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  1. The book Skies Call 2, has pictures of the Skyvan "The Herd" used (possibly owned?) and its first copyright date is 1979. So, it was in regular use prior to that. I believe it crashed around '80 or '81. But that was a year or so before I started so I only herd the stories of the Skyvan and "Rent a Base".
  2. The article also was also linked on the Cal-Matters weekly political article info list.
  3. Been a long time since I did my AFF Rating course, much less looked at an IRM but, does the IRM say specifically it has to be a real FJC? Or can you just assist an AFFI teach a ground school to an experienced jumper playing a fake student? If so just hire both from your local DZ for the time needed. It's winter, they probably could use a couple extra bucks on a weather day anyway. For the course you'll essentially be doing the same thing anyway.
  4. Try suggesting this guy to annoy people! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yevgeny_Andreyev_(colonel)
  5. You hadn't figured in the cost of homeowners insurance with that purchase yet. New insurance policies aren't being sold in my area so most people here have to resort to the CA "Fair" plan which is anything but. I still have a grandfathered policy but it costs more than my property taxes by a good margin and is expected to increase, possibly as much as 30 to 50% as the state tries to woo the insurance companies back.
  6. I recall the Navy Parachute team rolling a big one out of a C-130. At least a 24 way and, if I recall correctly, a 36 way. I've done a 12 way out of a Skyvan but your getting close to the CG limits when they start getting that size or bigger. Just guessing since I don't have a lot of jumps out of a CASA but could probably get bigger than 12 out of one.
  7. I know that I, as well as most jumpers, were able to land single stage flare canopies much better, and more consistently, than the current crop of ZP canopies. Right now "no wind, slide it in!" Or the "run like hell before you face plant" are the techniques most jumpers use for landing. Canopy piloting education may help but just based on observation, today's canopies will continue to keep the riggers that do jumpsuit and container repair busy. Perhaps it time the canopy manufacturers used average jumpers as their testers vice the swooping community.
  8. I've read thru this whole thread and have yet to see how to teach these techniques to people that have none/limited depth perception? Depth perception is rarely tested for because those that have it subconsciously have learned to compensate for it depending on the activity. However, its estimated that 10-12% of the population have limited depth perception. In my own case, I've learned to use peripheral visual clues but the fine 1-2 ft. discernment espoused here is not possible. And it's not only those with perception issues. Watch any big-way land using modern canopies and it's obvious that we've taken a step back in landing capabilities from the '90's. And these are world class jumpers! As an older jumper I am asked on a regular basis from SRA jumpers "What happened to the canopies you just flew straight in and flared?" Most older jumpers have just gotten good at sliding in their landings with the resulting jumpsuit and leg strap damage. For the average jumper the only advantage of the fast ZP canopies is their longevity, not their landing characteristics. Just my 2 cents!
  9. Just have the right cards and get all the discounts. Retired Military ID, AARP, and AAA.
  10. You didn't mention time limits on that work flow. Most of the turbine places work at 40-50 minute turns. That included everything you noted in the workflow plus downloading video, presenting certificates, and stowing brakes and stretching the canopy for packing. Sometimes it isn't the work, it's the pace. I know a lot of very experienced TI's that quit when the pace became unsustainable.
  11. This is not mine. It originally belonged to my wife's first husband and when I was going through things I discovered it and couldn't throw it out.
  12. But does it have a skull hidden in it somewhere? That was a Rickerby trademark.
  13. Dave got around. I still jump my Alti-II with the face painted. He did it for me for $20 in '83 at Lakewood NJ. He was living with his girlfriend in a van on the DZ in those days.
  14. The question n is how many of the idiots will blame Biden and vote Red because of it?
  15. Or he's really old. My father was married 3 times, and never divorced! He just kept outliving them. Was married to each of them 20+ years and passed at 94 still married to his 3rd wife of 23 years.