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  1. jimjumper

    Linda Hardesty - hottamaly

    Linda and Jack. At my wedding in 1995. RIP
  2. jimjumper

    Cypres maintenance turnaround time

    Did it last year, 4 weeks.
  3. I believe The four-way is still at the San Diego Air and Space in Balboa Park. I haven't been there for about 10 years but it was hanging from the ceiling then.
  4. jimjumper

    Shippng AAD with USPS

    I used the automated postage machine at the P.O. to ship mine. Got there in 3 days with delivery confirmation. They shipped it back the same way. Why speak to a clerk at all?
  5. jimjumper

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    The complacency sounds a lot like what happened at Skydive Sussex but that would really be a sore point with the Board in both how it was handled and how some GM DZO's get a little bit more privilege.
  6. jimjumper

    a question about old cutaway systems

    Had my first rig, an old Wonderhog, changed to R-3's from shot and a halfs. Had 2 cutaways with them but the second was a near miss collision where the main collapsed. A line or 2 wrapped around the R-3 and I had to dig a little to get it. Bought a new container with 3 rings.
  7. jimjumper

    jack (flash) ballard rip

    You and Jack at our wedding. That was a good day!
  8. jimjumper

    jack (flash) ballard rip

    I'm sorry for you too Linda, I know what he meant to you.:(
  9. jimjumper

    Gear Check!

    I have always tried to impart to my students that knowing how the specific equipment you are jumping works is vital. I have had people try to drag me back in the plane, refuse to pack the reserve, and be totally befuddled trying to pack for me. That was because at the time I was jumping an SOS system with a bungee pilot chute! There was no cutaway handle, I was told by a new rigger the cutaway cables were too long and that they needed to be changed out (even after demonstrating why they were that long), and watching a packer try to cock a bungee was hysterical! It's as important for a jumper to know how his specific gear works and then it's easier to know what to check. In this day and age gear is becoming more standardized but there are still quirks to individual rigs.
  10. jimjumper

    Bungee pilot chute

    Good luck trying to find one. After 2000 jumps on mine with zero problems, the lower mesh finally tore and I decided to replace it. I tried six gear dealers and even posted on here trying to find one with no luck. Let me know if you find one.
  11. jimjumper

    What's the name of the item?

    It was only a practice jump for next week. The remains of the Pillsbury Doughboy was the only thing dumped this time!:)
  12. jimjumper

    What's the name of the item?

    Jumped a small one this morning. They make excellent ash (cremation) bags. Roll up one end, put in ashes, roll up other end, secure with rubber bands. To dump ashes pull off rubber bands and ashes go out the top!
  13. jimjumper

    Movie recommendations

    "Over The Edge" Tom Sanders put a lot of time and money into that project and it's still excellent!
  14. jimjumper

    A highlight from Quincy 93

    And not a bootie in sight!
  15. jimjumper

    Students landing in water

    Might be a little tough on the reserves. Airing and packing after each jump....