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  1. Funny - I was just starting to think about shutting the site down since most of the manufacturers are hosting the manuals directly anymore and its been a long time since I have done any updates to it. I'm going to look at moving it to a cheaper (might be slower) hosting platform in the future since I've spent about $1000 on the site over the last 6-7 years and I am not doing enough rigging anymore to cover its costs. I'll update everyone as my plans come together on it.
  2. Locations like this are used frequently by the movie/TV industry. If you need a desert background than its better to go here than it is to go to Elsinore or Perris and see the lake and homes everywhere.
  3. Flight Concepts used to make flags for some of the demo teams out of F111/ZP.
  4. Any further posts that are just talking about other posters and not the topic at hand will find the poster on a temporary ban from the site. Any posts that are just reposting of the same pictures that were linked to in the last few posts will also find their accounts on a temporary ban. This thread was reopened to have a civil discussion on the topic - not to allow posters to throw insults at each other or spam the forum with the same photos time after time.
  5. All mods now have privileges for every forum under the new design - they are no longer just monitoring a subset anymore. Even easier than sending a message is using the new "Report" feature, when this happens it automatically sends a notification to every moderator that a post needs looked at and we can do a one click option to mark the poster as a spammer and it removes all their posts and prevents them from posting anymore. Filters can be looked to to prevent certain types of posts - for example anything with the phrase "WhatsApp"' might be safe to filter since not a lot of posters use that in a normal post but lots of spammers do.
  6. One day I was figuring how much I had spent skydiving, training and traveling for skydiving over 18 years. It turns out it was around the same amount as a really nice new car. Math was showing I was at 50k in 9 years so I just quit counting since it was going to be more than I cared to know at that point. Was it worth it? Absolutely! I enjoyed every dollar spent but you need to know your limits going in. Don't have a spare 3k laying around for a rig and another 5k for the A license up front then you need to know you will probably be on rental gear for a while and you might have more failures on the student jumps since it takes muscle memory and more frequent jumping helps that. Renting puts the cost per jump around $50-60 usually after getting licensed so you might only be able to 50-60 jumps a year instead of a 100+. That also means you need to go slower and do smaller jumps than the people that are cranking out 300 jumps a year. I've haven't jumped for 2 years and so has my wife. Kids and other things are now a better use of my time. Do i miss it? Some but my weekend balance is now way better. Stats used to be only like 10% of tandems students will do a second jump, and only like 20% of those will get a license and only about 25% of that ground will get more than 200 jumps and only a small portion of that will still be jumping 10 years later, (Basically about <1% will be around in 10 years out of everyone that makes more than 2 jumps) not sure if thats still the case. Have fun while you are doing it since its a blast and you will meet some great people!
  7. TLDR version - expensive to get someone that might only be a short term employment In order for a company to sponsor a non-citizen they have to show that there is a lack of citizens that have the correct skill set to fill the job openings. This is a long drawn out process where they have to establish the need, show that they have tried to get people for the position and that there is no one able to take the job for a certain length of time. This might mean they have to be seeking someone for 9 months and show that no one has been qualified for the position in that length of time. If they then want to sponsor someone they then have to find the person, get a work visa (lottery system with only limited numbers per year) do the paperwork, be able to get them a work permit, pay the fees and then have the person come over to work for them. Most times this involves signing longer term contracts since they have a large investment in the person at that point and the last thing they want is for that person to come over and then leave 2 months in since they don't like it anymore. Most DZ's do not hire employees but instead hire independent contractors - aka freelancers that are not on a contract and can quit/leave at any time and have a lot of other things for taxes that the DZ's do not have to cover. With all this being said a DZ might have to spend 5-10+ thousand dollars to sponsor someone to come from overseas or they can just find a local for free. With most DZ's that need staff are in a seasonal location that means they might be paying a lot of money for someone that might only last 5-7 months before the DZ shuts down for the winter and then that person decides to go somewhere warmer and then will have to get that person to return to them in the spring. If the sponsored person decides not to go back or leaves the country then its potential legal bills to sue over the situation or writing off the costs of it. It has been done for the right people - high level coaches, specialists like videographers with movie level experience and others that have skills and personal relationships with DZ's that make the investment worth it for them. When a Tandem Instructor only makes say 40k USD in a year paying out another 10K for a non resident alien to come over to get the job is usually not an investment that DZ's are willing to make unless its for someone with extraordinary skills or abilities that has the potential to recover those costs and make the DZ more money. Think of a high level coach - DZ's could make their money back and it promotes the DZ with all the teams that the coach will bring to their DZ that they would not have had otherwise. Tandem instructors and AFF instructors are just not lacking enough for the most part to show the need to the US government that they need to allow lots of nonresidents to come over to fill the need.
  8. In the old format it was at the top. The great news is that you can hide the entire catagory in the new format and not have it appear at all. Jerry - another thing that was changed since the first launch is that originally if you clicked the link it would take you to the first post of the thread even if the thread had hundreds of replies. The functionality was changed so that now if you click on the link, the link will take you to the first unread reply in the thread (no longer need the blue button to take you there) and an orange box was added to indicate which threads have unread content. If you click a thread that has no new content then it returns to the first entry since there is nothing unread to jump you to. This returns the functionality and usability of the site to a lot closer to the old workflow.
