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  1. It falls so flat every single time conservatives try to be funny like this. One of my favorites lately is Brent Terhune.
  2. Don't forget: he "fell in love" with him too. Blech...
  3. I won't hold my breath waiting for you to call out everyone on here who says something about Ron without directing their comments at him. After all, you seem intently laser-focused on me. Almost like...I dunno...a bully?
  4. Careful - Bigun might call you a bully and imply you're racist because...reasons.
  5. I mean, your definition of bullying is pretty weak here. I didn't even make any attack on him whatsoever. I simply took joy in watching everyone else take the wind out of his sail. I didn't respond to him in any way whatsoever. Lest you think you've bullied a bully into backing down, you've made a critical error in judgement: I'm not a bully, and I didn't do what you're asserting I did. Also, fuck all the way the fuck off with the cop/black man reference. I'm not a fucking racist, and your analogy has racial undertones to it, and I take that as a personal attack. Who's the bully, Bigun? Look in the mirror.
  6. That's a lot of weird analogies you're using. There's nothing violent about turtle getting dragged (ideologically), yet somehow you contort it into him being physically beaten? I mean, every part of what you wrote is just so barbaric and melodramatic, I can't even take it seriously. Do better.
  7. I don't know that I made any personal attack here, after reviewing my post. I hardly post anymore on here - life got too busy in the last several months - but pointing out that he got dragged (and deserved it) for his refusal to back down is hardly a personal attack. It's just stating what happened as a result of his unwillingness to concede that he was, in fact, wrong.
  8. I have Turtle on "ignore," but occasionally click the button to see some of his...sage-like...input. Perhaps there are words in other languages besides English that describe the glee of watching him get utterly dragged throughout this thread - every bit of scorn richly deserved. And it could've been as simple as "My bad. I was wrong."
  9. Oh lawdy no I'm not a project manager. I'm a production supervisor. I'm just a glorified babysitter for our wonderful UAW employees. /s I am not a healthcare expert, and neither are you or anyone else on this forum, I'd be willing to bet. But the main noises you've been making (and everyone else who's opposed to a NHS-like system) is just parroted talking points from conservative, corporate-bought media. I'm heartened to see that you seem to have a more malleable viewpoint, however, and are open to possibly being swayed on the topic. As far as Bill's viewpoint on "sin taxes," I think that's a much better proposal than what I had initially stated. Brainstorming is more effective when we don't shout down each others' ideas and simply focus on the best possible outcome for the most people. Right now and for my entire lifetime, we've lived in a country where the best possible outcome for the smallest fraction of the population (with the most money) is exalted over the common good. I'd like to see that change.
  10. My life insurance through work specifically states that it does not cover parachuting fatalities. As such, because I have two littles, I had to obtain special life insurance that applies toward skydiving. It costs me roughly $4 extra per annum per $1000 of coverage. So I guess what I'm trying to say is: that's already a thing. Edit: in addition, if I were to break an ankle or femur or otherwise have a non-life-threatening injury, I'd simply lie about the cause. Self preservation and all that.
  11. I wouldn't be opposed to a universal health care initiative that levies additional fees on people who are smokers, obese, or test positive for drugs to make sure that they are paying for their choices. That said, I think that they should have completely subsidized (I won't say free because I know that triggers you) access to smoking cessation programs, gyms, and rehabilitation centers. I think the stereotype of the "welfare queen" is so ingrained in our society now that it makes it really hard to understand the plight of those in poverty. This is a really good video of a West Virginia woman addressing Congress about poverty.
  12. Your underlying assumption is wrong out of the gate. Yes, healthcare in the US cost US citizens $3.5T in 2018, but $1T of that is revenue that goes directly to private insurance. Take that out of the mix, cover everyone, and hospitals won't have to charge $1000 for an IV, or $1850/night for a room, or $226 for a suture kit. What you're forgetting or willfully ignoring is that those with insurance are already subsidizing those without. The hospitals are forced to charge exorbitant prices to your insurance company to keep the lights on because they're required to care for everyone who walks through that ER door, whether they can pay or not. Do you think your insurer pays that? No, Bigun, it gets passed on to you, the consumer, in the form of higher premiums. Bottom line: yes, the tax structure would have to completely change. But you're deluding yourself and others if you preach that it would cost too much and we can't afford it or even that us middle class folks would be paying more overall. Especially when there are plenty of examples of places that it works.
  13. Bigun: WhAt'S yOuR pLaN!?!?! [I explain plan outline] Bigun: BoRiNg!!! ZzZzZzZz
  14. And with provably and objectively worse outcomes.
  15. yobnoc


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