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  1. yobnoc


    Ok. So, March 4th is winding down to a close, and the former placeholder twice-impeached president was not re-sworn in. The Qcumbers' final prediction is just as baseless, fraudulent, and desperate as all the rest of them. While this should be the death rattle of the conspiratorial movement altogether, I have a feeling we'll be seeing these marks stick around for a while, wringing their old, white hands while telling ghost stories around virtual campfires of satanic pedo torture porn that trump almost exposed because that's the only exciting thing left in their miserable, bigoted existences.
  2. Why are you shifting the goalposts? Literally what you posted was incorrect. We did not leave the Paris Climate Accord until the day after Trump lost the election. I pointed out that you were incorrect. Can't you admit that you just plain had that wrong?
  3. The United States filed its intent to withdraw at the earliest possible date, on November 4, 2019. After the one-year period, on November 4, 2020, the U.S. formally withdrew from the Agreement, coincidentally on the day following the 2020 U.S. presidential election. So, yeah...your post is bunk.
  4. yobnoc


    What in the actual [fuck] does any of this have to do with what I posted? I mean, seriously...what [part] of your [ramble] was relevant? I added some unnecessary brackets in there to try to write in a way that [appeals] to you. Also, Ron, I'm an atheist in case I haven't been crystal clear about that in past threads. If Yahweh exists and wants me to know, he'll know exactly how to convince me of his existence. Trust me when I say that you're failing if he's chosen you to be his mouthpiece to bring me into the flock. Further, even if this were to happen (it won't), I would not follow his edicts due to his shitty morals.
  5. yobnoc


    So the issue I have with this response is that it seems like you're saying the Q(uackery) was like your version of professional wrestling; it was entertaining, so who cares if it's all fakery? But you're failing to acknowledge and come to terms with it being actually fake. I don't know a single person who thinks that WWE is real - they're content to say "Ok, well, it might be staged but hey those guys do get real banged up in the process." But they don't live their lives, alienate their communities, shoot up pizza parlors, or storm the Capitol based on the fantasies that entertain them. You completely lost me (and I'm pretty sure the entire room) when you tried to link this to how you got a bunch of free jumps. There's no connection there, but maybe that's just a side-effect of your credulity in making nonsense connections, similar to the Q crap. As for your last line, you should know what a "deepity" is in your line of work. It's basically baffling with bullshit, in case this is a new term for you. Life is dynamic. "Expand and elevate your consciousness" is a catchy buzzword way of saying you think you've got some secret the rest of us don't have, but you're going to be super duper vague to the point where you're saying nothing at all. And whether things happen for you or to you is a simple mindset change in positive thinking. No mystery to it, Ron. You might have those "double diamond" wings, but your philosophy is "bar napkin" at best.
  6. yobnoc


    I mean, c'mon Ron...I'm certain you'd find a welcome reception if you just outright said "Hey guys, turns out I was hoodwinked by some bullshit that was conjured up to cater to my deep-seated fears that stem from latent racism which was likely ingrained in me from my youth due to the times I grew up in." It. Was. All. Bullshit. The whole time. We all knew it, and now you know too. As painful as it is to run into this metaphorical wall, it's time to admit that you got played.
  7. But But But!!! He doesn't take a salary! /sarcasm
  8. yobnoc


    Funny quote I pulled from a NYT article about how Qcumbers are flailing in grief/disbelief right now. "On a recent day, there were fewer new posts on one of 8kun’s QAnon boards than on its board for adult-diaper fetishists."
  9. I seem to be on the younger side for this forum, yeah - 33.
  10. I'm legitimately trying to decipher the last three sentences in your post. Can you rephrase them?
  11. I feel like I'm getting my chain yanked here...
  12. Hang on - did you mean me? Because what I wrote was (I thought) clearly satirical. Well, not satire, really...more like casting shade on the veracity of the story that was originally fabricated...errr...told by rich.
  13. And then a little girl, no more than 6 years old, began to clap - tears of joy streaming down her face. She pledged her life in that moment to Donald John Trump's every desire. Everyone else began to clap. The trees clapped. A beautiful moment.