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  1. I'm in CA. Half the state is considered high fire danger area. I'd drop the insurance but it's required for a mortgage. They have the CA Fair Plan for people that can't get Homeowners but the name "Fair Plan" is anything but. CA is expected to have a $31B budget surplus but we'll probably spend it on the "train to nowhere!" When it comes time to vote a lot of people are going to decide "was I better off with the Republicans or the Democrats?"
  2. Just received my homeowners insurance. For the first time it's more than my property taxes. Up 35%. Maybe it's time for a Prop 13 type proposal for insurance increases as well. Out of taxes, insurance, and mortgage payments, mortgage is the least expensive!
  3. A bit off the topic Rob, but in the small world we live in, you were the one who performed the first two modifications on the Phantom that I have. The diaper was changed from a single stow to a double stow, and then later, after Scott Wakefield blew up a 28' Phantom at terminal, you also did the service bulletin adding a Kevlar reinforcement to the lower lateral band. That's when you were working for Manley at Cal City. I took the canopy with me to Misawa Japan and discovered from Parachutist that it had been recalled for acid mesh. I surrendered and replaced with a square reserve.
  4. I have a National 28' Phantom packed in a Warp 3 container that was subject to the recall. Since I retired it after 2 recalls and 1 modification it was a favorite to give to give to rigger candidates.
  5. The 67 cent tax per gallon doesn't help either. If the CA Governor really wanted to do something useful he'd suspend the tax until stability returns. Especially since CA has more money than it knows what to do with right now.
  6. "If they had any brains they'd take'em out and play with them!"
  7. Couple of women's teams. "Push from the bush" and "Not a dick in the bunch".
  8. Just for info, the current LA County DA was elected on making it a policy to eliminate "enhanced sentencing" policies of all types. He was overwhelmingly supported by the Black community although, he is currently being sued by his own Asst. DA's and is also facing a recall election.
  9. I don't post on here very often, but just keep on eye on what the new kids are thinking and doing. I got started on the old recskydiving.com about '97 and then switched here when the noise got too loud. There are still a few on here that did the same thing.
  10. I took mine and paid my quarterly tax estimates effectively reducing my taxes. Would rather have had a tax cut and avoided the middle man but It still worked for me.
  11. I still see them around once in a while. They were a piece of crap but with an audible backup they're OK.
  12. I still have my 1983 Warp 3 by National. While it is a really poor design, there is nothing about the container condition itself that makes it unairworthy. It probably had 5-600 jumps on it when I stopped jumping it. I packed it a number of times during my rigger training in 1997. The canopies that are currently in it however are a whole other story!
  13. CA average is already over $4. Has been for a while. But we are getting $600 stimulus checks as Newsome tries to buy enough votes to survive a recall.
  14. Actually, when I was trying to get my name into the CA background check list to buy ammunition, the gun store suggested I buy a brightly colored, carbon fiber, AR-15 lower. Since they were serialized it would have got me into the background check system and they were only $40.
  15. I've signed it too, as have over 1.3 million Californians so far. Doubt that it will do any good. When you give someone power they rarely give it back. But we like to be told what to do in CA and Newsom is a good example of "Do as I say, not as I do!". So he will probably still be around for a while yet.