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  1. I felt the same. Big hoopla over doing stuff that was done 50 years ago.
  2. I agree with most of what you've posted with the exception of the water issue. Lack of water is a western 3rd of the US problem. Not a fan of having federal water conservation measures that are unnecessary for 2/3's of the country. 20% of the world's freshwater supply is a few miles north of me. Ought to be a way to somehow utilize that to help. Also, I've said in the past that going green without nukes is a tall order.
  3. Are these things in play now or are they just things you want to have happen?
  4. So what's the plan? Absent of altering the warming what steps are being taken to ensure you have enough water?
  5. The point is if you're going to want any sympathy from the rest of the world you might want to....ahhh nevermind.
  6. True...but I don't wash my car 100+ times per day.
  7. I have to say...I'm in Pismo Beach for the week. Lots of car washes...farms running irrigation on 101. I would think a drought would require not running car washes and such.
  8. airdvr


    IIR the "Under God" was added during the 50's. Whenever I say the pledge I omit that part.
  9. airdvr


    Just booked a flight to HI to see my son. I never figured they would want proof of a negative test 72 hours prior to arrival.
  10. Rox says injections sting because many nurses and MAs put too much alcohol on prior.
  11. You owe me a keyboard. Not sure what's more troubling...the fact that you really believe that or the current trend of cancelling anyone who doesn't. Mike Lindell — The CEO of My Pillow said his company was ditched by nearly 20 retailers after he publicly questioned the electoral results of the 2020 presidential election and made his election fraud claims into a movie. Lindell is an unwavering supporter of former President Donald Trump and visited him in the White House on Jan. 15 — five days before Mr. Trump left office. Chris Harrison – The longtime host of ABC’s “The Bachelor” franchise decided to “step aside” after defending current contestant Rachael Kirkconnell when old photos surfaced of her attending an Old South antebellum party. “While I do not speak for Rachael Kirkconnell, my intentions were simply to ask for grace in offering her an opportunity to speak on her own behalf,” Harrison explained. “What I now realize I have done is cause harm by wrongly speaking in a manner that perpetuates racism, and for that I am so deeply sorry.” J.K. Rowling — The famous author of the Harry Potter series has faced backlash for voicing her fears that the push for transgender rights will ultimately endanger women’s rights. She’s since defended her comments on her website and joined 150 authors and academics denouncing “cancel culture.” These actions have only further infuriated her critics, who called for a boycott of her books and for her publisher to stop paying royalties. Adam Rubenstein — The former New York Times opinion editor and writer resigned from the paper in December, six months after its staff went into an uproar over a piece he edited by Sen. Tom Cotton. The column by Arkansas Republican argued for the federal government to “send in the troops” to quell violence in cities throughout the country in response to civil unrest following the death of George Floyd. Former editor Mari Weiss wrote on Twitter about the resignation: “Adam was hung out to dry by his own colleagues. Then he and his work were lied about, including in this mendacious editor’s note.” Gina Carano — The “Mandalorian” actress was fired by Disney after posting on social media that being a Republican in 2021 was similar to being Jewish during Nazi Germany. Her Hollywood agent dropped her, and Hasbro scrapped her “Star Wars” action figures. Tucker Carlson/Sean Hannity/Laura Ingraham — The prime-time Fox News opinion hosts have long battled with cancel culture and advertisement boycotts for airing their conservative views. Media Matters, a liberal group that opposes Fox, keeps a list of the network’s prime-time sponsors and routinely singles them out advocating for them to drop their advertisements if it deems a host says something particularly egregious one evening. Matthew Yglesias — The liberal opinion writer resigned from Vox, a publication he co-founded, after many of his woke colleagues found his articles too right of center. Mr. Yglesias argued against defunding the police this summer and took aim at the liberal term “Latinx” as alienating many people from progressive politics and the Democratic Party. He has since joined Substack, so he can voice his opinions more freely. Washington/Lincoln/Jefferson — The former U.S. presidents’ names have been wiped from San Francisco public schools after the school board decided to rename 44 schools that had “ties to racism” and “dishonorable legacies.” Sen. Josh Hawley – The Missouri Republican was dropped from his publisher, and Democrats have called for his resignation after he raised a challenge to the electors in Pennsylvania, siding with Mr. Trump and saying the state violated its own Constitution in conducting the 2020 presidential election. In the New York Post, he defended his actions, writing: “I, for one, am not going to back down. My book will be published, and I will continue to represent the people of my state without fear or favor, whatever the left or the corporations say.” Goya Foods — Liberals called for a Goya Foods’ boycott after the company’s chief executive Robert Unanue praised Mr. Trump at an event at the White House. Mr. Unanue said Mr. Trump’s leadership was a “blessing” for Hispanic Americans. The boycott turned into a “buycott,” according to Mr. Unanue. “Our sales went up significantly since the pandemic,” he told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney. “We did well because the restaurant business declined 70%, but we also did well because of the backlash of a boycott to a buycott. We have our traditional customers, we kept them, but we also have new customers.”
  12. Watergate was a turning point for me. Up until then I trusted the government to do the right thing. For you young'ns there's always
  13. I think one of the possibilities of problems with anti-vaxxers might be their fear of injection. I've known several adults who, when approached with a needle turn into 3 year olds.
  14. airdvr


    Gas prices need to approach $4/gal before fracking gets big again in this area. I see Joe is working on it though.
  15. Hard to believe anyone here would wonder what side of the fence I was on with that vid.