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  1. yobnoc

    Container comparison

    I was recently told by a rigger not to buy cheap South African knock-offs anymore (after he spent some time looking over my rig). I asked him specifically what was wrong with my rig (Vortex), and he just vaguely stated that they do a crappy job at trying to imitate better brands. Anybody have any insight on this? I wasn't sure if I was going to get another Vortex again when I do buy another rig down the road, but it seemed like an unhelpful comment.
  2. Damn! I won't be rolling in until Friday around noon
  3. yobnoc

    Pack Monkey?

    Of course, I should definitely have mentioned that as a caveat. Currently, my Vortex is loaded with the max it will hold, so that is what mine looks like. But you're definitely right: as soon as I downsize I will also have to re-adjust my closing loop length accordingly. Thanks for mentioning that.
  4. yobnoc

    Pack Monkey?

    So our DZ had a safety segment on this recently. It was brought up that your owners manual should specify how tightly your rig should be closed (in picture format). Most people assume it's grommet-over-grommet and your hands should bleed but there actually are manufacturer specifications on what it's supposed to look like to prevent breaking your grommets, excessive closing loop wear, and wear on your rig. I'm including a picture from my Vortex rig manual to show you what I mean, but the binding tape is supposed to be overlapping each other, not the grommets. I was blazing through closing loops every 15-20 jumps before I lengthened my loop. Just food for thought; obviously you still want that pin tightly secured, as mine is, but not so tight that you're going to degrade your rig closing it.
  5. yobnoc

    Pack Monkey?

    OK so never mind the obvious advertiser being obvious above. I've got one because my canopy was brand new when I bought it, and I've put about 60 jumps on it so far (Volt 210). Pretty slippery. My biggest problem when packing was that everything would fall apart when I was trying to S-fold it, and some of the more experienced jumpers at my DZ suggested I try it. My pack time has decreased by half, and I haven't had a single pack job fall apart on me trying to get it in the bag. Definitely worth the $35 if you're new to packing and/or have a large canopy. One of the guys at my DZ who flies sub-150 asked me if he could try it out, and it wasn't as effective for him due to the dimensions of his canopy when laid out vs the dimensions of the packmonkey. But I'd highly recommend it for anyone who is newer to the sport and flies a sky sled like I do.
  6. yobnoc

    Anyone jumping a newer vortex

    How did you go about getting the dual color? I definitely want to do that with my next Vortex
  7. yobnoc

    Jack Ceman (jceman)

    Very nice tribute. Blue Skies
  8. yobnoc

    Full-face helmets

    So, update: I won a raffle today for a brand new G4 and Optima audible. I'm beyond stoked! $25 ticket won me like $700 worth of awesomeness! I'll report back once I fly the helmet
  9. yobnoc

    Full-face helmets

    Unfortunately I don't know anyone who has a 2X, which is what I'd need to try on. Of course every helmet fits differently; I've definitely heard people say certain helmets don't fit their dome. I do like the look of the Tonfly; I'd definitely be open to trying it on. But it would have to be leaps and bounds better for me to spend nearly $600 on it.
  10. yobnoc

    Full-face helmets

    Which helmet would you put up against it in terms of design, versatility, and dependability? I mean, there's probably a reason that the military chooses to use it, as well as iFly, and that there are more G3's at any given drop zone than any other helmet.
  11. yobnoc

    AON2 Dytter?

    I just saw this new audible on Chutingstar, and it's a $109 dytter. I'm thinking there has to be a catch. Does anyone have this or know someone who does?
  12. yobnoc

    Are AFF students allowed to buy gear?

    There should be no issue with you buying your own goggles, as long as they are actual skydiving goggles. Also, don't get them with tint. Instructors want to be able to see your eyes. As for the helmet, it's likely that the drop zone won't want you to use your own helmet until you are cleared from having to have a radio (the radios are integral to the helmets at my home dz). As for the jump suit, you'll have to run that by your S&TA, but I don't see a safety reason for them to prohibit you from that. Altimeters, same thing: run it by your S&TA. Don't even think about buying your first rig until you're licensed though, and definitely lean on your instructors and the experienced folks to point you in the right direction with any big purchases (altis, rig, suits & clothing, helmet)
  13. I had 4 Cat D jumps. My instructor pulled for me on my first Cat D at 10 grand. AFF has it's frustrating moments, but try not to let it get to you. You're gonna feel like you just wasted $200 on a jump that doesn't count for anything, but remind yourself that it counts for your learning. I started AFF memorial day weekend 2018, got my A license at 25 jumps on Labor Day, B License about 3 weeks ago, and just hit 100 jumps on Sunday and I still get frustrated when I have a jump that doesn't go the way it was supposed to (which is like, every jump, btw). I'm working on reframing it in my head that there's always something you can take away as a learning experience from any jump as long as you don't die. Welcome!
  14. yobnoc

    Complete Rig

    I purchased my rig through Bryan Cavage. He was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. You can find him on all the facebook buy/sell groups. I'm 6'4 225, so I know full well the difficulties of finding a true "big boy" rig. Highly recommend working with him.