  9. Thats correct - its going to need to crawl the site for a few weeks to learn all the new URL's and paths to the data. Think of it this way - the old forums used software that made url's in this format: and the new link to get to that same path is now If this was a book we just went from hardback to paperback, you can't say go to page 233 and the second word from the start will be "spaceballs" in both books. The content is there, it just needs to reindexed by google and with the 1 million plus pages in the old site it will take a while to rebuild that. Google also has a time peroid where it crawls a site - they do not do it in real time. This also means that it might take 2-3 weeks for a search term to appear in google off a spider of this site.
  10. For now the easiest way of doing this is to mark the forum as read and then all the posts will have the blue dot (unread thread) disappear and then only if there are new posts will there be a blue dot.
  11. I live within 25 minutes of the American Motorcycle Association museum and headquarters. The building is located a whopping .3 miles off Interstate - This is a group that has 200k+ active members and more clubs than there are DZ's in the world (current count is 1100+ clubs). If you have ever seen a pro (or most amateur) bike race the AMA put it on. The Hall of Fame and Museum which opened in 1990 has a total parking lot size of 10-15 spaces and another 40 for the office staff and the baseball diamond on property that the community is invited to use. They estimated their total attendance was at 3000-3500 last year (Less than 40 per day). They charge $10 for adults but if you are an AMA member its free. Total size of this place is 28000 feet or so. There are exhibits of famous bikes, some history areas, and the stuff you'd expect in terms of videos and photos. The Hall of Fame basically helps to subsidize the office space for their administration buildings and parking for all their bike/event equipment. If an organization made up of 200k riders that are as passionate if not more so than skydivers are on their hobby don't visit by the 10's of thousands a year since its free to them via dues then what hope does this thing have? Yesterday is history And tomorrow is a mystery
  12. Chris how much experience do you have with the black hardware and the leg hardware? Unless you have gained a lot of rigging experience since the last time your user name was banned around here you seemed to be pretty short on actual rigging experience. Yesterday is history And tomorrow is a mystery
  13. Once again this comes back to the question of - is this location only going to work if a tunnel is built there and is iFly really looking to move forward at that location? If that's the case then why not just build near an existing tunnel if that is the goal. If iFly has ran the numbers and sees the location is not that great and the profitability of the tunnel is questionable does that mean if they don't decide to build one for another 10, 15 or even 20 years in that location that this project is in a holding pattern until then with the USPA kicking all the member money into a bank account with no project plans committed? Has iFly even committed to building in this location in a given time frame? What is the plan if they move forward with the HOF and museum and the tunnel never happens? Does this also mean the project is really about a $25+ million dollar project since iFly states their tunnels are a 12+ million dollar investment when they build one. If iFly is putting in $12-14M and the Museum and HOF is projection at $16 million now is that really what this is looking to run? Yesterday is history And tomorrow is a mystery
  14. Question I have is since its going to be located in an iFly tunnel is the intent to have the museum own and run the tunnel and have a profit center with revenue off the tunnel to justify the building cost of the tunnel or is this more of a case of iFly is building a tunnel and this is going to be an annex building to the side where the museum is open to visit for anyone that comes to the iFly tunnel to browse? If the total funds are covering the building cost of the tunnel and the additional buildings then the business plan of the tunnel should be able to cover the construction costs of the tunnel on its own and this project is only needing to raise the expanded building costs. If the business plan is too weak to be able to do a tunnel on its own then I would question the survivalibity of the tunnel and therefore the entire project since if the tunnel is operating in the red for too long then how will it stay open? If the tunnel is not able to stay open then what happens to the museum? Granted none of the iFly projects until now have failed but that is not to say that they will never have issues in the future. iFly does a lot of business research into exactly where they open a tunnel at for most profitability - you don't see them popping up in tiny towns for a reason. Does North Orlando actually have the ability to support a tunnel on its own with iFly already having a double tunnel facility in the middle of tourist area and then the tunnels in Tampa and Ft L? Tunnels are primarly first time flyer driven for profits - is there enough in this location to cover the operation of the facility? Skydivers are at a much cheaper profit margin so if the tunnel is banking on skydivers to pay the bills then it needs to be considered in terms of what the draw will be for skydivers. Tunnels like XP have the size and coaches to draw in large training camps, Utah has cheap prices, etc. What will be the draw for this tunnel? Is it just its proximity to Deland and Zhills? If iFly is not chomping at the bit to get going on a tunnel in this location already then with all their market research efforts that should be a massive red flag that this is going to be issues in the long term. If the intent is for the museum to buy and operate the tunnel on their own independent of iFly then the business case should be pretty public if they are asking for donations for what will be used to start a business of tunnel operation. What is the plan for the profits that come out the tunnel? Is the Museum going to take on the liability of the tunnel operations, the training of staff and other day to day aspects or is that all yet to be determined? Yesterday is history And tomorrow is a mystery
  15. Stabilizer replacement. That entire panel gets replaced. You might want to have it inspected really good to see if there is other damage also prior to replacing it. PD's pricing puts that at $220-280 for repairs: Yesterday is history And tomorrow is a mystery