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  1. airdvr

    Pitching in a Track

    Easy now...the art of tracking has improved significantly in the past 30 years. Back in the day the idea was to get as much speed as possible and convert that into horizontal movement. I can definitely attest to having been slammed by dumping in a track. You could even hear it from the ground when people used to open at 2 grand. Kind of a "crack" followed by several folks giving it a woooh!
  2. airdvr

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Never mind
  3. airdvr

    Best of the 1980s Nationals

    I guess you didn't get the memo. This type of thing is considered sexist here now and isn't tolerated
  4. I don't believe Ed's comments helped either. "Skydiving will never be a perfectly safe thing to do," said Ed Scott, executive director of the USPA, a nonprofit organization which works with state and federal officials to promote skydiving safety. "If you don't find a location listed on our site, you don't know what you're getting, you don't know what the standards are," Scott said. "The important factor with tandem skydiving is the certification and instructor."
  5. airdvr

    Last stage AFF the hop and pop

    A common problem. I have no advice other than to say relax. It's all good. I know it looks low to you but it really isn't that low. If you get out at 4 grand you'll have nearly 10 seconds before you're down to 3 grand so there's plenty of time. Problems come in when you are so tight that you screw up the exit so again, use whatever technique you use to relax. Go over it in your mind...count to 10...see how much time that is? You'll be fine. I know, probably doesn't help much but there it is.
  6. I was the same as you. It can get repetitive if you let it, but it will hold your attention much longer than anything else.
  7. airdvr

    Big-Wing 80s Jumpsuit

    Fill that thing with newspapers and put a pumpkin head on it at Halloween.
  8. airdvr

    Lost a chunk of my finger...ouch!

    Now you'll be able to order 1 and 3/4 drinks.
  9. airdvr

    FYI: BSR from 1981

    Good times If my memory serves me right 1981 was the year I made may first jump. 61 people went in that year in the US alone.
  10. Key man insurance policy.
  11. You lost me when you asked for another person's info.
  12. Now that you have the judgement you need to figure out what financial institution he might have money in accounts with. The only way you'll ever see a dime of it is to seek out his money and attach it.
  13. I've jumped Racers forever. I need more info. SST Racer could be very old.
  14. Sounds like fun...until you get to the business end of things. I hope you're making some money off this, because the hours of behind the scenes planning will astound you. I'm certain CSpence can give you an idea...if he doesn't steal this