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  1. What's ironic about these types of things is how many products are available in a grocery store with plastic packaging. I believe somewhere was a manufacturer of these heavy plastic bags that lobbied for this rule.
  2. Probably. I know zero about the systems
  3. Rox said when she drove it this week the motor was not as quiet as she remembered. At one point it went completely dead. She couldn’t get in because the door handles wouldn’t pop out. She did manage to open the trunk and magically it all came back.
  4. Because it happened quickly. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ve never sold a vehicle to Carvana
  5. I don't know the details of the Carvana sale. I can only assume the current troubles are not known to them.
  6. I said a few years back that as soon as the economic reality of the cost of addressing climate change becomes real the support for those changes will fall of dramatically.
  7. Purchased new. He sold the S to Carvana. Already owned a Y. Got another Y for his wife. Feel bad for the person who buys this from Carvana.
  8. Do you remember the mileage? Makes a huge difference.
  9. My son-in-law has a 10 year old Model S. ~90,000 miles. Electric motor is dying. Repairs cost more than the car is worth. In my area a used S with similar mileage runs ~$20K I would venture a guess to say the typical 10 yo ICE with 90K on the clock can also have a motor problem. I don't think the replacement motor would be more than the vehicle is worth.
  10. Hehe...antiques roadshow.
  11. I so miss Mark. I laughed at the original caption. Something about making them get off the jumpsuit before it got messy.
  12. My original thought was to try and get some idea if I was out of the ordinary. To be sure every one involved a willing partner.
  13. I think the biggest problem EVs have is the promise of some bright new future where they save the planet from total destruction. While the kids have been scared into believing the adults aren't so sure.
  14. I get it. But this is the only place I’d ever say these things