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  1. Funny - I was just starting to think about shutting the site down since most of the manufacturers are hosting the manuals directly anymore and its been a long time since I have done any updates to it. I'm going to look at moving it to a cheaper (might be slower) hosting platform in the future since I've spent about $1000 on the site over the last 6-7 years and I am not doing enough rigging anymore to cover its costs. I'll update everyone as my plans come together on it.
  2. First Energy here in Ohio just asked the state for a bail out of their entire energy platform via a really complicated set of house bill requirements. They had asked for the ability to charge about $200M annually on electric bills for "grid modernization" but ended up spending it on other things and the state Supreme Court just told they had to stop and can not use it to pay shareholders anymore. Second thing happening is that a lot of coal producers are introducing legislation that will eliminate the states requirements to use "zero emission or renewable" power. 90% of this is nuke power from two plants, they currently receive state substitute money that the coal plants / producers want removed and put towards them instead. This is creating a really unusual set of alliances here - Nuke plants, oil/gas producers and some Environmental groups are on one side fighting for the money and requirements to stay - another set of environment groups, some renewable company's and miners are teaming up with the coal producers to get the funding pulled to try and shut down the nuke plants. If the plants are shut down then coal will be the primary power source but a few new gas plants will be needed eventually but for the next few years it will be a boom for coal again. A few renewable companies are fighting it since they want the bill written to drop nuclear from the list and only offer up the money to solar/wind. Its a super complicated mess with a ton of lobbying dollars being dropped to control the energy production around here.
  3. Locations like this are used frequently by the movie/TV industry. If you need a desert background than its better to go here than it is to go to Elsinore or Perris and see the lake and homes everywhere.
  4. Attacks against other posters are not allowed - final warning on this one.
  5. I needed an MRI a few years ago for an injury but it was not a "need it right now in the ER issue" I called my insurance up and found out that the procedure in the hospital was going to cost me $1500 after insurance discount but there was an offsite facility that was 10 miles away that pre insurance pricing was $750 and after discount was $450. I am on a High Deductible Insurance plan so I was going to have to pay the cost out of my HSA / pocket. Before this insurance plan style I would have just done it in the hospital and let the insurance deal with it and paid my low $75 co pay and been done but would have really spent a ton of the insurance companies money, now with the other plan its causing me to be a better consumer and shop around for some options. Here is another example - trip to the ER for a possible broken finger (with possible nerve damage) cost me $2500 - trip to the local urgent care for a fractured ankle - $375 plus the optional 450 for an MRI after the XRays were clear - ER insisted on all those procedures with no opt out option.
  6. Depends on the charging system you use. If you have a home charger its just another KW that gets used and put on your electric bill. If you had bought into a Tesla fairly early (Pre 2018) you usually were granted access to their network of SuperChargers for free. In essence they would pay to provide the power to the super chargers and you can use it for free. There are some third party charging networks out there also that you can have access to for either a set free per recharge ($5-7 usually) or a usage rate of about .08-$.15 per kw used. That generally means a full recharge for about $3-4. Lots of places of business have free chargers also to encourage people to come to their location and spend money shopping while their car charges. One of my local malls has 20 charging spaces for free.
  7. Federal tax credits. Same ones that every car maker is using right now for their electric vehicles - they started at $7500 and now for Tesla are reduced to 3500 and will phase out in another year or two. Few other makers have created enough volume that they have dropped to the 3500 level. Its the same place that credits like the $13800 adoption credit is coming from, or the 30% towards a solar system for residential use. Same with the $2000 saver credit towards an IRA for some people per year or the $2000 Lifetime Learning Credit or the $2500 American Opportunity Credit for taking a school course. The legislature has created incentives to drive certain behaviors - one in years past is was "Cash for Clunkers" to drive people to ditch old inefficient cars and spend money to buy new cars at a time that the auto industry was having major issues and was facing the elimination of massive numbers of jobs if they did not find a way to sustain demand in a poor economy. At the state level some states were giving credits too but again that no different than some of the other credits like the $4.5 Billion dollars to Foxconn or the $550 Million Amazon got in VA plus the 23 Million in credits from the hotel taxes. Taking that 4.5 billion out of the state coffers means that everyone else gets to cover that loss of income and everyone from the local cities, to the highway department to the schools are all now going to have to go with out that income in the years to come.
  8. Tesla only sells direct via its website or its showroom only. links to independent dealers so show their inventory so they will not be able to show Tesla cars. You can order a 250 mile range two wheel drive Model 3 for about 37000 after the last federal incentive and have it in 2 weeks. Previously with the higher incentives the price was under 35000 but now its about 37000 before tax and title. That puts it near the same pricing as a Ford Explorer or a decent Chevy Impala. A Model 3 is equipied more like a premium brand like BMW, Mercedes, or Acura and as such its pretty much in line with their pricing for the Model 3 vs their low end cars like a BMW 3 Series or an Acura TLX. As to the maintenance questions - all EV's win big on that since they do not have anything in the way of moving parts except for the drive motors and things like an AC pump. Most motors that are in use are rated for an average lifespan of 25 years of continuous usage and start/stop operations do not cause any additional wear. There are no transmission issues or additional components like radiators or other parts that an ICE needs. No oil changes either. From what I have seen from a few EV owners locally - they rotate the tires, replace brake pads as needed and thats about it.
  9. Flight Concepts used to make flags for some of the demo teams out of F111/ZP.
  10. Billy - take your pathetic pandering of a "Muslim conspiracy to burn it down" to another forum. You are on your last warning on this and anything else on this track will just have your accounts banned. All reports from the Parisian fire department indicate this started in the attic of the nave while in the middle of major reconstruction. The number of workplace construction fires is astronomical due to things like sparks from cutting, tools and other items. The entire wooden roof with out a sprinkler system would have had the structure condemned if it was a commercial building instead of a house of worship. Those timbers were several hundred years old and were as dry as tinder so the slightest spark meant they were going to burn with out a way of stopping it.
  11. A Demon in race configuration with only one seat is technically slower 2.3 seconds vs a Model S with all 5 seats installed @ 2.28 seconds for the 0-60 speeds. Personally I'd rather not have to strip all the seats and put the thin racing fronts on the car to get those speeds and would rather just have a 5 seater that does those speeds on its own.
  12. Intentional trolling of the site is prohibited as you very well know and if you are taunting people into blocking you that counts as trolling. Trolling will result in your account being blocked again since you are well past your final warning.
  13. Any further posts that are just talking about other posters and not the topic at hand will find the poster on a temporary ban from the site. Any posts that are just reposting of the same pictures that were linked to in the last few posts will also find their accounts on a temporary ban. This thread was reopened to have a civil discussion on the topic - not to allow posters to throw insults at each other or spam the forum with the same photos time after time.
  14. I believe that the manual trim can only be done below certain airspeed, above it the forces are too high to allow for manual inputs since you are fighting against the forces on the tail.
  15. All mods now have privileges for every forum under the new design - they are no longer just monitoring a subset anymore. Even easier than sending a message is using the new "Report" feature, when this happens it automatically sends a notification to every moderator that a post needs looked at and we can do a one click option to mark the poster as a spammer and it removes all their posts and prevents them from posting anymore. Filters can be looked to to prevent certain types of posts - for example anything with the phrase "WhatsApp"' might be safe to filter since not a lot of posters use that in a normal post but lots of spammers do.