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  1. Hey there fellow old timers, I have an important question for you all. I'm trying to locate next of kin, family, whatever for JOE MORGAN. Does anyone know how to find Annie Bell? I am in possession of some very precious items that belonged to Joe, and I want to pass them on to Annie or Joe's family. Please PM me if you have any leads that i can follow. Thank you and blue skies.
  2. Thanks for posting Ken. You're right, Ken was one of the good guys. We'd known each other at Perris for years, but I got to know him better, and to appreciate his genius, when he and Bob Buehrer collaborated to build the amazing Dream Machine, the ground-to-air video system that changed the sport. RIP Ken.
  3. It is with great sadness that I must mention the passing of Moe Viletto, a noted skydiver and BASE jumper, a good friend and a great teacher. All I know is that Mo passed in his sleep last night. Blue skies forever, my friend!
  4. Hi Jerry. I'm working on it.
  5. Sad news times 2: It is reported that a small plane crash took the lives of two old-school skydivers, Flip Colmer and Jim Taffralion near Howel MI this morning. The aircraft was a Rockwell Commander single-engine plane. No other details are available at this time, Our hearts go out to Skip's wife and family. Here is a very brief article: https://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/2019/08/small-plane-crash-reported-at-airport-near-howell.html
  6. Well, we did it. Bob was one spectacular guy and we gave him a mot fitting spectacular send off. The weather at Perris was threatening; in fact the airport was flooded and shut down on Thursday & Friday. But then Barb Swovelin talked to Bob and ask him to kindly clear the skies and part the floodwaters. On Saturday we had mostly-clear skies, that is until we geared up for the ash dive and were shut down with a weather hold. But Bob was just teasing us. Anne Helliwell fly us to altitude, hoping for a hole. But then the clouds parted to perfectly blue skies, and Bob made his final skydive right over the assembled family and friends. The jump went very well, but the best part of Bob's Life Celebrations was the people; so many family and friends came to share stories and photos of Bob. The energy generated by all that love jammed into one room was a testament to Our Boy Bob; he touched the lives and the hearts of so many people and they are all better for having known Bob.
  7. Hi Friends-of-Bob! I have big news: Bob's Celebration of Life is only three days away and it's happening RAIN OR SHINE! (Actually Saturday's forecast is looking better and better!) In any case, we're moving indoors. That's right; we're taking over the Perris Bombshelter for the Bob party, starting at 3:00! We're still planning the memorial skydive at sunset, but before and after we'll be warm & dry in the Bombshleter. VEGETARIANS, please speak up now with a post or a PM, so we can get a count of the number of veggie entrees. The other option is BBQ pulled pork sandwiches NAME BADGES: Check-in with Linda Witte when you arrive to get your name badge; that's your ticket to food and beer & wine. If you haven't yet checked in or confirmed, please do so NOW. If you want veggies, please speak up now. We're looking forward to seeing YOU and so many Friends of Bob at 3:00 Saturday! Blue skies!
  8. Hi DZ.COMERS! Here is a reminder about the memorial celebration for Bob on Feb. 16th at Skydive Perris. It will be a fine gathering of the tribe and a grand send off for our friend, the one & only Bob Buehrer. Please join us if you can and RSVP and spread the word. Blue skies!
  9. February 16th is the date of Bob's Life Celebration & Ash Dive at Skydive Perris. Many of Bob's friends and loved ones will gather to share stories of Bob, to enjoy photos and videos, and to eat and drink and toast and laugh, all in memory of our beloved absent brother, our Bob. Bob will make his final skydive in the afternoon, accompanied by several of his oldest and dearest friends. The group energy from all that love-of-Bob is going to be powerful! Please join our celebration to help us extol a life oh-so-well lived! RSVP please.
  10. It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of Bob Buehrer, my best friend for over four decades. After fighting a courageous battle with cancer, Bob was released from his struggle yesterday, December6th, in Boulder Colorado, where he lived with his wife Joan Zerkovich. Barbara Swovelin and I will always treasure spending some final time with Bob on his last night. We told him old stories and we told him that it was okay to let go if he was ready. He couldn't respond, but we were there for him. This morning it was snowing lightly and everything was covered with a fresh white blanket to start a new day. RIP Bob, farewell for now. ❤️❤️ PS the photo is Bob with Doris, his 91-year-old mother, after a Flightseeing flight in a floatplane over the fiords of Norway on our cruise last June. Bob wasn't about to let the Big C slow him down!
  11. Just hit the So Cal news. No details. Gonna be bad press, for sure. Condolences. :-(
  12. swovelin

    Buzz bike?

    Well if the German engineers could do that in the 1920's, just think what the Russians might try in the 1960s! Edited: Apparently I was misinformed. The first photo I sent was not from Russia; it was shot in New York! (The logo on the nose clearly ready "New York Central System." Duh.) Built by General Electric, this was America's entry into the Cold War "Jet-Powered Train" race. Here is another photo showing our noble All-American jet train below the dastardly Commie jet-propelled Train.
  13. RiggerRob asks "Riddle: why do moose kill so many motorists in Atlantic Canada?" Answer is easy! In US, when motorist hits a deer, the deer dies and the car is damaged. But when US tourist in Newfie hits HUGE moose, the motorist dies and the moose is merely injured. The moral is: If driving, don't hit Moose. (And if shooting Moose, be damn sure Moose is dead!)