tend not to argue what I am not claiming, that is your schtick. By the way, the decrease in removals started under trump and was largely a direct result of changes made by the Trump Administration. In the meantime, you still have not provided any evidence for your claims, so we will stick with: you are just feeling it in your tummy.
  10. Public debate is good for science.
  11. Please argue that you meant the Biden Administration isn't deporting illegals to Central, and South America.
  12. And then you offered as evidence of the Biden administration willing to accept millions of refugees that the Biden administration isn't deporting illegals.... Do you think you can state your name without fucking it up?
  13. Didn't you start this with a complaint about people from Haiti being deported by the Biden administration? Do you think you can state your name without fucking it up?
  14. That is not a source for "the Biden administration is willing to accept millions of refugees from Central, and South American" Also, Biden was not in Office at those dates and moving from 11.96 million to 10.5 million is a reduction. So that is three strikes in one post with none of your own words. If it wasn't so sad, it would be impressive.
  15. Do you have a source for this, or is it just something you feel in your belly?
  16. Hence why I stated author and not article. Maybe google the author and read some of his previous "work". But even the article reeks of: blacks, latinos and women don't have it so bad anymore, so why do they have the gall to keep squawking.
  17. Ah yes from the author who feels the need to tell his children to stay away from black people. I can understand why you would feel connected to his opinions.
  18. No, that is not what you said. I even posted above a screen shot of exactly what you said: Kallend asserted the economy had entered a recession under Trump. You responded that he must not know what a recession was. Did the US enter into a recession under the Trump presidency? Yes or no? (if you are not sure of the answer, you can try reading the article you posted)
  19. I was wondering why you didn't just respond ot the original post this refers back to, so I thought I would dig it up: On January 6th, Kallend said: "That's because under Trump the economy has gone into the worst recession in 90 years." To which you responded: "9% GDP growth in the fourth quarter, 6.7% unemployment rate (it was 2.2% and 7.7% respectively after Obama’s first term.) I don’t think you know what a recession is." You further stated: "I just pointed out that the US is not in a recession, certainly not the worst in 90 years" In your article you posted as proof of you supposedly being right it says the US was in a recession that was one of the deepest in US history. Here is the post for you: As usual you posted evidence of you being wrong while claiming to be right. I asked before, do you think you could state your name without fucking it up?
  20. No it doesn't. That is conspiracy theory level idiocy.
  21. The best founding fathers, with the best constitution, with the best government, the best democracy and the best country of course, has produced trump and Biden as its leaders..... Not sure pointing out which one is "better" or "worse" is really doing you any favours.
  22. You mean like banning school districts to implement mask mandates?
  23. Kansas is downright mountainous compared to where I grew up.
  24. I honestly don't think the message can be dumbed down any further. The fact many of your compatriots cannot understand that things change isn't a communications problem.