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  1. I was in the left trail plane and followed the wrong person on a 75 way. Realized my mistake and flew all the way over to the other side, cutting people off as I went! Still docked in my slot. I thought it was an excellent example of some awesome flying but I was disabused of that belief at the de-brief!
  2. Considering that enough Californians and businesses have fled to other states under Newsom that the state lost a Representative after the last census I personally wouldn't vote for him on a bet. He's only in office in CA because 75% of the state are registered Democrats.
  3. US average is $5.10. That's why $6.44 looks more like greed and control.
  4. And by the way, CA average today hit $6.44...
  5. In CA, all that is needed is a pen. The Governor could suspend the state gas tax and between the refinery taxes and the pump taxes reduce cost roughly $1 per gallon. But the $97 Billion we currently have in unexpected tax revenue isn't enough. WE WANT MORE! In CA, it's about control of the populace and maintaining power.
  6. Isn't that a Biden quote?
  7. I saved mine for the next use. You would be surprised at the number of times I've loaned it out.
  8. This is Jerry Girdlers ash dive from a few years ago. The effect from the ground of the ashes is pretty impressive. I think I modified that tube from just the 2 lines to 3 to keep the opening of the tube more horizontal, although once air is in the tube those ashes are gone!
  9. I've done it 3 times that way. The ashes blow up thru the tube very cleanly and keeps them out of the jumpers face and gear. I just used a couple of wide and long rubber bands to hold the package closed with a pull-up cord tied to the rubber bands and tucked under to make a good handle for pulling the rubber bands off. The trick to get it to work well is to spread the ashes out about 2 feet of the length of the tube. That keeps the weight from slumping lower than your hand when you pull the bands offf. I'll post a pic when I get home of the ash dive for my Best Man from a few years ago.
  10. When I was on Base Security duty for NAS North Island San Diego, we shot 50 rounds monthly with quarterly quals testing on both the .45 and 12 gauge shotgun. I thought the .45 training was excellent but the shotgun was a bit redundant once you developed a good speed reloading technique. We were trained by a 2 man Marine Cadre who also trained the base civilian security force. Have both for home defense and try to stay current depending on the price of ammo.
  11. In CA they started requiring background checks for ammunition. It was ruled unconstitutional when it turned out to just be a money grab due to an unusable database made the background check worthless. I posted on here about the problems with the law beforehand it was ruled unconstitutional. There are currently a couple of bills before the state congress similar to the "allowing open lawsuits" against any one involved with an abortion but for gun uses. Keep an eye on CA, they are usually the model for similar efforts in other states.
  12. I think I'll give it a try though! It seems like the state government has enough money, it really needs a working budget.
  13. With the $97 Billion in surplus taxes raked in last year! CA is awash in money. The state and the Governor are absolutely tone-deaf to the plight of the poor and middle-class to keep taking taxes when they are literally throwing money at everything possible to keep from having to give it back. Stop with the excessive spending!
  14. I work as a courier so I actually use my truck for a truck. My last truck, a small used 4 cylinder was 16K. My fuel reimbursement barely covers actual fuel right now. The same as most trucking and delivery operations. Just lifting federal and state taxes would reduce gas by over a $1 a gallon. CA generated $97 Billion! in surplus tax revenue last year and the Governor is still planning to continue the gas tax regular increases. Its absolutely galling to watch an out-of-touch with reality Governor gloating and a President telling me "I get it. Your frustrated!" They don't get it. I'll remember at the polls though...
  15. While you guys may be right in your analysis, the average voter will likely see expensive gas, high inflation, supply shortages, and political candidates ready to exploit the situation. I get the feeling that the populace might just take a chance on letting the other team at bat come election time.