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  1. maybe "cop privilege". Those are great examples of individuals, not the collective race.
  2. That analogy applies if there's only one reserve manufacturer. You can call it a reserve problem. More than one you'll have to single out the manufacturer. It's the same with WP. You've lumped all white people into one category. We know the white folks in Appalachia aren't enjoying much in the way of privilege. But where is the line drawn? How far up the socioeconomic scale before you can apply the label? What types of WP are you talking about? Should someone who needs a job turn it down because they were chosen over an Asian?
  3. That's the problem. Any time someone wants to have a conversation about the real problems faced by the lower classes of folks it gets perverted by race. Do you honestly believe labeling something as a "race problem" will get the problem solved?
  4. I want to talk about reality. There are plenty of people who have been discriminated against by lack of opportunity. It's systemic, but not the part of the system you guys think it is. The specific disadvantage suffered by blacks in this country has been addressed by the government on multiple occasions. To be fair throwing money at the problem won't solve it.
  5. The target should be the 1 percenters who've gamed the system to their advantage. There's only so much money to go around and they've got most of it. Again...not race, class.
  6. I agree but your you've missed the target.
  7. We can always find examples of people being discriminated against. All races. Calling out one race as the cause of other's problems is a mistake.
  8. really jumped the shark with that post. Sounds like there are no employed black doctors living in nice apartments eating dinner at a restaurant.
  9. I can understand if you've never been through Appalachia or spent time in the cities. Even the small ones like where I live have hoods that are terrible. And there's white kids there as well as black. Poor social conditions may have been a black thing in the past but it's very much multi-racial now. I'm not dismissing the effects of racism.
  10. Sorry Wendy. Poor social conditions don't have a race specific cause, or a race specific's a class thing. And there are so many different causes. If you want to take aim at a class of people just go after the 1%. They've gamed the system in their favor to the detriment of just about everyone else.
  11. Still...white privilege seeks to marginalize because of the "color of their skin". Class privilege does no such thing.
  12. No better example of class privilege right there.
  13. I'm beginning to think that class privilege is the problem. Take Tiger for example. You and I would have most likely been charged with reckless op. Tiger gets a pass.
  14. I was able to find the motel shooting vid. Bad move by the officer. He was basically a dick during the entire time and should be removed. As an aside I'm wondering who the woman was in the room with him. Didn't appear to be his wife. Not that it has an bearing on the outcome.