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  1. "If they had any brains they'd take'em out and play with them!"
  2. Couple of women's teams. "Push from the bush" and "Not a dick in the bunch".
  3. Just for info, the current LA County DA was elected on making it a policy to eliminate "enhanced sentencing" policies of all types. He was overwhelmingly supported by the Black community although, he is currently being sued by his own Asst. DA's and is also facing a recall election.
  4. I don't post on here very often, but just keep on eye on what the new kids are thinking and doing. I got started on the old recskydiving.com about '97 and then switched here when the noise got too loud. There are still a few on here that did the same thing.
  5. I took mine and paid my quarterly tax estimates effectively reducing my taxes. Would rather have had a tax cut and avoided the middle man but It still worked for me.
  6. I still see them around once in a while. They were a piece of crap but with an audible backup they're OK.
  7. I still have my 1983 Warp 3 by National. While it is a really poor design, there is nothing about the container condition itself that makes it unairworthy. It probably had 5-600 jumps on it when I stopped jumping it. I packed it a number of times during my rigger training in 1997. The canopies that are currently in it however are a whole other story!
  8. CA average is already over $4. Has been for a while. But we are getting $600 stimulus checks as Newsome tries to buy enough votes to survive a recall.
  9. Actually, when I was trying to get my name into the CA background check list to buy ammunition, the gun store suggested I buy a brightly colored, carbon fiber, AR-15 lower. Since they were serialized it would have got me into the background check system and they were only $40.
  10. I've signed it too, as have over 1.3 million Californians so far. Doubt that it will do any good. When you give someone power they rarely give it back. But we like to be told what to do in CA and Newsom is a good example of "Do as I say, not as I do!". So he will probably still be around for a while yet.
  11. I'm sure that Newsome's decision to lift the lockdown had nothing to do with the "Recall Newsome" crowd getting close to the required number of signatures. They are at a million two hundred thousand and need a million five. Still over a month to get there!
  12. 4 million is a lot of ding-a-lings. I think most of them are thinking "better get them while the getting is good!" Considering the stated platforms of the Democrats, and Biden in particular, I'd say it might be reasonable to assume they're correct.
  13. But our Govenor promised that his lockdown decisions would be based on "science". After his French Laundry party with the CEO of the CA Medical Assoc. which totally ignored "the science" and possibly exposing his family, I dare to say that his personal anecdotal experiences are the driving force behind a number of decisions. That is not following "the science". And there are a number of other CA politicians also on the hypocrisy bandwagon. If he's following "the science" I would assume that he has at least some study showing a higher transfer rate during the curfew period. And I would question how that happens without the large homeless population we have being shown as major spreaders. After all, they probably are one of the largest groups out and about during those curfew hours.
  14. Well California should be safe then. Now that we have a 10-5 curfew I'm sure the disease transmission will stopped dead in its tracks! But I'm sure it's based on science and not arbitrary.
  15. I've spoken a couple of times at our County Supervisors meetings as a representative of our local, rural, area. Once about marijuana and cannabis cultivation and another time about the zoning for a large development that would have impacted the local residents quality of life. On a day to day basis, the Board of Supervisors and Code Enforcement/Sheriffs are way more important than whose President. And because of the smaller scale, my speaking has much more impact than a letter or email to my Congressman.