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  1. This is/was a big topic on the antique tractor forum I follow. Leaded gas was used to increase librucation on engines without hardened valve seats. A lot of older tractors didn't have that so it was recommended that a lead additive be used if the antique tractor was going to actually be used heavily. This increased the tractors engine life. Aircraft engines have always had hardened valve seats and heads so a lead additive usually isn't neccesary. I run regular unleaded gas in my '48 Ford tractor with no ill effects.
  2. jimjumper

    Linda Hardesty - hottamaly

    Linda and Jack. At my wedding in 1995. RIP
  3. jimjumper

    Cypres maintenance turnaround time

    Did it last year, 4 weeks.
  4. I believe The four-way is still at the San Diego Air and Space in Balboa Park. I haven't been there for about 10 years but it was hanging from the ceiling then.
  5. jimjumper


    Strangely enough, the first time I had escargot was in Pohang, Korea for a military exercise. The hotel restaurant had it and I was hooked. Love the stuff. Being stationed and visiting various places in the Far East, I have eaten a number of things, good and bad, that were a bit off the usual palette.
  6. jimjumper

    Gas prices

    Hemet CA was $3.43 on Friday, down 5 cents from the week before. But that is at the cheapy place not a name brand. Still a slim chance that Prop 6 will pass on Tuesday and reduce the taxes by 12 cents a gallon but Californians love to tax themselves. Diesel was taxed even higher and is close to $4 a gallon. I work as a courier and the Prop 6 tax alone costs me $4.50 a week.
  7. jimjumper

    Album recommendations

    Meat Loaf-Bat out of Hell One of the bet produced albums going even if the music itself isn't your style. He also produced an album for his back-up singer Karla DeVito with the same stunning production qualities.
  8. jimjumper

    Shippng AAD with USPS

    I used the automated postage machine at the P.O. to ship mine. Got there in 3 days with delivery confirmation. They shipped it back the same way. Why speak to a clerk at all?
  9. jimjumper

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    The complacency sounds a lot like what happened at Skydive Sussex but that would really be a sore point with the Board in both how it was handled and how some GM DZO's get a little bit more privilege.
  10. jimjumper

    Demo at Balls Creek, NC?

    I follow a tractor operation/repair website and in the general forum the subject of 4th of July celebrations came up. It was mentioned by one of the forum members how much he enjoyed the skydivers bringing in the U.S. Flag to a small private airport near Balls Creek NC. I just thought I would pass on my congratulations for a good job and, even though this was one of many demos on the 4th, you were appreciated! Not often I hear about skydiving on a tractor site but you never know how far your positive influence extends when you do a demo!
  11. jimjumper

    Auto alert, get your tires rotated

    Just a quick add, if you have a pickup make sure you can get the lock off that allows you to lower the spare to the ground. My Only AAA call was because the lock was rusted and wouldn't open.
  12. jimjumper

    tiling a bathroom

    A lot of people mentioned a good tile saw. A number of tool rental places rent professional quality tile saws for really cheap rates. If your only going to rarely use it, renting a good one sounds better than buying a cheap one.
  13. jimjumper

    drivers license question

    I'm a retired Navy Mineman and we were tested annually as part of our explosive physical. Hate to hook up the wrong wire on the circuit board!😃
  14. jimjumper

    a question about old cutaway systems

    Had my first rig, an old Wonderhog, changed to R-3's from shot and a halfs. Had 2 cutaways with them but the second was a near miss collision where the main collapsed. A line or 2 wrapped around the R-3 and I had to dig a little to get it. Bought a new container with 3 rings.
  15. jimjumper

    Noodling coming to West Virginia

    Seen it done a few times in MO. Looks like a lot of fun till you reach in and find a water moccasin or a snapping turtle! We used to get some pretty big snapping turtles in the Meramec river. I wouldn't want to grab one barehanded, might be missing a digit or 2 afterward.